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Screenplay Sample

Screenplay Sample

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Published by Pinaki Ghosh

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Published by: Pinaki Ghosh on Nov 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:EXT. A BUSY STREET - DAYBILLY WEST () pushes the PADDLES of his BICYCLE. The WHEELS rotatefaster and faster. His JACKET flaps against the wind. The SCHOOLBAGbounces on his back. He deftly steers the bike among the traffic.Barely avoids a collision with one pedestrian crossing the street. Takes the left turn and nearly barges into an incoming CAR. Thevehicle halts with a SCREECH. An ELDERLY MAN pokes his head out of the window.MAN(Yells)Billy West! I'm going to report to yourmom.Almost out of earshot, BILLY shrugs but doesn't slow down.EXT. OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL CAFETERIA - DAY TOM RIDDLEY () stands with his back against the wall. Fists clenched,face set with grim determination, eyes fixed on the unseen enemy. TOMNo more riddles, my friend. The game isup. It's time to clean up the mess. Takes a step forward. A bunch of wide-eyed kids get back a few steps. TOM (CONT'D)And just then, the huge glass windowshatters! It is none other than the -Sound of metal CRASHING against metal. The kids and TOM look at thedirection. BILLY's bike lies on the ground, tangled with two other bikes. The boy sits nearby, rattled but unhurt.Everyone rushes to the spot. AARON WHITE () looks at the bikesruefully. TOM sits beside BILLY. TOM (CONT'D)Are you okay, Billy?
BILLYI guess I am. TOMNothing broken?BILLYI don't think so.AARONOh yes. There is something broken-Mybrand new bike. Now dad's going to giveme a tough time.BILLY stands up. Walks towards AARON.BILLYI'm sorry, Aaron. Didn't mean to makethis mess. It happened so fast that I justcouldn't control my bike.AARON Try explaining that to my dad.AARON and BILLY pick up the bikes. TOM inspects them. TOMWhose bike is this? The yellow one?BILLY(Shrugs)No idea.Looks at AARON who has a sly grin on his face.BILLY (CONT'D)Oh no... Don’t say that it-AARON's grin widens.AARONDude, you've just earned yourself a datewith Miss Genius of Lake City School.BILLYOh my God! Where is she?AARON

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