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Ukedchat Archive 10 Nov 2011

Ukedchat Archive 10 Nov 2011

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Published by Colin Hill
Ukedchat Archive 10 Nov 2011 - What online tools do you like to use in the classroom?
Ukedchat Archive 10 Nov 2011 - What online tools do you like to use in the classroom?

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Published by: Colin Hill on Nov 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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#ukedchat 10 November 2011Hosted by @ICTMagicWhat online tools do you use?ICTmagic19:57@Dylonicus Hello. Welcome to your 1st #ukedchat. I hope you findit useful.HendraAgustian19:58@thisisliamm Thanks for the link. I'll save it for later. #ukedchatstartupedu19:58Wow-full house at #TMLONDON ! Looking forward to meeting folk,& talking about StartUp Weekend Edu #SWEL #education#ukedchat #hackeducationICTmagic19:59
It’s Desert Island Tech time - What online tools could you not
do without? (You can have a Shakespeare ebook for free!)#ukedchatukedchat19:59It's 8pm...time for #ukedchat Your host this week is @ICTMagichttp://t.co/7NgLyrxZHendraAgustian19:59@ICTmagic @Dylonicus By the way, this is also my first time here in#ukedchat. Hello there, everyoneGeorgeEBlack20:00#ukedchat http://t.co/RpZXFRNr all the way - it is brilliant forplanning lessons and the students love it too!rossmcgill20:00@kesh275 follow #ukedchat nowdavidhunter20:00APPreading ladders.Dload and add initials.retweet if u want themaths/writing ones.ill gauge interest. Bit.ly/APPladders #ukedchatRE_inspire20:00#ukedchat Any suggestions for 'content creation' activities in lessonwith KS4 that don't require a computer- trying to make a list!gavinsmart20:00Free Augmented reality resources for science teaching:http://t.co/gr2opiea #ukedchat #edchat8rinaldi20:01My favorite tools are Twitter and Google reader. My students'favorites are google docs, animoto, slideshare, vokis and glogster#ukedchatben_solly20:01Without doubt PREZI is my number 1 free online presentation toolhttp://t.co/thdMrP77 #ukedchat @ICTmagic @prezi @Prezi_Edurachie_j20:01#ukedchat http://t.co/DOPiDR9e is great for visualizing rotations-also has worksheets. There is one for enlargement tooHGJohn20:01At the outset we ought to define "Free". I don't consider sites thatoffer limited access/capacity etc as free tools #ukedchatICTmagic20:01There are lots of great tools here -> RT @vicksytoria1: @ICTmagic#ukedchat class tools.net for random name picker etcMsKateRyan20:01@GeorgeEBlack I love Prezi - and it's really improved recently!#ukedchatbucharesttutor20:01Hello Martin @ICTmagic and others in todays #ukedchatthechrissyt20:01Do online working walls at http://t.co/qxVcV5XN - you can embedthem on your school website too! #ukedchatRebeccaRadics20:01#ukedchat - poll everywhere is great free tool for in classassessment, discussion starters and moreMsKateRyan20:01RT @GeorgeEBlack: #ukedchat http://t.co/RpZXFRNr all the way - itis brilliant for planning lessons and the students love it too!Page 1 of 70
#ukedchat 10 November 2011Hosted by @ICTMagicWhat online tools do you use?wodewose20:01RT @davidhunter: APPreading ladders.Dload and addinitials.retweet if u want the maths/writing ones.ill gauge interest.Bit.ly/APPladders #ukedchatICTmagic20:01RT @GeorgeEBlack: #ukedchat http://t.co/RpZXFRNr all the way - itis brilliant for planning lessons and the students love it too!vicksytoria120:01@ICTmagic #ukedchat class tools.net for random name picker etcrachie_j20:01#ukedchat http://t.co/e0gGTqhi Has some great worksheets forsupport in Numeracy.TeacherToolkit20:02
“@GeorgeEBlack: #ukedchat http://t.co/YewCICGu all the way -it is brilliant for planning lessons and the students love it too!â€
