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Deangelo Advanced Series 2nd Edition Summary

Deangelo Advanced Series 2nd Edition Summary

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Published by: wcrfdxdi on Nov 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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David DeAngelo's
Advanced Series 2
 DVD 1/6 
Attraction Isn't A Choice
There is nothing you can do about it, if woman doesn't feel attraction to you. On the other side,there is nothing she can do about it, if she does feel attraction to you.
Different Levels Of Communication
When two people meet and they interact with each other, there is something going on that we mightcall the
 surface structure
, their personas are communicating. These are usually
. However,almost nothing meaningful happens on that level. All the meaning happens on deeper level. Most people try to solve problems with women on that surface level. This level leaves out body language,voice of tone, patterns of communication...There is another, more primal, basic part of us, that doesn't care about surface communication.These two parts from two people, can actually communicate with each other 
and bypass allthe surface communication. This part is responsible for attracting women. Man who develops that part can naturally attract women.
Deductive Learning
Starting with higher, the more theoretical levels, the principles, the foundations, and from those,going down toward the tactical and techniques.
Trying Things Out
If you don't like something, it probably means you really need to try it out. Lot of time, things thatmake the least amount of sense, that seems most counterintuitive, turns out to be the most powerful.
Commitment is important for development. Make a personal commitment, 90 days commitment,that you will use what you learn in program, for one hour a day, every day for 90 days in a row. Partof that might be reviewing the materials, doing mental exercises, working on your limiting beliefs,and some will be going out in real world and use what you are learning.You must
what you're learning, you have to use it!
What is attraction? Attraction isn't a logical process at all. It is more of an emotional and physical process, that is a response, and something that is triggered. Attraction does have "logic" on it's own.1
When a woman feels attraction to a man, she will do things that seem to be completely illogical,irrational and against her best interests in order to be with man who is object of her desires.Attraction is nature's way of taking over our minds, bodies and emotions, for just long enough tomake sure that we mate with someone with good genes. Women unconciously asking themselves:
"will this man produce offspring that will survive and attract mates?" 
. "Naturals", that is peoplewho are naturally very successful with women, are able to communicate powerful message:
"if wemate, our offspring are going to be very sexy" 
.Each of us is born with inner prewired, instinctive knowledge of exactly how to make women feelattraction. Culture, religion, socially accepted norms and other mind viruses programmed us, andwe lost touch with this part of ourselves. Lot of guys are unsuccessful in relationships, because theyare unsuccessful with attracting women in first place.If you act like you are trying to get a woman to be in a relationship with you when you first get toknow her, this will trigger her "play hard to get mechanism". If you express relationship interestright up front very quickly, you will find the most women would pull way back and go right into"play hard to get" mode. You can do things when you are in relationship that you shouldn't do whenyou first meet a woman, for example, sharing feelings, giving gifts, being "vulnerable"... Don't dorelationship stuff when you first meet her! In this seminar, we don't focus on relationships, but ondating that will lead to have great relationship if you want it.
Do You Get It?
You are either kind of get what's going on between man and a woman, or, you don't. Can you getthat inner connection thing, or you can't? If you think that the way you make a woman feel attractedto you is to worship her, become nervous in her presence and be an average humble wussy, then you just
don't get it 
! If you realize that a women feel attraction for specific reasons and you know whatthose reasons are and how to create them, then you
do get it 
. No magic techniques would work consistently if you don't get it, and any technique will work if you do get it.Any technique would work if you do get it!
Elusive Obvious
Elusive obvious – the things you can't see, but are there. There is secret language spoken around us – the code language, sexual tension, or chemistry.
exercise 1: What you want?
Practice the skill of deciding what you really want and then clarify it on ongoing bases.What you want for your life and when do you want it? What would the situation look likewhen you have what you want? How can you clarify this situation even more, how canyou be more specific about what you want?2
exercise 2: Identify your fears and frustrations
Write down your top three fears and frustrations when it comes to success with womenand dating. Then, turn them into future positive challenges, turn them into questions, beginning with the word "How". "How do I...", "How can I...". For example; if your fear is "I'm afraid of approaching attractive women", turn that into future positive challenge:"How can I learn to approach attractive women?".
Evolution Of Attraction
Recommended books: Richard Dawkins – Selfish Genes, Geoffrey Miller – The Mating Mind, MattRidley – The Red Queen, Robin Baker – Sperm Wars.Our drives, our preferences, our bodies, our innermost desires, our intelligence, all of thesemysterious things that we do, they evolved to better pass on our genes.
 DVD 2/6 
Economics Of Sex
Women can only create one egg per month, and only during limited fertile years of life; a man cancreate a hundreds of millions of sperms per day – women behave like eggs, man behave like asperm.Women needs to choose who she mates with, and who she forms long term relationships carefully, because she is very likely to be left with entire responsibility of rearing a child. A man can father asmay children as is physically allowable.Few interesting quotes from book "Sperm Wars":"Our bodies use our brains to manipulate us in behaving in a way dictated by evolutionary forces.""A good part of sexual behaviour of a female, even one who has no rational reason to distrust her long term partner, or cheat on him herself, is driven at least in part by an urge to outmaneuver her  partner and other males or to influence which male sperm would have the best chance of succeedingin any competition she promotes. Past evolutionary imperatives have dictated that a female who promotes competition, may better the chances of her offspring having good genes.""An intercourse orgasm permits women to retain far more sperm than intercourse without orgasm.She retains 50-90 percent of sperm if she has a climax during intercourse, compared to 0-50 percentif she does not."
Triune Brain
Dr. Paul MacLean came up with model called
triune brain
. In this model, there are three brains inone. There is reptilian brain, mammalian brain and thinking brain. Or, in other words, there are3

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