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Awaken to Your Highest Potential

Awaken to Your Highest Potential

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Published by Lee Papier

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Published by: Lee Papier on Nov 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Awaken to Your Highest Potential
posted by themegacoach | 12:00am Tuesday November 8, 2011 What can you do to live a happy, healthy and successful life? Following your life’s purpose and proper principles is a good start. Another key ingredient is letting go of any negative and limiting beliefs andpatterns. This is the process of transformation. 
One of the most powerful ways to transform any limitation is meditation. When you meditate your entire being and energy center, and come into harmony. This cleanses negative energy, beliefs and behaviors. Meditation has amazing benefits and can heal.It allows you to detach from your daily routine and pressures.By letting go, you are able to connect with your natural essence and source of energy and life. That essence of you is calm, peaceful, well and whole. 
 “Meditation is a great adjunct for a lot of things, from chronic pain to improvingsleep, helping reduce blood pressure and coping with stress, anxiety anddepression,” Dr Craig Hassed, senior lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing Health Sciences at Melbourne’s Monash University
A recent study by Harvard instructor Dr. Sara W. Lazar, has shown that meditationcan help to increase brain function, reduce the effects of aging on the brain, andimprove concentration and memory. Meditation creates a unique state, in whichthe metabolism is in an even deeper state of rest than during sleep. During sleep,oxen consumption drops by 8 percent, but during meditation, it drops by 10 to 20percent. The calming hormones melatonin and serotonin are increased bymeditation and the stress hormone cortisol is decreased
Not only do studies show that meditation is boosting their immune system, butbrain scans suggest that it may be rewiring their brains to reduce stress… Tenmillion American adults now say they practice some form of meditation regularly.The Science of Meditation, TIME magazine (cover story).
Studies of long-term meditators in the general population (as opposed to monks)found that they paid out significantly less money to doctors — and their long-termheart disease costs were reduced by 87%.
The positive effects of meditation — increased calm, ease, center, poise, andbalance — are now bolstered by over 4 decades of scientific research and morethan 700 scientific tests conducted at universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale,Stanford as well as on going studies at MIT, University of Massachusetts andHarvard Medical School.Your inner calm is an optimal state in which you are most resourceful. Yourmemory improves, as does your ability to think laterally, create options, gainperspective, and problem solve creatively.
Meditation is one of the most powerful paths to actualize your highest creativepotential and heal any aspect of your life that is out of balance. It supports you tohave proper beliefs and to take positive actions for your greatest good. Meditationalso empowers all that is healthy and successful to expand and prosper to evengreater levels. 

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