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Published by Kelly Allen

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Published by: Kelly Allen on Nov 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE INEXT. CHICAGO - STREET - DUSK (RAINING)Black screen. The growing sound of a beating heart. A pulseof red flashing in time with the heartbeat. The pulse gainsfocus. The words "DON’T WALK" appear on the screen.Pulling back we see a young girl standing on the corner of abusy intersection. Her name is HANNA. Young and pretty.Hands in pockets, she bounces from one foot to the other.She wears a T-shirt, shorts and sneakers, a small handbagover her shoulder, she is soaked from head to toe. Shestares up at the flashing sign with a great deal of anxiety.She appears oblivious to the falling rain. We continue topull behind her.The oncoming traffic slows. The light changes to WALK. Hannadashes into the intersection. A horn blares and tiresscreech. An oncoming car, running late through the yellowlight, nearly hits her. As it swerves, she jumps back andturns toward it as it speeds away.HANNA( shouting angrily)Motherfucker!A cursory glance, she again runs into the intersection.We follow her from behind. She runs two blocks beforeturning right and slows to a fast walk. The rain continuesit’s assault. Hanna, head down, tucks the handbag beneathher T-shirt in an attempt to keep it dry. Moments later sheenters a small abandoned apartment complex.INT. STAIRWELL - DIMLY LITHanna climbs the stairs two at a time. Rain drips from thelong red ponytail which hangs half way down her back. Shepulls the bag from beneath her shirt.INT. HALLWAY - DIMLY LITWalking down the short hallway she squeezes the water fromher ponytail. She stops at a door on her left and knocksloudly.HANNAIt’s me! Open up!The door opens. It’s MARIA, Hanna’s girlfriend. Younger thanHanna by a few years. Latino and very pretty.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.MARIADid you get any?INT. SQUAT.Hanna enters, leans in and gives Maria a quick kiss on thelips.HANNAHi baby. Yeah, I got some.The room is dirty and dark. The only illumination, astreetlight which shines through the sole window. Pizzaboxes and other trash is strewn throughout. Two well wornmattresses lie on the floor. A table without chairs, strewnwith drug paraphernalia, sits in the middle of the room.Two bodies can be seen sleeping under a thin blanket on oneof the mattresses. On the other mattress is ANDRE. A blackman with a shaved head. Mid twenties. He sits preoccupiedwith an obviously infected sore on the back of his hand. Heis shaking. He looks up at Hanna.ANDRE(angry)Fuck Hanna, what took you so long?I’m dying here! You’ve been gonefor almost three hours!HANNA(sarcastically)In case you’ve forgotten Andre! Wehaven’t got any fucking money!!LEON’S the only one who will frontto me and I couldn’t find him.I walked all over this God-damncity!ANDRESo did you find him? Tell me youfound him!HANNAFuck yeah, I found him. Finally!Andre begins to calm down.ANDRESo how much did you get?(CONTINUED)

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