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Return of the Condor Heroes-4

Return of the Condor Heroes-4



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Published by: api-27548664 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 31 \u2013 Half The Antidote
(Translated by BeeDreamer)

Surrounded by the mountains, the floor of the Passionless Valley was vast, occupying
about thirty thousands acres of land, with winding paths, towering hills, and deep
ravines. But Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu used their lightness kungfu to follow the
path on the map, and they arrived at their destination in just a short while. In front
of them they saw several big elm trees, seventy, eighty-feet high, providing a shade
for a brick and pottery kiln underneath. The map showed that the Indian monk and
Zhu Ziliu were imprisoned here.

Yang Guo turned to Xiao Longnu and said, \u201cYou wait here. I\u2019ll go in and take a look.

With charcoal and ash in there, it must be very dirty.\u201d
As he bent over to step into the kiln, he was hit by a heat wave.
\u201cWho is there?\u201d A voice shouted.
Yang Guo said, \u201cI've got the chief\u2019s order. I\u2019m coming to get the prisoners.\u201d
That person emerged from behind the brick wall and asked, \u201cWhat?\u201d
Seeing Yang Guo, he was startled and said, \u201cYou.. You..\u201d
Yang Guo saw that he was a valley disciple dressed in green so he said, \u201cThe chief

has ordered me to come get the monk and the man surnamed Zhu.\u201d

That disciple knew that Yang Guo had saved his master\u2019s life, that she'd announced
in front of everybody that Yang Guo was her intended son-in-law, and that he and
Lu\u2019e were on the best terms. This person would one day become the valley chief, and
so he didn\u2019t dare to offend Yang Guo.

He said, \u201cBut.. .. what about the chief\u2019s command sign?\u201d
Yang Guo ignored him and said, \u201cLet me come in and take a look.\u201d
That disciple complied and turned back into the kiln.

Inside the brick walls, the heat was even more intense. Two lowly laborers were
raking charcoal. Although it was bitterly cold at this time of year, the two people
were actually bare-chested, each wearing short pants to cover his lower body. Still
they were sweating profusely. The disciple in green pushed open a big stone,
revealing an opening. Yang Guo went inside and saw that it was actually a stone
chamber of ten feet square. Zhu Ziliu sat there with his face to the wall, using his
index finger to draw pictures. His arm rose and fell as if he was very pleased with
himself. The Indian monk was actually lying on the ground, and it was hard to tell if
he was still alive.

Yang Guo called out, \u201cUncle Zhu, how are you?\u201d
Zhu Ziliu turned his head back. He laughed and said, \u201cA friend has come to visit from
afar, how can I not be fine?\u201d Yang Guo had to admire him. He was stranded here for
a long time but still kept calm as if everything was normal. Even in crisis, he could

still be mirthful. He himself was far, far inferior to him in this regards.
\u201cIs the divine monk sleeping?\u201d He asked.
Having said this, his heart was beating wildly because Xiao Longnu\u2019s life all depended

on this divine Indian monk.
Zhu Ziliu didn't reply. Only after a while he let out a gentle sigh and said, \u201cMy martial
uncle can usually withstand heat and cold much better than I can, but this time.. ..\u201d

It sounded like the Indian monk\u2019s condition was critical. Frightened, Yang Guo didn't
bother to say any more words. He turned his head to the disciple in green. He
ordered, \u201cUnlock the door. Let them out.\u201d

The disciple in green said in surprise, "What about the lock? The chief's got the key.
If she ordered you to free people, how come she didn\u2019t give you the key?\u201d
Impatient, Yang Guo shouted, \u201cMake way!\u201d

He lifed his black iron sword and struck down, making a big hole in the stone wall
with a \u2018ka\u2019 sound. That disciple let out an \u2018ah\u2019 cry and froze in fright. Yang Guo
swung his sword a few more times and that five-inch window became wide enough
for a person to pass through.

