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Return of the Condor Heroes-3

Return of the Condor Heroes-3



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Published by: api-27548664 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 20
A Hero\u2019s Imperative

Yang Guo had wanted to keep himself away from this dispute but when he saw how
cruel Gong Sun Zhi was, his anger erupted and decided to step forward to argue with
him. Just as he was about to do this, Xiao Long Nuu dashed forward and picked up
Qiu Qian Chi. She patted her \u2018Jade Pillow\u2019 pressure point a few times and controlled
the bleeding. She then tore off a piece of cloth from her sleeve and covered her
wound before shouting out at Gong Sun Zhi, \u201cMr Gong Sun, she is your wife, how
can you treat her like that? Since you\u2019ve already got a wife, why do you still want to
marry me? Even if I married you, won\u2019t you treat me just as you treated her?\u201d

Those three sentences were asked fervently, Gong Sun Zhi\u2019s tongue was tied and
couldn\u2019t reply. Ma Guang Zuo couldn\u2019t help himself and cheered.
Xiao Xiang Zi said coldly, \u201cThis miss is right.\u201d

Gong Sun Zhi really did love Xiao Long Nuu, though he was made speechless by her he didn\u2019t get angry, he was just embarrassed, he lowered his tone and said to her, \u201cSister Liu, how can you compare yourself with that evil woman? I can\u2019t love you enough, if I have any ill intent towards you then let heaven condemn me where I stand.\u201d

Xiao Long Nuu said coldly, \u201cAll I need is him to love me, even if your love for me is a hundred times stronger I wouldn\u2019t care.\u201d She then went over to Yang Guo and held his hand.

Yang Guo was filled with resentment, he thought, \u201cGu Gu loves me like this yet I just
have a few days to live and it\u2019s all because of this bastard.\u201d He pointed to Gong Sun
Zhi and shouted, \u201cYou said you have no ill intent towards my Gu Gu, huh, you left
me for dead and then lie to my Gu Gu to get her to marry you, is that good intent?
She\u2019s been poisoned by the passion flowers and you know that there isn\u2019t an
antidote to cure her yet you don\u2019t tell her, is that good intent?\u201d

Xiao Long Nuu was shocked and quivered, \u201cIs this true?\u201d

Yang Guo said, \u201cDon\u2019t worry, you\u2019ve already taken the antidote.\u201d He then gave a
smile that was filled with grief along with joy, he thought, \u201cI\u2019ve given the antidote to
you, I\u2019m willing to die for you.\u201d

Gong Sun Zhi looked at Qiu Qian Chi and then looked at Xiao Long Nuu and Yang
Guo, his eyes swept across them; jealousy, yearning, anger, shame, embarrassment
and disappointment all filled his heart and disturbed him. Although he had great self
control, right now he had fallen into a semi mad state, he suddenly bent down and
took out his yin yang twins blades from under the red cover, he clashed them
together and shouted, \u201cFine, fine! We\u2019ll all die together!\u201d

Everyone gasped, they could never have thought that he had actually prepared
weapons at his wedding procession.
Xiao Long Nuu chuckled, \u201cGuo Er, we don\u2019t have to be polite to such an evil person.\u201d

A \u2018qiang lang\u2019 sound was heard as she took out a pair of swords from underneath the
bride\u2019s gown, it was the \u2018Gentlemen\u2019 and \u2018Lady\u2019 swords. Though she wasn\u2019t versed in
the ways of the world, she did not have an ounce of mercy in her when dealing with
such evil people, when she went to take revenge for grandma Sun, she scared all the
Taoists of Chong Yang Palace witless and the Blithe sage Hao Da Tong almost lost his
life to her. The thought of killing him entered her mind when Gong Sun Zhi had
stopped her and Yang Guo from getting back together today. She had hid the
weapons underneath her gown so that when Gong Sun Zhi cures Yang Guo, she
would immediately take the opportunity to attack him with Yang Guo, if it doesn\u2019t
work then she would kill herself for Yang Guo, not allowing herself to be sullied in
this Passionless Valley.

All the guests were shocked when they saw that both of the newlyweds had prepared
weapons, only Fa Wang and the others who were experienced and knew that this
celebration would end in tragedy weren\u2019t surprised, they were only surprised with
the fall of Qiu Qian Chi in one attack, this did not match the abilities of someone with
the profound internal energy she had just shown.

Yang Guo took the \u2018Gentlemen\u2019 sword from Xiao Long Nuu and said, \u201cGu Gu, today
we\u2019ll kill that man to take revenge for me.\u201d
Xiao Long Nuu\u2019s \u2018Lady\u2019 sword trembled and she said surprised, \u201cTake revenge for

Yang Guo was filled with sadness in his heart but he couldn\u2019t tell her about this, he
just said, \u201cThis bastard has harmed many people.\u201d His flipped his sword and went for
Gong Sun Zhi\u2019s left side. He knew that this battle was extremely dangerous, though
Xiao Long Nuu\u2019s passion flower has been cured, he was still poisoned, if they come
together and use the [Pure Heart of Jade Maiden Swordplay] and stir feelings of love,
he would break out in unbearable pain. He kept his eye on the enemy and used
[Quan Zhen Swordplay], every stance and form of his were extremely stringent and
cautious. If these stances were performed by Ma Yu, Qiu Chi Ji and the other old
Taoists, the stances will of course be performed steadily and controlled, profound
and intense, in the hands of Yang Guo it displayed maturity beyond his years but his
stances were slightly jerky.

