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Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Loraine Boettner

Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Loraine Boettner

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Published by api-3703071
Shows God's work in salvation from eternity in choosing His elect.
Shows God's work in salvation from eternity in choosing His elect.

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Published by: api-3703071 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

Statement of The Doctrine
God Has A Plan
The Sovereignty of God
The Providence of God
The Foreknowledge of God
Outline of Systems
The Scriptures are The Final Authority By Which Systems are to be Judged
A Warning Against Undue Speculation
The Five Points of Calvinism
Chart: "Calvinism v Arminianism"
Total Inability
Unconditional Election
Limited Atonement
Efficacious Grace
The Perseverance Of The Saints
That It Is Fatalism
That It Is Inconsistent With the Free Agency And Moral Responsibility of Man

http://www.ccel.org/b/boettner/predest/default.htm (1 of 2) [11/10/2001 2:26:05 PM]

That It Makes God the Author of Sin
That It Discourages All Motives To Exertion
That It Represents God As A Respecter of Persons, Or As Unjustly Partial
That It Is Unfavorable To Good Morality
That It Precludes A Sincere Offer of The Gospel To The Non-Elect
That It Contradicts The Universalistic Scripture Passages
Salvation By Grace
Personal Assurance That One Is Among The Elect
Predestination In The Physical World
A Comparison With The Mohammedan Doctrine of Predestination
The Practical Importance of The Doctrine
Calvinism in History

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at Calvin College. Last updated on December 20, 2000.
Contacting the CCEL.
http://www.ccel.org/b/boettner/predest/default.htm (2 of 2) [11/10/2001 2:26:05 PM]
The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination
Loraine Boettner D.D.a

Copyright 1932
Loraine Boettner

Any one is at liberty to use material from this book with or without credit. In preparing this book the writer has
received help from many sources, some acknowledged and many unacknowledged. He believes the material herein
set forth to be a true statement of Scripture teaching, and his desire is to further, not to restrict its use.

Chapter I
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The purpose of this book is not to set forth a new system of theological thought, but to give a
re-statement to that great system which is known as the Reformed Faith or Calvinism, and to show that
this is beyond all doubt the teaching of the Bible and of reason.

The doctrine of Predestination receives comparatively little attention in our day and it is very imperfectly
understood even by those who are supposed to hold it most loyally. It is a doctrine, however, which is
contained in the creeds of most evangelical churches and which has had a remarkable influence both in
Church and State. The official standards of the various branches of the Presbyterian and Reformed
Churches in Europe and America are thoroughly Calvinistic. The Baptist and Congregational Churches,
although they have no formulated creeds, have in the main been Calvinistic ff we may judge from the
writings and teachings of their representative theologians. The great free church of Holland and almost
all the churches of Scotland are Calvinistic. The Established Church of England and her daughter, the
Episcopal Church of America, have a Calvinistic creed in the Thirty-nine Articles. The Whitefield
Methodists in Wales to this day bear the name of "Calvinistic Methodists."

Among the past and present advocates of this doctrine are to be found some of the world's greatest and
wisest men. It was taught not only by Calvin, but by Luther, Zwingli, Melanchthon (although
Melanchthon later retreated toward the Semi-Pelagian position), by Bullinger, Bucer, and all of the
outstanding leaders in the Reformation. While differing on some other points they agreed on this doctrine
of Predestination and taught it with emphasis. Luther's chief work, "The Bondage of the Will," shows
that he went into the doctrine as heartily as did Calvin himself. He even asserted it with more warmth and
proceeded to much harsher lengths in defending it than Calvin ever did. And the Lutheran Church today
as judged by the Formula of Concord holds the doctrine of Predestination in a modified form. The
Puritans in England and those who early settled in America, as well as the Covenanters in Scotland and
the Huguenots in France, were thorough-going Calvinists; and it is little credit to historians in general
that this fact has been so largely passed over in silence. This faith was for a time held by the Roman
Catholic Church, and at no time has that church ever openly repudiated it. Augustine's doctrine of

The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination
http://www.ccel.org/b/boettner/predest/01.htm (1 of 6) [11/10/2001 2:26:09 PM]

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