narthernlad20:02#ukedchat Id like to give a big shout out to @johnmclear and allprimary ts resources used primary pad again today, love it! jacksloan20:02Hello #ukedchat from #tmlondonGeorgeEBlack20:02oh and Triptico is you have a smart board! @David_Triptico#ukedchatICTmagic20:02RT @clairegowland: Class dojo is amazing #ukedchatTeacherToolkit20:02@ICTmagic simple but great for all staff.Dylonicus20:02#ukedchat It's my first night. Big thank you to vicksytoria1 forrecommending. I'm told I'll learn soooo much. Mature NQT!clairegowland20:02Class dojo is amazing #ukedchatICTwitz20:02@ICTmagic #ukedchat I think my favourite is bloggingdavidhunter20:03Tagxedo.com #ukedchatHGJohn20:03@ICTwitz I do too, but what about the advertising? #ukedchatICTmagic20:03That is a great set of tools -> RT @ICTwitz: #ukedchat but then, Ilove using BigHugeLabs with the pupilsRebeccaRadics20:03#ukedchat @jacksloan welcomePrimaryIdeas20:03RT @gavinsmart: " Free Augmented reality resources for scienceteaching: http://t.co/eKCbucHu " <- Looks exciting! #ukedchatMikeTiffy5320:03RT @ukedchat: Join @ICTMagic for #ukedchat in 10 minuteshttp://t.co/7NgLyrxZnarthernlad20:03#ukedchat there is also primary wall which is prob easiest to usesticky wall tool!TeacherToolkit20:03RT @ben_solly: Without doubt PREZI is my number 1 free onlinepresentation tool http://t.co/thdMrP77 #ukedchat @ICTmagic@prezi @Prezi_EduMrAColley20:03RT @TeacherToolkit: @ICTmagic simple but great for all staff.samschoolstuff20:03#ukedchat http://t.co/Fz84goDN for songs for every occassion.mattbuxton1020:03I'd challenge anyone not to find a starter or image 4 analysisrelevant to any lesson on Worldmapper!! http://t.co/6dJ7A0ei#ukedchatICTmagic20:03@ICTwitz Which site do you use for blogging? #ukedchatPage 2 of 70
#ukedchat 10 November 2011Hosted by @ICTMagicWhat online tools do you use?ICTwitz20:03#ukedchat but then, I love using BigHugeLabs with the pupilsHGJohn20:03What about tools that carry advertising to enable themselves to befree? Who risk assesses these prior to them being used? #ukedchatcherrylkd20:04@bucharesttutor @ictmagic hi Vijay. What's your favourite? Mine'stwitter and Evernote at the mo. #ukedchatphilallman120:04Whilst doing #ukedchat this eve pls tweet just once with #cbvitalon too to show other heads how effective twitter is for cpd.Thanks.AnGaeilgeoir120:04#ukedchat @ICTmagic I'm currently using @yacapaca as a greattool for quizzes and for marking grammar tests for #mfl also using#wikispacesICTmagic20:04@HGJohn I think you need to look at what the ads are. There areblocker available for most browsers now. #ukedchat #ukedchatclairegowland20:04not ground breaking, but working well for us is Moodle, particularlyonline assessment #ukedchatdughall20:04#ukedchat My current top 3: Linoit, Voicethread, PrimaryPadhttp://t.co/EXue5C32 http://t.co/VOFIhFB4http://t.co/QpeCHCbMMrAColley20:04Dropbox for collabrative planning & resource sharing - it justworks! #ukedchatwodewose20:04 just started using ClassDojo real easy behavior management tool#ukedchatvicksytoria120:04@narthernlad #ukedchat how do u use sticky Walls in theclassroom? Xbucharesttutor20:04Love Google docs, twitter, skype for classroom chats n otherdiscussions #ukedchatrebeccagcole20:04http://t.co/PNyWB6oe - superb for motivating pupils & grabbingattention (oops forgot tag) #ukedchatbevevans2220:04Loads of great tools but Prezi http://t.co/U1u45jwz Lino ithttp://t.co/nRY9SkMr and some of these http://t.co/KiSv6ECE arefaves #ukedchatthechrissyt20:05Music lessons for upper KS2 are great with http://t.co/eVQ87kHg -today I challenged them to make their own Dr.Who themes! - ace#ukedchatkishtiaq20:05#ukedchat Diigo, for social bookmarking with my KS4 students8rinaldi20:05tool also depends on kind of project #ukedchatTeacherToolkit20:05#ukedchatICTmagic20:05@AnGaeilgeoir1 I've got that one on my site, but not used it in classyet. #ukedchatmrjmutton20:05@GeorgeEBlack #ukedchat I agree - I love #prezi because it makesstudents go "Wow!" plus it is hosted online so you dont need a USBstick!MrAColley20:05I've said it before & will say again - any tool is the right tool when itenhances the learning. Tech or not! #ukedchatPage 3 of 70

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