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Reputation Management Legal Solutions

Reputation Management Legal Solutions

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Published by: Aurelia Masterson of Panamalaw.org on Nov 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reputation Management Legal Solutions
Internet Defamation, Libel, Slander, Extortion, BlackmailLegal Court RemedyExecutive Summary – 
Many private individuals and businesses have been damaged significantlythrough slanderous, defamatory internet postings, videos, etc. designed to hurt your business coloringyou and your business in an unfavorable light. Sometimes such attacks are launched against anindividual to damage them personally. We are a law firm in Guatemala. We know international internetlaw and we know how search engines work and how the internet works. We know log files, email files,we understand IP addresses, proxies, routers, encryption, hosting companies, backbones, copyright law,etc. We know the law and how to use it in your favor.These posts usually involve the use of the name of the business and/or the name of the websitecombined with the words like – Scam, Fraud, Rip-Off etc. Some search engines tend to assign a lot of importance to these words thus making these postings appear prominently in the search engines resultsif one was to do a search for your name or the name of your business or even your domain name. In thevast majority of the instances these postings are just malicious individuals grinding an axe or competitors trying to get ahead by knocking down their competition. We can help fast, easily, legallyand cost effectively! Our solutions involve taking the offending individuals to court and this could becivil or criminal. We do this in Guatemala. We can also involve the web hosting company, the backbone of the web hosting company and other related individuals in a conspiracy lawsuit. We putthem in a position where they cannot ignore us. They are going to have to spend money, lots of it tokeep the offending posts up. Getting the name and address of the offending party is usually quite possible as well. We can even proceed against the individuals criminally if needed and lawful.
The Reputation Management Legal Court Remedy
– The basic concept is our law firm beginslitigation against the posters, the forums, blogs or even those companies hosting the evil content as wellas the backbone providing the bandwidth to the web hosting company who hosts the forum. We can goafter offending information on facebook, twitter, or video hosting sites and other social networks. Wecan even get court orders that the major search engines will honor that can remove the offending sitefrom the search engines. We are in Guatemala operating as a Guatemala Law Firm which means youhave attorney client privilege. In Guatemala we do not need to abide by all the laws of the USA sincethe website displays in Guatemala, thus Guatemala has jurisdiction under international law. There areother ways we can obtain jurisdiction as well. This allows you to have your court orders done costeffectively. Litigation costs here are a mere fraction of the cost in Europe, Australia, Canada or theUSA. In a word we set out to clean up your online reputation as quick as possible. Then we can makethe offenders and those protecting them painfully sorry they played this damaging game with you sothey will not attempt to regroup and repeat it.
Reputation Management and Forums
– This is where many of the problems come from. The forumowner says he is not responsible for what independent posters post routinely to get rid of complaints.Posters open multiple forum accounts. They use anonymous email addresses to verify these accounts.One person using proxy servers and multiple forum accounts can damage the reputation of a businessall by themselves. They say you robbed them, cheated them, ripped them off, or whatever they want tosay. The forum can care less. There are places on the internet where one goes to hire internet workersfrom countries like India and Vietnam. I see postings to hire such people to damage the reputation of another through forum postings. This is a common and nasty trick.To some extent the forum can hide behind the law in the USA where the protective law is written. The
USA does not write laws for the whole world. This law may not apply in many instances. Pleaseunderstand this. If the domain registration for the forum is not in the USA then there are other  jurisdictions involved with differing laws. If the web site displays in other countries like Guatemalathen there are different laws that can also apply. If the poster used an email address not in the USA,then other laws apply. If the poster used a non USA IP address then the laws of other jurisdictions canapply. If the forum is hosted outside of the USA then other laws apply. Basically the forum ownershave a poor and overly simplified understanding of the law. The forum owner or web hosting companywill stone wall you until you start filing in a court then they sing a different tune because they nowknow you are serious and you will spend money. This means they will have to spend money and theymight lose and wind up owing you a lot in damages. It could possibly get into the criminal arena under certain circumstances. Yes it can, Interpol and all. There is no law to hide behind when it comes tothings like extortion, blackmail, fraud, defamation, slander, threats against life or property, or copyrightviolation. These forums, hosting companies and backbones do not know international law. They do notknow the laws in other countries although they can be exposed to actions under such laws. The searchengines and backbones do understand such things. The forum lawyers do not know international law.They will need to hire lawyers in the country of the litigation as well as their own country plus anadditional international law firm in their country. Expensive. They could get themselves involved in aconspiracy to commit slander, defamation, extortion and restraint of trade. They could wind up facing asix digit legal bill or find themselves with a court decision against them for a large amount of moneydepending on how you were damaged in addition to a restraining order preventing them continuingwith the posts or allowing any new posts of a similar derogatory nature for some years. The hostingcompanies and the backbones frequently are very prosperous businesses and are not going to go to war for some $100 a month forum account. If the forum hangs tough and the hosting company kicks themout before the case advances very far in the courts, we just add in the name of the new hostingcompany and put them into the case. That would be the case if the forum company decided to try andretain the offending posts by using another hosting company. See how long the forum lasts with all theoutages they will experience and we drive them crazy if they try to relocate the forum. We play a gamethat they do not understand. This game is expensive for them. This game has major potential downsideexposure for them. We will not hesitate to take a case into the criminal arena and pursue itinternationally as a criminal case using Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties, UN treaties in addition tonicely requesting cooperation from other jurisdictions.
