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Are Google and Facebook the biggest Open Research platforms?

Are Google and Facebook the biggest Open Research platforms?

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Nov 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Are Google and Facebook the biggest OpenResearch platforms?
September 14, 2011 by Dinis Guarda 
Why Google and Facebook are the biggest Open Research platforms?
 When thinking about open researchone might look primary atUniversities: MIT, Standford,Cambridge, Oxford, CBS and manyother top universities worldwide.When looking at open research onecan have a look at sophisticatedinnovative platforms getting realtime data using very advancedsoftware.But after some time thinking oneunderstands that the largest directresearch and marketing platforms inthe world are software companies,websites and social media platforms. Indeed, the most important research and datacan now be found in massive platforms such as the search engine Google; themultiple product platform that recently embarked into social media as well. Also,not forgetting the massive Social media platform
Facebook. If you have somedoubts I will try to explain why I have this conclusion.
Defining Open research
 Defining Open research as an activity conducted in the spirit of free and opensource software brings us to the idea of looking at both platforms in which most of the data is based.
When not based there the data somehow is agregated and united there. Much likeopen source schemes that are built around a source code that is made public. BothGoogle and Facebook are at the moment matrix places and destinies for where themain drivers for research somehow can be found and data mined.Having considered that the central theme of open research is to make clearaccounts of the methodology freely available via the web, and online devices alongwith, any data or results extracted or derived from them of course one needs tobare in mind these two platforms as the main central platforms of research.Looking at these platforms as matrix places of research that permit a massivelydistributed collaboration, and one in which anyone may participate at any level of aresearch project.
Dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software iskeyto research and business
 At present the world is in the middle of a dramatic and broad technological andeconomic shift where software companies, namelly web based or somehowpowered by social technologies and venture international capital are poised to takeover large sections of the economy. This creates new oportunities and challengesfor old business models and changes the way research has been conducted. In thislandscape the paper of research is still in its premium form based in Universities,research centers and scholar organisations of course. However the shift is that theseplaces and the premium global centers for research have to look at the real timedata of search engines and the social media web to be on the top of what are thetrends and new developments. It is in here that Open research is taking its placeand becoming the only way to go in parallel with ways of looking into changemanagement and open business. Also it is here that Facebook and Google havebeen increasingly being part of the picture. But we can add as well other onlinecritical tools for Open Research: Wikipedia, Amazon, LinkedIn, Slideshare,Twitter, Apple iTunes and Apps, open source tools and so forth.

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