Zhu Ziliu cried out, \u201cBrother Yang, I congratulate you on your great skills!\u201d

He bent over to pick up the Indian monk, passing him through that hole. As Yang
Guo took him, he could felt that the Indian monk\u2019s arm was warm. His heart jumped.
But then he saw that the Indian monk\u2019s eyes were shut tight. He thought to himself,
\u201cAiyo, even a dead body is warm in this fire room.\u201d

He quickly stretched his hand to feel the Indian monk\u2019s breath and realized he was
still breathing faintly.
Zhu Ziliu jumped out from that hole in the wall. He said, \u201cMartial uncle has passed

out. Hope it\u2019s not a great obstacle.\u201d
Yang Guo blushed. He thought to himself, \u201cShame on you!\u201d
He thought about how he himself didn\u2019t really care about the Indian monk\u2019s

wellbeing but more about how to save his own wife.
He asked, \u201cDid he pass out from heat exhaustion? Let\u2019s quickly go outside to get

some air.\u201d
Then he carried him out.
Seeing the three people, Xiao Longnu was delighted.
Yang Guo said, \u201cLet\u2019s find some cold water to sprinkle on Reverend\u2019s face.\u201d
\u201cNo. Martial uncle was poisoned by the passion flowers.\u201d Zhu Ziliu said.

Yang Guo was startled. He asked, \u201cIs the poison severe?\u201d
Zhu Ziliu replied, \u201cI think not. It was he who poisoned himself.\u201d
Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu were puzzled. In one voice, they exclaimed, \u201cWhat?\u201d

With a sign Zhu Ziliu said, \u201cUncle said that these passion flowers were already
extinct in India. He didn\u2019t know how it had been spreaded. He said that if it got out
of hand, it would be a great disaster. Years ago, people and livestock in India had
been poisoned and died because of these flowers. Martial uncle had thoroughly
researched poison techniques but this passion flower poison was really strange. He
came to the valley this time, knowing that the divine pill could only help one person.
He wanted to find out what could detoxify the poison to help people on a large scale.
He used his body to test the poison so he would understand its nature and be able to
find the antidote."

Yang Guo was half amazed and half in awe. He said, \u201cBuddha said \u2013 if I don\u2019t go to hell, who will? Reverend is trying to save people, not hestitating to face a disaster. People really have to respect him.\u201d

Zhu Ziliu said, \u201cIn an ancient tale, Shen Nong tried a hundred kinds of herbs to save people. If it was the wrong herb, his face would turn blue. This martial uncle of mine must have had this story in mind.\u201d

Yang Guo nodded and said, \u201cRight. Do you know when he will regain consciousness?\u201d
\u201cAfter he poisoned himself, he said if his calculation was not wrong, he would wake
up after three days and three nights,\u201d said Zhu Ziliu.

Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu looked at each other. They both thought, \u201cHe\u2019ll be in a
coma for three days and three nights. It means the poison is very severe.
Fortunately this passion flower poison affects people differently. If one has a
passionate heart, the poison will act up very fiercely. This monk has a steady heart.
He's much better than an average person.\u201d

Xiao Longnu said, \u201cYou two were in the kiln, how did you find passion flowers?\u201d
Zhu Ziliu replied, \u201cAfter we were put in the fire room, there was a girl who often
came to visit.. ..\u201d
Xiao Longnu said, \u201cWas she a tall girl with fair complextion and a small mole on one
corner of her mouth?\u201d
\u201cRight,\u201d said Zhu Ziliu.

Xiao Longnu smiled at Yang Guo. Then she said to Zhu Ziliu, \u201cThat was the valley
chief\u2019s daugther Miss Lu\u2019E. She heard that you two had come to help Yang Guo so
she was fond of you. Although she didn\u2019t dare to release you, she\u2019d get you whatever
you wanted.\u201d

Zhu Ziliu said, \u201cCorrect. Martial uncle asked her for a branch of the passion flowers. I
asked her to send my message asking for help. And she complied. In the fire room,

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