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2011 Architectural & Interior Design Trends

2011 Architectural & Interior Design Trends

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Published by interiordesignny

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Published by: interiordesignny on Nov 11, 2011
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2011 Architectural & Interior Design Trends
The majority of people in New York City consider the interior design andarchitectural realms a blur, and far more advanced regarding the trendsand innovations of the future. Have you been keeping up with the manychanges that the design industry endures? If so, you will discover that 2011encompasses the guarded hopefulness displayed in developed countries,via their economies. However, the industry manages to blatantly play bothsides of the fence.To start let’s examine the color ‘captain’, which is Pantone, and the colorsthat form its crew this year.
1. Color of the Year
If you’re not familiar with Pantone, you should be. Pantone is the premiercolor planner, whether seasonal or yearly. They help set the tones for alltypes of designers ranging from fashion, to graphic, to architectural andmake up. Pantone is of the best in its class. From NYC to France, and allover the world, they travel hunting relentlessly for new colors, textures andsubtle enhancements to give an environment a brand new aura.If you have the 2011 Pantone catalogue, search through it and findPantone 18-2120. This color, labeled Honeysuckle, was chosen to be thecolor of the year. Consider this when composing yourinterior design NYC! It’s not a very bold color, but it is still bright. It has been chosen, I presume,to mimic and optimistic, but not very ebullient future.Interiors including deep iron and brick, and cool, pale pastels are beingconstructed as well this year. On the architectural side, you will discoverstone colors and dark irons being promoted.
2. Living and Working Spaces
Work continues to play a significant part of the way we divide our homespace architecturally when we organize our interior design NYC. Ourhomes become a kind of hub to accommodate the family and work orbusiness associates. A common preference is offices that are being
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composed either inside the home or as a pod office right outside. Anothergrowing tendency is the creation of multi-purpose rooms as opposed todisassociated ones.Home is where the heart is, and the love is in the kitchen this year. Thekitchen interior has become kind of an all purpose room. There is a lotmore that cooking taking place. It has become a space for eating,recreation, meeting and socializing. The chef is no longer isolated!
3. Furniture: Minimalism
The economy is not doing too well, right? This is evident in the furniture weuse this year. Basically, if it’s not necessary it’s being removed. The trendfor this year is simple, and designed with geometric themes. You won’tnotice the bloom with the naked eye, instead you will uncover it with thegeometric shapes the furniture embraces, and the uncommon comfort youexperience. Call it a pleasant surprise. If you’re adding contrast you maywant to consider a soft textured faux fur.
4. Materials: Naturals
We’re keeping it basic this year! Furniture and structures are following aminimalist type. You will see more cement woven into interior design inNew York and beyond. There will be various types of cement adorned withpatterns. You see a healthy amount of sustainable woods used in flooringand furnishing, because it is easily replaced and gives the space a moresensual expression.Furniture utilizing even cushioning will is the classic cliché; the material youuse can implement elements such as color and homeliness. There is a vastcollection of material designers who are diligently searching for and testingnew textiles to create fabrics that can be used as various accentenhancements.
5. Accent Decor: Global & Ancestral Influences
The accent element has been largely influenced by the pastinterior designNYC. The lighting, materials and all other accents can serve as evidence.You can see some very intriguing and difficult color and texturalcombinations. For example, the year’s pastels are contrasting velvets. The
blends are new and exciting. The door, or the mind of society, is more opento unusual, but stylish trends as the years go by. A vase in 2011 may beanywhere from antique to artistic.Our designs are more and more being influenced by the indigenouslifestyle, such as those in parts of South America and Africa.
6. Solar Beautification
There have been leaps and bounds regarding the whole solar, clean,sustainable energy. The designers, however, are more concerned withmaking these things visually compelling. Before now, I would have to saythat solar panels have been very unattractive. The beautification ofdesigner solar devices has led to sales. Even the rooftop panels have beenblessed with innovation.
7. Lighting: Windows
The main resource for lighting has become windows, huge insulatedwindows laced with solar heat. Artificial light is scarcely used, and when itis it’s cloaked in the light design.<a target="_new" rel="dofollow" href="http://www.insonwood.com/">interiordesign NYC</a>Contact a professional Interior Designer NYC for more information aboutinterior design trends! Article by David Fowler a student studying interiordesign so I can enhance your interior design Nyc!Interior design nyc, interior designer nyc, interior design in nyc, trends,2011

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