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Vai Tro Cong Dong -Thi Truong -Chinh Phu_641

Vai Tro Cong Dong -Thi Truong -Chinh Phu_641



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Published by api-3710312

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Published by: api-3710312 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Xanh ho\u00e1 C\u00f4ng nghi\ue00cp:
Vai tr\u00f2 m\ue011i c\ue014a C\ue010ng\ue000\ue00fng, Th\ue00d tr\ue002\ue012ng
v\u00e0 Ch\u00ednh ph\ue014
B\u00e1o c\u00e1o nghi\u00ean c\ue015u ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch
c\ue014a Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng Th\ue009 gi\ue011i
Xanh ho\u00e1 C\u00f4ng nghi\ue00cp: Vai tr\u00f2 m\ue011i c\ue014a C\ue010ng\ue000\ue00fng, Th\ue00d tr\ue002\ue012ng
v\u00e0 Ch\u00ednh ph\ue014
Xu\ue00et b\ue00cn n\ue001m 1999 c\ue036a Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng t\u00e1i thi\ue019t v\u00e0 Ph\u00e1t tri\ue01bn Qu\ue024c t\ue019/Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng
Th\ue019 gi\ue02ci.
1818 H Steel. N. W., Washington D.C. 20433, U.S.A.

C\u00f4ng tr\u00ecnh n\u00e0y\ue000\ue009\ue032c Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng Th\ue019 gi\ue02ci xu\ue00et b\ue00cn th\u00e0nh ti\ue019ng Anh mang t\u00ean \u201cXanh ho\u00e1 C\u00f4ng nghi\ue01ep: Vai tr\u00f2 m\ue02ci c\ue036a C\ue02ang\ue000\ue026ng, Th\ue021 tr\ue009\ue02eng v\u00e0 Ch\u00ednh ph\ue036\u201d n\ue001m 1999.

B\ue00cn d\ue021ch sang ti\ue019ng Vi\ue01et n\u00e0y kh\u00f4ng ph\ue00ci l\u00e0 b\ue00cn d\ue021ch ch\u00ednh th\ue037c c\ue036a Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng th\ue019 gi\ue02ci. Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng th\ue019 gi\ue02ci kh\u00f4ng b\ue00co\ue000\ue00cm\ue000\ue02a ch\u00ednh x\u00e1c c\ue036a b\ue00cn d\ue021ch v\u00e0 kh\u00f4ng ch\ue021u tr\u00e1ch nhi\ue01em v\ue01a b\ue00et c\ue037 k\ue019t qu\ue00c n\u00e0o c\ue036a vi\ue01ec di\ue01cn gi\ue00ci v\u00e0 s\ue039 d\ue034ng.

This work was originally published by the World Bank in English asGreening
Industry: New Roles for Communities, Markets and Governments, in 1999. This

Vietnamese version is not an official World Bank translation. The World Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the translation and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for and consequence of its interpretation or use.

H\u00e0 N\ue01ci, th\u00e1ng 10 n\ue001m 2000
G\ue025i b\ue005n\ue000\ue016c Vi\ue013t Nam,

Ch\u00fang t\u00f4i xin h\u00e2n h\ue005nh g\ue025i\ue000\ue00fn c\u00e1c b\ue005n quy\ue011n s\u00e1ch Xanh ho\u00e1 c\u00f4ng nghi\ue013p v\ue024a m\ue01di\ue000\ue004\ue020c Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng Th\ue00f gi\ue01di xu\ue007t b\ue006n v\u00e0 h\ue01b tr\ue020 t\u00e0i ch\u00ednh\ue000\ue011 d\ue015ch sang ti\ue00fng Vi\ue013t v\u00e0 in\ue007n nh\ue00bm m\ue021c\ue000\u00edch ph\ue01a bi\ue00fn r\ue01cng r\u00e3i\ue01f Vi\ue013t Nam.\ue002\u00e2y l\u00e0 m\ue01ct trong nh\ue026ng b\u00e1o c\u00e1o nghi\u00ean c\ue023u ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch c\ue022a Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng Th\ue00f gi\ue01di.

C\u00f9ng v\ue01di s\ue027 ph\u00e1t tri\ue011n nhanh ch\u00f3ng c\ue022a c\u00e1c ng\u00e0nh c\u00f4ng nghi\ue013p, ki\ue011m so\u00e1t \u00f4 nhi\ue012m m\u00f4i tr\ue004\ue01eng\ue000\u00e3 v\u00e0\ue000ang tr\ue01f n\u00ean m\ue01ct th\u00e1ch th\ue023c v\u00e0 m\ue018i quan t\u00e2m s\u00e2u s\ue00ac c\ue022a nhi\ue010u qu\ue018c gia,\ue000\ue00cc bi\ue013t l\u00e0 c\u00e1c n\ue004\ue01dc\ue000ang ph\u00e1t tri\ue011n. Nhi\ue010u ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch v\u00e0 c\u00e1ch ti\ue00fp c\ue009n kh\u00e1c nhau\ue000\u00e3\ue000\ue004\ue020c nghi\u00ean c\ue023u v\u00e0 \u00e1p d\ue021ng\ue000\ue011 n\u00e2ng cao hi\ue013u qu\ue006 qu\ue006n l\u00fd m\u00f4i tr\ue004\ue01eng. C\u00e1ch ti\ue00fp c\ue009n theo h\ue004\ue01dng \u201cm\ue013nh l\ue013nh v\u00e0 ki\ue011m so\u00e1t\u201d, ti\ue00fp

\ue000\ue00fn l\u00e0 c\u00e1c bi\ue013n ph\u00e1p s\ue025d\ue021ng c\u00f4ng c\ue021 kinh t\ue00f \ue000\u00e3 mang l\ue005i nhi\ue010u k\ue00ft qu\ue006kh\ue006
quan nh\ue004ng\ue000\u00f2i h\ue017i c\u00e1c qu\ue018c gia ph\ue006i c\u00f3 n\ue001ng l\ue027c cao v\ue010 gi\u00e1m s\u00e1t v\u00e0 thi h\u00e0nh
ph\u00e1p lu\ue009t.

