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Published by api-3701314

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Published by: api-3701314 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Suggested answers:
1. As many as five hundred people are believed to have been killed in what is widely
regarded as the worst flood in a century in this region.
=> Ng\u00eai ta tin r\u00bbng \u00ae\u00b7 c\u00e3 t\u00edi 500 ng\u00eai thi\u00d6t m\u00b9ng trong tr\u00cbn l\u00f2 \u00ae\u00eec cho l\u00b5 t\u00e5i
t\u00d6 nh\u00cat trong 1 th\u00d5 k\u00fb tr\u00eb l\u00b9i \u00ae\u00a9y c\u00f1a v\u00efng n\u00b5y.
2. The fans were deeply relieved when their soccer team scored the late goal they badly
=> C\u00b8c c\u00e6 \u00ae\u00e9ng vi\u00aan th\u00eb ph\u00b5o nh\u00d1 nh\u00e2m khi \u00ae\u00e9i b\u00e3ng c\u00f1a h\u00e4 ghi \u00ae\u00eec b\u00b5n
th\u00beng mu\u00e9n m\u00b5ng m\u00b5 h\u00e4 \u00aeang r\u00cat kh\u00b8t khao.
3. Had it not for Henry, I might not have met you and we could still be strangers by now.
=>N\u00d5u kh\u00abng nh\u00ea c\u00e3 Henry, c\u00e3 l\u00cf anh \u00ae\u00b7 kh\u00abng g\u00c6p em v\u00b5 ch\u00f3ng m\u00d7nh
\u00ae\u00d5n gi\u00ea v\u00c9n l\u00b5 ng\u00eai l\u00b9.
4. If it sees a stranger entering the house without the master's company, the dog barks
=> N\u00d5u th\u00cay m\u00e9t ng\u00eai l\u00b9 \u00aei v\u00b5o ng\u00abi nh\u00b5 m\u00b5 kh\u00abng c\u00e3 ch\u00f1 nh\u00b5 \u00aei c\u00efng, con
ch\u00e3 s\u00cf s\u00f1a l\u00aan d\u00f7 d\u00e9i.
5. H\u00bcn l\u00b5 h\u00abm qua anh ta th\u00f8c khuya \u00abn b\u00b5i ch\u00f8 n\u00d5u kh\u00abng tr\u00abng \u00ae\u00a9u c\u00e3
b\u00ac ph\u00ea th\u00d5 kia.
=> He must have stayed up late last night to study, otherwise he wouldn\u2019t
have looked that tired.
(v\u00d5 sau c\u00a9u n\u00b5y l\u00b5 \u00aei\u00d2u gi\u00b6 \u00ae\u00denh v\u00edi otherwise n\u00aan th\u00eai c\u00f1a \u00ae\u00e9ng t\u00f5
c\u00c7n chuy\u00d3n th\u00b5nh ki\u00d3u nh trong c\u00a9u \u00aei\u00d2u ki\u00d6n lo\u00b9i 3).
6. Ch\u00f5ng n\u00b5o anh ta cha thu \u00ae\u00eec k\u00d5t qu\u00b6 nh mong mu\u00e8n th\u00d7 ch\u00f5ng \u00ae\u00e3anh
ta s\u00cf c\u00dfn ti\u00d5p t\u00f4c vi\u00d6c th\u00dd nghi\u00d6m c\u00f1a m\u00d7nh.
=> As long as he hasn\u2019t got the expected results, he will keep continuing his
=> Not until he gets the expected results will he stop continuing his

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