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Battle Cry Nov 2011

Battle Cry Nov 2011

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: INQUISITION NEWS on Nov 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sikh MissionField —DownMy Street?
Roman Catholic wafer worship took abizarre turn in Poland recently. In 2008, aconsecrated Eucharist (communion wafer)was accidentally dropped on the floor dur-ing a Mass. After the wheat wafer is prayedover (consecrated) by an ordained priest,it is believed to be changed into the actual“body, blood, soul, and divinity” of Jesus.So when this wafer fell, it was a seriousI first started giving out Chick publica-tions tracts when I was 17 years old. I am50 now.Just a week ago we had a Sikh religionparade in our neighborhood with approxi-mately 25,000-30,000 Sikhs walking andwatching the parade. When I was notifiedthat the parade was coming down myresidential street I was at first angry thatthousands of people would cause a safetyhazard and the fact that a false religionwith a false god was being celebrated
“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” Galatians 4:16 
Serving the Bible-believing Christians of the World 
       N     o      v       /       D     e     c        1       1
Soaked Eucharist Grows‘Heart Tissue’
Many Roman Churches provideround-the-clock “adoration” of theirwafer-god, displayed in this sunburst“monstrance.” The wheat wafer,“consecrated” by an ordained priestbecomes the “real presence,” theactual “body, blood, soul and divinity”of Jesus. This requires the same leap of the imagination necessary to believethat a carved idol can somehow answer prayer.
2BattleCry - Nov/Dec 2011
However, if acrumb (or several) isvisible on the floorafter retrieving it, alinen cloth is to beplaced over the spotand then the placeis to be washed afterMass. In the casein Poland, anotherprocedure was followed. The wafer wasplaced in water to dissolve it. However, aSee
Muddled Bibles MakeShallow Christians
Christian pollster, George Barna, listsseveral reasons why young Christiansleave the church. They claim it is “over-protective,” “antagonistic to science,”“simplistic” and “judgmental” on sexual-ity, “too intolerant of other religions,” and“unfriendly to doubters.”Barna calls this “shallow” Christian-ity. Others call it “the new normal.” The“seeker friendly,” “emergent” churchestoday have largely failed to emphasizethe need for total personal commitment toChrist or lay a solid biblical foundation inthe lives of these young people.Barna’s “reasons” suggest that they maybe simply looking for a church to suit theirsin. Such a church will always promote aBible changed by man that downplays theirsin. How can the life they are building bestrong if they don’t lay the right foundation(Heb. 6:1-2; 1 Cor. 3:11-15)?But the Bible is not like any other book.It’s the only place we can find the exactwords of God! I don’t want people totake out God’s words and insert their ownopinions. I want to wrestle with what Godactually said, aided by the Holy Ghost, asI seek the Lord (Prov. 28:5). And I neverwant a Bible so vague that it will let meSee
page 11event. There “Jesus” was, lying helplesson the floor. Obviously, one cannot justpick him up and go on by inserting himinto someone’s mouth. That would beunsanitary. On the other hand, this was“God” there on the floor.Official procedure varies about whatto do next. Some suggest that a priestshould, indeed, pick him up and eat him.Another approach is to pick him up andsave him somewhere until after Mass andthen wash him down a special sink thatdrains directly into the ground instead of the common sewer.
Eucharist Troubles...
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read my own beliefsinto the wording.In the last 30+ yearsof studying Bible andlinguistics, I’ve seenpeople justify theirown ideas by saying,“The Hebrew reallymeans…” or “The Greek might say,” whenit says no such thing. They’re just pretend-ing there’s some secret nugget you have tofind in the Greek or Hebrew, or the Biblewon’t be clear to you.But I’ve got good news. If you get God’swords accurately translated, with formalequivalence (what God said, not whatmen think He meant), you’ll understandthe holy text better than all these so-calledscholars combined. Let’s face it: readingmultiple commentaries and quoting otherversions simply muddle the message.Anyone who depends on that for his orher spiritual life will come up just as shal-low as the young people Barna described.Fifty-plus men spent seven years care-fully compiling, translating and checkingthe King James Bible. The king had thempicked from among the world’s leadingauthorities in both the Bible and its lan-
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Nov/Dec 2011 - BattleCry3
Leave Chick tracts:
• On ATM machines• On dressing room benches• At pay phones• Restaurant waiting areas• In restrooms• On coffee shop seats• On bus stop benches• Airport waiting areas• Bank drive-thru canisters• Car windshield wipers• In gift packages forneedy children• In gift baskets for the poor
Reach them while they’re most receptive
Often, hearts are softerand more open to thegospel during this timeof year, when the worldis celebrating the birth of Christ, making it a great timeto give people Chick tracts.
Need some tract usage ideas? Here you go…
Give Chick tracts to:
• Store sales clerks• Carolers• Store Santas and his helpers• Those who attend plays ormusicals at your church.• Co-workers• Shoppers waiting in line.• School teachers• Waitresses (with a good tip)• Restaurant busboys, cashiers, etc.• Grocery store workers• Own a business? Slip one in eachcustomer’s bag as they check out.

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