M\ue01ct l\u00e0n s\u00f3ng \u00e1p d\ue021ng c\u00e1ch ti\ue00fp c\ue009n th\ue023 3 l\u00e0 s\ue025 d\ue021ng ph\ue004\ue003ng ti\ue013n th\u00f4ng tin v\u00e0 s\ue027 tham gia c\ue022a c\ue01cng\ue000\ue019ng trong c\u00f4ng t\u00e1c qu\ue006n l\u00fd m\u00f4i tr\ue004\ue01eng\ue000\u00e3 xu\ue007t hi\ue013n\ue01f nhi\ue010u n\ue004\ue01dc. Trong s\u00e1u n\ue001m qua, Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng Th\ue00f gi\ue01di\ue000\u00e3 ti\ue00fn h\u00e0nh nghi\u00ean c\ue023u v\u00e0 h\ue01b tr\ue020 k\ue028 thu\ue009t \u00e1p d\ue021ng ph\ue004\ue003ng ph\u00e1p n\u00e0y t\ue005i nhi\ue010u n\ue004\ue01dc tr\u00ean th\ue00f gi\ue01di nh\ue004: Canada, Ph\u00e1p, M\ue028, Indonesia, Mehico, Philippin v\u00e0 Th\u00e1i Lan. C\u00e1c ch\ue004\ue003ng tr\u00ecnh n\u00e0y\ue000\u00e3 mang l\ue005i r\ue007t nhi\ue010u k\ue00ft qu\ue006 to l\ue01dn v\u00e0 ch\ue023ng t\ue017 r\ue00bng, v\ue01di m\ue01ct ngu\ue019n th\u00f4ng tin ch\u00ednh x\u00e1c v\u00e0\ue000\ue008y\ue000\ue022 v\ue010 m\u00f4i tr\ue004\ue01eng, c\u00e1c c\ue01cng\ue000\ue019ng d\u00e2n c\ue004, th\ue015 tr\ue004\ue01eng ti\u00eau d\u00f9ng v\u00e0 th\ue015 tr\ue004\ue01eng v\ue018n c\u00f3 th\ue011 c\u00f3 nhi\ue010u\ue006nh h\ue004\ue01fng t\u00edch c\ue027c\ue000\ue00fn vi\ue013c c\u00e1c doanh nghi\ue013p quy\ue00ft\ue000\ue015nh\ue000\ue008u t\ue004 nh\ue00bm gi\ue006m thi\ue011u \u00f4 nhi\ue012m.

Cu\ue018n s\u00e1ch n\u00e0y s\ue00e cung c\ue007p cho b\ue005n\ue000\ue016c nh\ue026ng kinh nghi\ue013m qu\u00fd b\u00e1u v\ue010 c\u00e1c c\u00e1ch ti\ue00fp c\ue009n n\u00f3i tr\u00ean.\ue002\ue019ng th\ue01ei s\ue00e m\u00f4 t\ue006 chi ti\ue00ft nh\ue026ng ph\ue004\ue003ng ph\u00e1p\ue000\ue01ai m\ue01di ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch qu\ue006n l\u00fd m\u00f4i tr\ue004\ue01eng v\u00e0 ch\ue014 ra b\ue00bng c\u00e1ch n\u00e0o nh\ue026ng\ue000\ue01ai m\ue01di ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch n\u00e0y c\u00f3 th\ue011 t\ue005o ra nh\ue026ng m\u00f4 h\u00ecnh ki\ue011m so\u00e1t \u00f4 nhi\ue012m hi\ue013u qu\ue006 t\ue005i c\u00e1c n\ue004\ue01dc

\ue000ang ph\u00e1t tri\ue011n. Hy v\ue016ng b\ue005n \ue000\ue016c s\ue00e t\u00ecm th\ue007y \ue01f t\u00e0i li\ue013u n\u00e0y nhi\ue010u kinh nghi\ue013m
v\u00e0 b\u00e0i h\ue016c qu\u00fd b\u00e1u\ue000\ue011 \u00e1p d\ue021ng\ue01f Vi\ue013t Nam nh\ue00bm x\u00e2y d\ue027ng\ue000\ue007t n\ue004\ue01dc Vi\ue013t Nam
ng\u00e0y c\u00e0ng xanh, s\ue005ch v\u00e0 gi\u00e0u\ue000\ue00dp.
Chu Tu\ue00en Nh\ue00a
B\ue02a tr\ue009\ue030ng Khoa h\ue022c, C\u00f4ng ngh\ue01e v\u00e0
M\u00f4i tr\ue009\ue02eng

Andrew Steer
Gi\u00e1m\ue000\ue024c qu\ue024c gia t\ue00ai Vi\ue01et Nam
Ng\u00e2n h\u00e0ng Th\ue019 gi\ue02ci

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