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Published by: api-3722279 on Oct 18, 2008
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Visual Basic
CH\u01af\u01a0NG 1 T\u1ed4NG QUAN V\u1ec0 VISUAL
M\u1ee5c ti\u00eau:

Ch\u01b0\u01a1ng n\u00e0y gi\u1edbi thi\u1ec7u v\u1ec1 m\u00f4i tr\u01b0\u1eddng ph\u00e1t tri\u1ec3n t\u00edch h\u1ee3p (IDE) Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0; c\u0169ng nh\u01b0 gi\u00fap sinh vi\u00ean c\u00f3 c\u00e1i nh\u00ecn t\u1ed5ng quan v\u1ec1 Visual Basic.

H\u1ecdc xong ch\u01b0\u01a1ng n\u00e0y, sinh vi\u00ean ph\u1ea3i n\u1eafm b\u1eaft\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c c\u00e1c v\u1ea5n\u0111\u1ec1 sau:
- S\u1eed d\u1ee5ng m\u00f4i tr\u01b0\u1eddng ph\u00e1t tri\u1ec3n t\u00edch h\u1ee3p VB 6.0\u0111\u1ec3 ph\u00e1t tri\u1ec3n\u1ee9ng d\u1ee5ng.
- C\u00e1ch t\u1ea1o d\u1ef1 \u00e1n m\u1edbi (New Project) trong VB 6.0.
Ki\u1ebfn th\u1ee9c c\u00f3 li\u00ean quan:
- S\u1eed d\u1ee5ng h\u1ec7\u0111i\u1ec1u h\u00e0nh Windows.
T\u00e0i li\u1ec7u tham kh\u1ea3o:
- Visual Basic 6 Certification Exam Guide - Chapter 1, Page 1 -Dan
Mezick & Scot Hillier- McGraw-Hill- 1998.
Trang 1
Visual Basic
I. Gi\u1edbi thi\u1ec7u v\u1ec1 Visual Basic 6.0

Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t phi\u00ean b\u1ea3n c\u1ee7a b\u1ed9 c\u00f4ng c\u1ee5 l\u1eadp tr\u00ecnh Visual Basic (VB), cho ph\u00e9p ng\u01b0\u1eddi d\u00f9ng ti\u1ebfp c\u1eadn nhanh c\u00e1ch th\u1ee9c l\u1eadp tr\u00ecnh tr\u00ean m\u00f4i tr\u01b0\u1eddng Windows. Nh\u1eefng ai\u0111\u00e3 t\u1eebng quen thu\u1ed9c v\u1edbi VB th\u00ec t\u00ecm th\u1ea5y\u1edf VB6 nh\u1eefng t\u00ednh n\u0103ng tr\u1ee3 gi\u00fap m\u1edbi v\u00e0 c\u00e1c c\u00f4ng c\u1ee5 l\u1eadp tr\u00ecnh hi\u1ec7u qu\u1ea3. Ng\u01b0\u1eddi d\u00f9ng m\u1edbi l\u00e0m quen v\u1edbi VB c\u0169ng c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 l\u00e0m ch\u1ee7 VB6 m\u1ed9t c\u00e1ch d\u1ec5 d\u00e0ng.

V\u1edbi VB6, ch\u00fang ta c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 :
\ue001 Khai th\u00e1c th\u1ebf m\u1ea1nh c\u1ee7a c\u00e1c\u0111i\u1ec1u khi\u1ec3n m\u1edf r\u1ed9ng.
\ue001L\u00e0m vi\u1ec7c v\u1edbi c\u00e1c\u0111i\u1ec1u khi\u1ec3n m\u1edbi (ng\u00e0y th\u00e1ng v\u1edbi\u0111i\u1ec1u khi\u1ec3n MonthView v\u00e0
DataTimePicker, c\u00e1c thanh c\u00f4ng c\u1ee5 c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 di chuy\u1ec3n\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c CoolBar, s\u1eed d\u1ee5ng\u0111\u1ed3 h\u1ecda
v\u1edbi ImageCombo, thanh cu\u1ed9n FlatScrollBar,\u2026).

\ue001L\u00e0m vi\u1ec7c v\u1edbi c\u00e1c t\u00ednh n\u0103ng ng\u00f4n ng\u1eef m\u1edbi.
\ue001 L\u00e0m vi\u1ec7c v\u1edbi DHTML.
\ue001L\u00e0m vi\u1ec7c v\u1edbi c\u01a1 s\u1edf d\u1eef li\u1ec7u.
\ue001 C\u00e1c b\u1ed5 sung v\u1ec1 l\u1eadp tr\u00ecnh h\u01b0\u1edbng\u0111\u1ed1i t\u01b0\u1ee3ng.

