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Topic 5 Animal Nutrition

Topic 5 Animal Nutrition

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Published by Ai Ching

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Published by: Ai Ching on Nov 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Topic 5: Animal Nutrition - DietWhy do we need food?
1.To give us ____________________2.To keep us ____________________3.To help us _______________________ 4.To repair and replace _________________________ 
Components of Food
Food is made up of three main componentsI.__________________________ II.__________________________ III.__________________________ 
There are ____________ groups of nutrients that we should include in the food we eat tomaintain good health. They area)_____________________________  b)____________________________c)_____________________________ d)____________________________e)_____________________________ 
The Five Groups of Nutrients
 NutrientFound inNeeded forEating too muchEating too littleCarbohydratesFatsProteinsVitaminsDeficiency:Deficiency:MineralsDeficiency:Deficiency:
II. Water
All living things need water to live.People can survive for weeks without food but only few days without water.About 70% of our body is water. We lose a lot of water when we [s] __________________,[u] ____________________ and [b] ____________________.Therefore we should drink about six to eight glasses of fluid to maintain the water balance.
Fibre is present in all plant food like [g]____________________, [f]__________________ and [v]_________________________.Fibre is a food component that we cannot [d]___________________________.We also do not have enzymes to digest it.Fibre forms bulky mass that stimulate the muscle of the large intestine to move the wastealong.Fibre also absorbs water, making the waste matter soft and easy to expel.
A Balanced Diet
The food we eat is called our 
To lead a healthy life, our diet must be balanced.Definition of Balanced Diet:A diet which contains the [r]____________________ amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins,vitamins, minerals, water and fibre to maintain good health.

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