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When God Takes Away Something From Ur Hands Don

When God Takes Away Something From Ur Hands Don



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Published by api-3838706

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Published by: api-3838706 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When God takes away something from ur hands don't think he's punishing u. He's just
leaving u empty handed to receive something better. Gud Day!
\u2022 Always be Happy, always wear a smile; Not because life is full of reasons to smile but
because ur smile itself is a reason for many others to smile! Keep Smiling! 7
\u2022 Always try ur best to get whatever u love otherwise you will be forced to love whatever u
get! Have a great Day!
\u2022 If people around you, are trying to pull you down, be proud about it! It only means one
thing: U are above them! Gud Day!
\u2022 Have a heart that never hardens. A temper that never rises. A touch that never hurts. And
a love that never fails... Have a good day!
\u2022 A cup of hot hello, a plate of crispy wishes, a spoon of sweet smiles, a slice of great
success, specially for u... Gud Morning. Have a successful day!
\u2022 Smile makes the day better. That's the best thing we can do to make life happier, to us and
to others. Good Morning!
\u2022 Little keys can open big locks. Simple words can express great thoughts. Hope my simple
wish can make this day great. Have a Gr8 Day!
Gud Day
\u2022 Life is a collection of changes. So don't avoid changes. Take every change as a challenge.
Some give success & some act as the stepping stone to success. Gud Day!
Between yesterday's mistakes & tomorrow's hope, there's a fantastic opportunity... That's
Today. Live it lively!
\u2022 If you can't fly, run; if you can't run, walk; if you can't walk, crawl but whatever you do,
keep moving. Gud Luck!
\u2022 Commit your life, your plans, your dreams, your fears to God. You will have peace. Have a
peaceful day.
\u2022 If u can solve ur problem, then what's the need of worrying? If u can't solve it, then what
is the use of worrying? Good Luck!
\u2022 God knows ur future. He may not reveal it to u, but he'll walk with u & the future unfolds.
Don't trust the stars, trust the ONE who made them. Gud Day!
\u2022 Happiness is the delicate balance between what one is and what one has. Balance it and be
happy. Gud Day!
\u2022 A honest smile, smiled from a smiling heart, crossing miles, has just reached your inbox,
wishing you a day full of happiness & relaxation. Gud Day!
\u2022 Night is a wonderful opportunity to take rest, to forgive, to dream, to smile and to get
ready for all the battle that you have to fight tomorrow. Good Night.
\u2022 Happiness keeps U sweet, Trails make U strong, Sorrows keep U human, Failure keeps U
humble, Success keeps u glowing & God keeps U going! Keep going! Happy New Year!
\u2022 Faith makes all things possible, hope makes all things work, love makes all things
beautiful. May you have all the three for this Year. Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Lohri, Good luck on Valentines, Happy Holi, Happy
Diwali & Happy Birthday. Now bug off and don't annoy me for the next 12 months!
\u2022 When u decide to Create the time rather than Manage the time, u will notice a dramatic
effect on ur stress & happiness level. Gud Day!
\u2022 Laughing faces don\u2019t mean that there is absence of sorrow but they mean that there is the
ability to deal with it! Keep Smiling
\u2022 The mist turns to light, Morning takes over the night. Another beautiful day dawning, it's
time to wish you a very Good Morning!

\u2022 God is always playing Chess with each one of us. He makes moves in our Life & then sits back to see how we react to the Challenges. So make the best move before Checkmate. Hv a gr8 Day!