Let's Talk Blogs
– This is another popular way to post slander and defamation on the internet. Theabove points pertaining to the forum apply here but even more tightly. The Blog is the blog. Theycannot say an independent poster posted it. The idea is to go after the blog, the hosting company andeven the backbone. Usually one of them will cave in before they go out and get into litigation that isinternational which they might lose. They can and often will remove the offending material.
Defamation, Slander, Libel, & Cyber Extortion Using Scam and Rip Off Posting Sites
– There area few of these but we will not name names. These sites specifically exist for people to post negativelyabout others. They will accept practically any post. They do not verify anything since that would be amassive undertaking. Do they hang tough and never remove posts – forget that? That is an urban myth.They do not have international exemptions from the law. How do such businesses make money? Wellone way is they sell click through banner ads. Another way is they wait for a damaged business or damaged private person to come and offer them money to take the posts down. These are professionaldefamation sites. Leeches looking to feed off of you and your enemies. They can be dragged into courtand so can their hosting companies and backbones. If we really want to get into it we can subpoenatheir advertisers to get contact information, Paypal details and even banking information. Then wecould get bank records which includes principles names, street addresses, phone numbers, sources of income etc. Court records can be checked to see who they had lawsuits with and settled with or lost to.
These people can be contacted for helpful information. Information can be harvested out of court filesthat could prove very helpful. Other damaged parties can be contacted (easy to find on their website)and see if they wish to contribute towards the end of these sites ruining lives and businesses. If youhave several people together with a similar story, these sites can be construed as public menaces whoroutinely violate the rights of others spreading incorrect information for gain. This could push theminto a very compromised position easily. These sites are not invulnerable, in fact they are extremelyvulnerable when you consider that you can harvest their other victims to help make your case seem alot stronger and them appear to be much more of a public menace feeding off of hard working business people like yourself. These sites have some lawyers on retainer but wait until you get them into an juicy international lawsuit with possible criminal conspiracy charges and see how they like that. Givethem a serious downside, and make them spend money and you will see the tough guys turn into scared pussycats. Remember they stonewall 99% of those who complain. The 1% that fight hard andaggressively they settle with.
Reputation Cyber Attacks Using Anonymous and Free Email Addresses
– It is easy to get a freeemail address. The email provider generally has the IP address that the user used to sign up with. Wecan subpoena these records. Usually the provider will not resist a court approved subpoena even if fromanother jurisdiction. They will normally never tell the user their records were subpoenaed. They provide these email addresses for free and do not want any user who is going around causing them to be served with court papers from anywhere. Usually they will hand over the records and close theaccount. So now with this IP address we easily look up the internet provider that gave them the IP or internet access. Then we issue a subpoena to them to find out the name and address of the person usingthe IP address which is the forum poster, video poster or blogger. The ISP does not want any user whois causing them to receive subpenas and will probably close the account of the offender after providingus with the information. Now we can go after them through the local and international courts with their name and address. This they are not going to like especially since it will become public record. Internetterrorists love to hide, when they are exposed they run away. There are some places that provide freeemail addresses to people that strip the users real IP address out of the email header. These are calledanonymous email providers. They always retain the real IP address of the user in the case of abuse.These services can be used to sign up for forum accounts. The forum operator may be reluctant to provide the IP address of the poster but the email address given is frequently provided on the forumitself or can easily be had. We then go after the email provider that strips the IP address. They know the potential for abuse their service provides and will normally be quick to cooperate with a court approvedsubpoena even from another jurisdiction. Then when we get the IP address, we next subpoena theinternet service provider and find out who the poster is and where he or she lives. The poster will bemost uncomfortable with this information in your hands for sure.
Professional Defamation Forum Posters
– Let's say the offender used an internet poster to spread theslander and lies. We should be able to track them down and then offer them a small payment to sign astatement about who hired them and what they wanted posted and where. From the professional forum poster we can get payment details. Much of these payments pass through Paypal. We can subpoenaPaypal to find the name and address of the person ordering the defamatory posts and then we go after them. We can also offer this person money to remove the posts he made since he has the user and password of these forum accounts and can delete posts. There is always a way. The professionalnegative information poster is a prostitute for sale to anyone wit money, you just need to know how tocontact them.
Cyber Stalking
– Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet, email or other electronic communications tostalk, and generally refers to using the Internet for threatening, intimidating or malicious behaviors.Cyber Stalking may be considered the most dangerous type of Internet harassment since there is a

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