II. C\u00e0i\u0111\u1eb7t Visual Basic 6.0

S\u1eed d\u1ee5ng ch\u01b0\u01a1ng tr\u00ecnh Setup, ng\u01b0\u1eddi d\u00f9ng c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 c\u00e0i\u0111\u1eb7t VB6 l\u00ean m\u00e1y t\u00ednh c\u1ee7a m\u00ecnh. Ch\u01b0\u01a1ng tr\u00ecnh Setup n\u00e0y c\u00f2n c\u00e0i\u0111\u1eb7t c\u00e1c t\u1eadp tin c\u1ea7n thi\u1ebft\u0111\u1ec3 xem t\u00e0i li\u1ec7u tr\u00ean\u0111\u0129a CD MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network). N\u1ebfu c\u1ea7n, ng\u01b0\u1eddi d\u00f9ng c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 c\u00e0i\u0111\u1eb7t ri\u00eang ph\u1ea7n t\u00e0i li\u1ec7u v\u00e0 v\u00ed d\u1ee5 m\u1eabu c\u1ee7a Visual Basic l\u00ean m\u00e1y t\u00ednh.

\u0110\u1ec3c\u00e0i \u0111\u1eb7t VB6, ng\u01b0\u1eddi d\u00f9ng n\u00ean ki\u1ec3m tra m\u00e1y t\u00ednh c\u1ee7a m\u00ecnh \u0111\u1ea3m b\u1ea3o \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c c\u1ea5u
h\u00ecnh t\u1ed1i thi\u1ec3u. C\u00e1c y\u00eau c\u1ea7u h\u1ec7 th\u1ed1ng t\u1ed1i thi\u1ec3u :
- Microsoft Windows 95 tr\u1edf l\u00ean ho\u1eb7c l\u00e0 Microsoft Windows NT Workstation
4.0 tr\u1edf l\u00ean.
- T\u1ed1c\u0111\u1ed9 CPU 66 MHz tr\u1edf l\u00ean.
- M\u00e0n h\u00ecnh VGA ho\u1eb7c m\u00e0n h\u00ecnh c\u00f3\u0111\u1ed9 ph\u00e2n gi\u1ea3i cao\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c h\u1ed7 tr\u1ee3 b\u1edfi Microsoft
- 16 MB RAM cho Microsoft Windows 95 ho\u1eb7c 32MB RAM cho Microsoft
Windows NT Workstation.
III. L\u00e0m quen v\u1edbi VB6
III.1 B\u1eaft\u0111\u1ea7u m\u1ed9t d\u1ef1 \u00e1n m\u1edbi v\u1edbi VB6
T\u1eeb menu Start ch\u1ecdn Programs, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Khi\u0111\u00f3 b\u1ea1n s\u1ebd
th\u1ea5y m\u00e0n h\u00ecnh\u0111\u1ea7u ti\u00ean nh\u01b0 h\u00ecnh I.1 d\u01b0\u1edbi\u0111\u00e2y.
Trang 2
Visual Basic
H\u00ecnh I.1 C\u1eeda s\u1ed5 khi k\u00edch ho\u1ea1t VB6
\u1ede \u0111\u00e2y, ng\u01b0\u1eddi d\u00f9ng c\u00f3 th\u1ec3ch\u1ecdn t\u1ea1o m\u1edbi m\u1ed9t d\u1ef1\u00e1n
th\u1ef1c thi\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c b\u1eb1ng c\u00e1ch ch\u1ecdn Standard EXE r\u1ed3i
nh\u1ea5p Open (H\u00ecnh I.2).
Ti\u1ebfp theo l\u00e0 c\u1eeda s\u1ed5 l\u00e0m vi\u1ec7c ch\u00ednh c\u1ee7a VB6, g\u1ecdi t\u1eaft
l\u00e0 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) s\u1ebd
\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c gi\u1edbi thi\u1ec7u chi ti\u1ebft trong ph\u1ea7n sau.
III.2 T\u00ecm hi\u1ec3u c\u00e1c th\u00e0nh ph\u1ea7n c\u1ee7a IDE
IDE l\u00e0 t\u00ean t\u1eaft c\u1ee7a m\u00f4i tr\u01b0\u1eddng ph\u00e1t tri\u1ec3n t\u00edch h\u1ee3p (Integrated
Development Environment),\u0111\u00e2y l\u00e0 n\u01a1i t\u1ea1o ra c\u00e1c ch\u01b0\u01a1ng tr\u00ecnh Visual Basic.
IDE c\u1ee7a Visual Basic l\u00e0 n\u01a1i t\u1eadp trung c\u00e1c menu, thanh c\u00f4ng c\u1ee5 v\u00e0 c\u1eeda s\u1ed5
\u0111\u1ec3t\u1ea1o ra ch\u01b0\u01a1ng tr\u00ecnh. M\u1ed7i m\u1ed9t th\u00e0nh ph\u1ea7n c\u1ee7a IDE c\u00f3 c\u00e1c t\u00ednh n\u0103ng \u1ea3nh
h\u01b0\u1edfng\u0111\u1ebfn c\u00e1c ho\u1ea1t\u0111\u1ed9ng l\u1eadp tr\u00ecnh kh\u00e1c nhau.
Trang 3

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