\u2022 In Life when you get troubles don't get nervous, just close ur eyes & follow ur HEART coz
heart is in left but it is always Right. Gud Day!
\u2022 A beautiful life does not just happen... it's built daily, in prayer, humility, sacrifice & Luv.
May a beautiful life be yours always.
\u2022 Adiamond is merely a lump of coal dt did well under pressure.So imagine hw brilliant a
Human Being can bcom by sustainin pressures of life!
\u2022 Always have the determination of a Mirror, which never loses its ability to reflect in spite of
it being broken into pieces! Keep shining.
\u2022 Be close with someone who makes you happy. But be closer to that person who can\u2019t be
happy without U and feel d difference. Gud Day!
The loveliest days are when you wake up to find that luv still colors ur world through people
who truly care & never fail to forget U. Gud Day.
\u2022 Think of difficult people as sandpaper, they may rub & scratch u painfully but u'll end up
smooth & polished & the sandpaper ends. Have a great Day!
\u2022 Your eyes are tired looking at this world reflecting through light! Let your eye lashes hug
each other for few hours. Happy journey into the world of sweet dreams! Good Night
\u2022 Problems come to us coz someone up in the sky wants to test our faith knowingly that he
would not get disappointed. Have a great great.
\u2022 Our attainments r not the fruits of our efforts alone, but also of others' prayers for us. Gud
Morning & have a nice day.
\u2022 Never pray for an easier life, pray to be a stronger person. Never pray for tasks equal to
your power but for power equal to conquer your tasks! Gud Day!
\u2022 Welcome the new morning with a smile on ur face, luv in ur heart & gud thought in ur
mind and u'll have a wonderful day. Njoy the Life.
\u2022 Trusting God won't make the mountain smaller but it will make the climb easier. Hope
you'll be able to climb all ur mountains today & everyday.
\u2022 Live with no excuses and Love with no regrets. When life gives U a 100 reasons to cry,
show life that U have a 1000 reasons to Smile. Gud Day!
\u2022 Suraj chade ta loki kehnde din chad gaya, par sanu tere bina dosta hanera lagda. Tu mile
ta bhave kaali raat hove, sanu ohi pal sohneya savera lagda! Gud Morning
Don't expect anything from life, expectations hurt. When u don't expect, every moment is a
surprise & surprise brings happiness with it. Gud Day!
\u2022 Be a diode to remove -ve thinking, a transistor to amplify the Character.... a resistor to
drop Badhabits, and a capacitor to store Good thoughts. Gud Day
\u2022 Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes everyday a
dream of happiness & every tom a vision of hope. Luk well, therefore to this day.
\u2022 If ur eyes r sweet u wuld like all the people of the world but if ur tongue is sweet all the
people of the world will like u. Gud Day.
\u2022 Cheerful people are like Sunlight. They shine in to the corners of the heart & offer bright
mornings & fresh hopes. Gud Morning to one such person.
\u2022 What the word IMPOSSIBLE says: I M Possible. So every thing which seems impossible is
itself says that is possible. Gud Day
\u2022 Past is Experience! Present is Experiement! Future is Expectation! Use your Experience in
ur experiment to achieve ur expectations! Have a Nice day
\u2022 The more u count ur blessings,d more blessings u'll hv,2 count!I always do & I count u as
the nicest blessing!God Bless u each day
\u2022 Like birds let us leave behind what we don\u2019t need to carry. Grudges, sadness, pain, fear n
regrets. Fly light, life is beautiful. Gud Day!
\u2022 Be close with someone who makes you happy. But be closer to that person who can't be
happy without you! Feel the difference. Gud Day!

A child on a farm sees a plain flying by overhead n dreams of a far away place. A traveler on d plain sees d farm n dreams of that. That\u2019s life. We never realized d value of the thing unless it moves away frm us. Enjoy d moment u hav with u. Gud Day

\u2022 Is pyari si subah mein, pyare se mausam mein, pyari si koyal ki awaaz, pyari si hawaaon
mein, sabse pyare insaan aur sabse pyare dost ko Good Morning!
\u2022 Knock!Knock! May I come into ur world? I bring no flowers, no cakes but wishes to keep U
fresh, prayer to keep u healthy & luv to keep u smiling. Gud Morning!
\u2022 A day may start or end without a message from me, but believe me it won't start or end
without me thinking of u... Gud Morning!
\u2022 Difficulties in ur life doesn't come to destroy u, but to help u realisee your hidden potentia.
Let difficulties know that u r More Difficult. Gud Day
\u2022 Worst thing in life? Someone has tears in eyes because of U. And the best thing? Someone
has tears in eyes for U. Gud Day!
\u2022 Saathi sirf vo to nahin hota jo jeewan bhar saath nibhaye, Saathi to vo hota hai jo jeewan
ke kuch palon mein hi jeewan bhar ka saath de jaaye. Gud Day.
\u2022 On the canvas of life we often go off colour, but as long as people like u are there to add

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