Gong Sun Zhi knew that when the two used their combined swordplay they were
powerful so he immediately used the [Yin Yang Wild Blades] with the black sword in
his right hand and the gold sabre in his left, his stances getting fiercer and fiercer
with every stroke. The [Quan Zhen Swordplay] that Yang Guo was using was
developed by Wong Chong Yang, though it wasn\u2019t vicious and fierce like the
opponent\u2019s, it was subtly and had variation, Yang Guo defended cautiously and did
not attack as he received three stances. Xiao Long Nuu called out and raised the
\u2018Lady\u2019 sword, attacking Gong Sun Zhi\u2019s back.

Gong Sun Zhi was furious, he thought, \u201cThis beautiful girl was going to be my wife
and now she\u2019s joined an outsider to attack me.\u201d He continued thinking, \u201cThis evil

***** coming back here suddenly and revealing all the things I\u2019ve done has caused
me to lose all my respect and face, not only can\u2019t I force sister Liu to marry me, it
looks I won\u2019t be able to keep my position here in the valley.\u201d Though today\u2019s matters
are troublesome, he was going to rely on his martial arts to get him out of this mess,
all he wanted to do was beat Yang Guo and then kidnap Xiao Long Nuu and run
away. He didn\u2019t know that Xiao Long Nuu\u2019s passion flower poison had been cured and

still thought that she had less than thirty six days to live, even though she had thirty
six days to live, he was still going to force her to marry him. His thoughts were
becoming more and more evil and the wild twin blades in his hands were becoming
more vicious by the minute.

Xiao Long Nuu used the [Jade Maiden Swordplay] so that when Yang Guo and her
become one, they will be able to unleash the power of the [Pure Heart of the Jade
Maiden Swordplay] but his eyes did not glance over at her once, he was just
concentrating on himself as he fought.

Xiao Long Nuu was extremely surprised and asked, \u201cGuo Er, why aren\u2019t you looking at me?\u201d Her love was gradually being stirred and the light from her sword suddenly enhanced.

When Yang Guo heard her voice, his heart trembled and his chest broke out in an unbearable pain. His sword slowed and a \u2018chi\u2019 sound was heard as the black sword cut his sleeve. Xiao Long Nuu was alarmed and unleashed three stances in a row, blocking Gong Sun Zhi\u2019s attack.

Yang Guo said, \u201cI can\u2019t look at you or listen to you.\u201d
Xiao Long Nuu said tenderly, \u201cWhy?\u201d
Yang Guo was afraid that he would meet danger again and replied coarsely, \u201cIf you

want me to die then continue talking to me!\u201d
As soon as his anger stirred the pain immediately stopped and he received the
stances of Gong Sun Zhi\u2019s black sword.

Xiao Long Nuu was extremely sorry and said, \u201cDon\u2019t be angry, I won\u2019t say anything
anymore.\u201d Her mind suddenly lit up, \u201cMy poison has been cured but his hasn\u2019t! He
got the antidote but he didn\u2019t take it and returned here to give it to me.\u201d She was
extremely touched and the love in her was boundless, as soon as this feeling grew,
the power of the [Pure Heart of Jade Maiden Swordplay] enhanced greatly, the
stances that she unleashed protected all the vital points of Yang Guo. Since she was
protecting Yang Guo, Yang Guo should protect her but he didn\u2019t dare to glance over
at her and so she was completely unprotected and exposed to the enemy\u2019s attack.

Gong Sun Zhi\u2019s eyes were very sharp, he discovered the weakness in just a few
stances but he didn\u2019t want to harm a single hair of Xiao Long Nuu\u2019s and directed all
his vicious sword and sabre stances towards Yang Guo. He was attacking like a
crashing wave but Yang Guo was defending like an immovable cliff and along with
Xiao Long Nuu using all her efforts in protecting him, all of Gong Sun Zhi\u2019s attacks
were actually rendered useless.

By this time, Luu E had woken up and stood next to her mother watching the battle.
She watched as Xiao Long Nuu concentrated only on guarding Yang Guo, ignoring all
dangers to herself and she couldn\u2019t help by ask herself, \u201cIf that was you, could you
disregard all the dangers to yourself to protect him?\u201d She sighed lightly and said, \u201cI
would definitely be able to act like miss Long but he would not act the same way
towards me.\u201d

Just at this time, Qiu Qian Chi hissed, \u201cThe false sabre is not a sabre, the false sword

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