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The Legendary Siblings

The Legendary Siblings



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Published by: api-27548664 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Title: The Legendary Siblings
Author: Gu Long

Credits for translation -
Jean, Wubbles, and Athena(Thanks for the awesome translation)
Taken from Wuxia world

Chapter 1 Orphans

Anyone with a pair of ears has heard of the names Jaded lover Jiang Feng and Yan
Nantian, anyone with a pair of eyes would love to see the unsurpassed appearances
of Jiang Feng and the ultimate unmatched swordsmanship of Yan Nantian.
Because everyone knows that no young girl can withstand a mere smile of Jiang
Feng and nobody can block a simple sword stance of Yan Nantian.
Everybody is certain that Yan Nantian can chop off the head of a field marshal even
surrounded by an army of a million soldiers, he can split a mere hair into two halves
with ease. And Jian Feng's charismatic smile can crush any girl's heart.

However at this moment the richest and most handsome young man of his time is
wearing a rough robe and is driving an old shabby carriage pulled by a horse. He was
hasting on an old deserted road, if anyone saw him nobody would believe he was
once the young master who rode fine horses and spend gold like it was nothing.

It was now the seventh month of the lunar calendar, high noon. The fiery sun was
heating up the earth, both men and horse were dying for air. However he kept
whipping the horse to keep running, the carriage was travelling with great speed.
Suddenly he heard the cries of a rooster that broke the silence.
It was now afternoon why would there be a rooster crowing in the middle of
Jiang Feng looked startled and saw a big rooster standing on stam of a broken tree
not moving. His feathers and comb looked very shining and pretty.
But the eyes of the rooster looked very sinister and evil. Jiang Feng's face turned
pale, he stopped the carriage. The horse neighed loudly and a sweet gentle voice


from in the carriage asked:"What is wrong?"
Jiang Feng looked a bit flustered but smiled wryly:"Nothing is wrong, I just took the
wrong way."
He turned the carriage around and decided to go the other way back, the rooster
was crowing again like it was scoffing at Jiang Feng.
After about another 100 metres another object blocked the road, this road was old
and abandoned but now there was a fat pig lying on the road, where did it come
When Jiang Feng passed this spot earlier, there was not even one ounce of pork but
now there was an entire fat pig lying in front of him.
Jiang Feng looked flustered again and turned the carriage around again, the pig was
rolling on the ground. It was cleaned thoroughly and it was shining in the sun.
A voice from inside the carriage said:"Wrong turn again?"
Jiang Feng was sweating now and said stuttered:"I......I......"
The sweet voice from the carriage sighed:"You don't have to lie to me, I already
Jiang Feng exclaimed with surprise:"What...how do you know?"
The sweet voice said:"When I heard that rooster I knew the 12 Zodiacs are on to us.
You were afraid I would worry and tried to keep it to yourself. Am I right?"
Jiang Feng sighed deeply and said:"It is very strange, we have travelled with utmost
carefulness and caution. How could they follow us? But....but don't you worry, I will
deal with this alone."
The woman in the carriage said softly and gently:"You're wrong again. Starting from
that day....... I was ready to face all trials with you together through life and death.
No matter what or who will come, we.....you and I will face it together."
Jiang Feng retorted:"But you're........"
The woman in the carriage laughed:"Don't worry about me. I am feeling much better
Jiang Feng gritted his teeth and said:"Allright, can you walk now? Both roads are
seemingly blocked, we will have to abandon our carriage and horse. Let us hope we
can make it through these woods and reach the other side via this path."
The woman said:"Why should we abandon our carriage and horse? They are
following us anyhow, we cannot escape them anymore. Let us await them here, the


12 Zodiacs may be ruthless but we do not have to fear them."
Jiang Feng stuttered anxiously:"I fear....I am just afraid that you....."
The woman smiled gently:"Don't worry, I am fine."
Jiang Feng's face glared up with love now and said gently:"Meeting you was the most
fortunate thing that has ever happened to me."
The sky paled into insignificance beside his charming, loving smile.
The woman smiled sweetly:"I am the fortunate one. I know a lot girls in the realm
envy, hate me. But these girls....."
The horse neighed loudly with fear interrupting her words, both of them felt an icy
wind sending shivers down their spines. What has upsetted the horse?
After the wind calmed, the pig has turned over and the rooster could also be heard
again. The atmosphere turned gloomy in an instant.
The entire surrounding was covered with an ominous ambiance, the warm sun had
made place for icy darkness in this desolate area in the seventh month.
Jiang Feng's face turned pale and said:"They have come."
A voice from behind the carriage said with a laugh:"You're right. We are here."
That laugh sounded awful, it was sharp and out of key, Jiang Feng had never heard
such nasty laughter before in his entire life.
He turned around with fright and shouted:"Who is there?"
Slowly seven, eight figures emerged.
The first person was only about 150 centimetres, he wore a long very bright,
shinning red brocade making him look riduculous but also sinister and perverted.
The second person was about 2 metres long, he was muscular and big. He wore a
yellow brocade and yellow hat. His face was emotionless. The other four figures that
followed them had even stranger clothes, their robes were made up from different
fabrics and colours with flower motif, they looked like actors who played beggars on
Chinese opera.
They all looked different but had one thing in common, that was that they all looked
rough and mean and moved the same way and simultaneously.
Following those was another figure, he was slowly walking towards the others. This
man was extremely fat, he may even weigh more than those six strange characters
combined. He was so fat that a slow pace was too much for him and he was panting
heavily now.

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