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Doritos Ad Draft 2

Doritos Ad Draft 2

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Published by Dylan_Israel_V_5825

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Published by: Dylan_Israel_V_5825 on Nov 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DORITOS: A BETTER WINGMAN THAN YOUR WINGMANScreenplay byDylan Visvikis&Kassidy Testut&Kirsten JakobStory byDylan Visvikis
INT. BAR - NIGHTWINGMAN(motioning to ZOE)Dude, I got your back, go for it.TOMAS awkwardly walks up to super hot Zoe. ZOE slightlyglances at him but pretends like she didn’t hear anything.TOMAS(clears throat)Hello there!ZOE turns around to look at him. TOMAS gasps at her beauty.TOMAS (CONT’D)Oh, your ears! They remind me of apuppy that I once had that is nowdead.ZOE looks appalled and confused.TOMAS (CONT’D)(realizing what he’ssaying)I mean, before he was dead. Youhave beautiful ears like a livingdog. That’s alive.As TOMAS is saying this, ZOE turns back around, TOMAS trailsoff, and BARMAN nudges a bowl of DORITOS toward TOMAS. TOMAS,struggling with conversation, grabs a DORITO. A loud CRUNCHis heard, and ZOE turns back around and sees an extremelyconfident looking version of TOMAS.TOMAS (CONT’D)(perfect British)You’re ravishing.ZOENo hablo ingles...TOMAS eats another chip.TOMAS(Spanish)Tu eres bonita.ZOE is impressed and reaches for a chip. All of the followinglines are in different languages.ZOEYou are a man of many tongues.
TOMAS grabs another chip.TOMASI enjoy an occasional biscuit.ZOE eats a chip.ZOEYou remind me of a railroad.TOMAS eats a chip.TOMASI have potatoes within my heart.ZOESometimes I drink milk out of thecarton.TOMASThere’s nothing more beautiful thana moist forehead.CREEPY GUY looks up as if he’s interested. ZOE eats a chip.ZOEThere is a doll in your house.TOMAS eats a chip.TOMASYour eyebrows are delicate anddainty.ZOE eats a chip.ZOEPiano (or another word that’s thesame in both English and anotherlanguage).Montage:1. TOMAS notices the bowl is emptying, looks worried.2. WINGMAN notices too.INTERCUT with slo-mo shots of bowl throughout.3. WINGMAN rushes to get another bowl.4. WINGMAN gets other bowl.5. ZOE takes the last dorito and says her “Piano” line.2.

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