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Senior Living Expo 2011

Senior Living Expo 2011

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Published by The Lima News
Details on Nov. 12 event at Civic Center, Lima.
Details on Nov. 12 event at Civic Center, Lima.

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Published by: The Lima News on Nov 11, 2011
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SaturdayNovember 1211am-4pm
Veterans MemorialCivic andConvention CenterLima, Ohio
The Lima News and LimaOhio.com present…
Sponsored by:
Los Angeles Times(MCT)
Some people mark the start of fall with anapple pie. Others start breaking out the big redsfrom their wine cellars. Me? I’m a bean boy. All it takes is the first sign of a nip in the airor the first morning that smells like ocean rainand I drag my Dutch oven out of the cupboardand start a big pot of beans simmering.I’m not sure what it is I like best about beans— whether it’s the eating of them (so rich, sodelicious, so complementary to other flavors)or the preparation. It’s involved cooking, butnot so much that it demands an entire after-noon.They’re perfect for a lazy fall day: Chop some vegetables, stew them in oil, add the beans,add water, bring to a simmer, cover and bakeuntil tender.Now, if you were reading carefully, you’llnotice that there was one step I left out — onethat almost every other bean recipe tells you isa necessity. Most of the time, I don’t soak mybeans before cooking them.I learned this many years ago. Ironically, Iwas looking for a shortcut for soaking, becauseas much as I love beans, I can never seem tothink ahead enough to start preparing them thenight before. So I investigated various quick-soaks and even tried soaking a big batch of beans and then freezing it.But the more I investigated, the more I asked:Why soak beans at all? In fact, in Mexico,where beans are a staple, home cooks almostnever soak them. So why do we?I talked to everyone from Mexican cook-ing maven Diana Kennedy to a scientist whostudied beans and their cookery (yes, suchscientists do exist), and then I set myself up fora big trial. One day when I was sure to be homealone, I cooked up a batch of unsoaked beansand ate them. Then I sat patiently, waiting fordisaster. But nothing happened. Actually, I prepared three batches of beans
 Thursday, November 10, 2011 The Lima News
Senior Living Expo on Saturday 
Staff reports
LIMA — On Saturday, an event at Veter-ans Memorial Civic Center will offer bothentertainment and information.The Senior Living Expo, presented byThe Lima News and Our Generation’sMagazine, is planned for Saturday.“The Lima News Senior Living Expois celebrating 11 years of bringing fun,entertainment and great information tothe vital and active senior communityof this area. We look forward to thisevent every year, it is a great way to offer very valuable information, health checksand entertainment all in one place,” said Jolene Molaski, marketing coordinatorfor The Lima News. Admission is free, and expo-goers willbe able to wander through the booths,offered by area businesses from health tohome improvement companies.New this year is a coupon class byStephanie Wysong, of Stephanie’s Sav-ings. Her column appears in The LimaNews on Sundays. She is a local self-taught couponer who shares tips withothers.Her class is from 9 to 11 a.m. at theexpo. The class is $5 in advance at TheLima News or $10 at the door. Seniors are$5 at the door. Also, the Lima Beane Chorus will per-form at noon and 1 p.m., and magicianMike Hemmelgarn will perform at 2 and3 p.m.Health screenings available includeblood pressure, hearing, vision, glucose,bone density and peripheral arterial dis-ease. Dr. J. Franklin Oaks of Lima Memo-rial Health System will be available. Heis a board-certified vascular surgeon. Also, flu shots by Rays Pharmacy will beavailable.Lunch will be available for sale by OldBarn Out Back, from pot roast to sand-wiches and dessert.Everyone at the expo may stop by fora free cookie.Sponsors include Bayliff & Son FuneralHome, Lima Memorial Health Systemand Old Barn Out Back.
The Lima News and Our Genera-tion’s Magazine
2011 Senior Living Expo
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday
Veterans Memorial Civic Cen-ter, downtown Lima
Call 419-223-1010
GLENN KOENIG •Los Angeles Times/MCT
Crisp-skinned duck breast on white beanswith dandelion greens. When the weatherbegins to cool, few things satisfy more than aquality bean dish.
 Autumn stirsup a bean pot
Start withone hour a week 
Chicago Tribune(MCT)
You’ve got to love a fitness expertwhose exercise mantra is “make itshort and sweet.”How short? Twenty minutes, threetimes a week. But even less at first.For those of us who are, shall wesay, exercise averse, this is magical.Federal guidelines advise Ameri-cans age 18 to 64 to get 2 1/2 hoursa week of moderate-intensity or 75minutes a week of vigorous-inten-sity aerobic physical activity.Frank Comstock, Tucson, Ariz.,doctor and author of the book “Anti-aging 101,” specializes in wellnessand anti-aging. He insists that allit takes to truly be fit is an hour aweek. So why not start there? Any-thing is better than nothing!You’ll also be happy to hear Com-stock say, “If I’m out of shape, thelast place I would go is a gym. Yousee all these machines, and yousee these guys walking around. Youdon’t know what you’re doing. Thekey is to find something you like.”So, how does this 20-minute work-out do the job? It’s all about “intervaltraining,” he says, which means shortbursts of higher intensity aerobics,then returning to shorter periods of lower intensity. For instance, walk ata normal pace for two minutes thanas fast as you can for 20 or 30 sec-onds. Then repeat. Gradually increasethe fast bursts and decrease the slowones, Comstock recommends:Find the exercise that is leastobjectionable, like walking, swim-ming, jump rope, jumping jacks,doing squats.If you’re just beginning, pick ashorter time — even 5 minutes twicea week — then build up slowly.Don’t give up. If you’re at the20 minute/three times a week leveland just don’t feel like exercising,employ the 10-minute rule. “Start your exercise session and plan onworking out for only 10 minutes”that day, he recommends.If that doesn’t work, “look in themirror.” Sometimes, says Comstock.That’ll probably be enough to get you back off the couch and into your interval zone again.
If you’re just beginning, pick ashorter time — even 5 minutestwice a week — then build up.
 The Lima News Thursday, November 10, 2011
Opportunities Await You at 
Otterbein Cridersville!
Discover what Otterbein Cridersville is all about! There’s no better time than right now to become parto a Community that oers comort, security, and great opportunities that refect your unique style, yourindividual sense o purpose and moreo what you value the most!Enjoy our patio homes with attached garages or explore living in our congregate apartments that oeryou a variety o plans and programs to meet your individual liestyle and nancial needs. Come see whyOtterbein Cridersville is a 5-star, Deciency-Free Campus with skilled and assisted living too!It’s about Living! It’s about YOU!
100 Red Oak Dr., Cridersville, OH
Come for a personal visit or call 
Stop by
Booth 17
at the
Senior Expo
to register for a door prize and toreceive a small gift!
that afternoon. Besides the unsoaked, I fixeda batch that had been traditionally pre-soakedand another that had been quick-soaked (bringto a boil, sit for an hour, then cook).Comparing the three was what finally con- verted me. Not only were the unsoaked beanssafe (and convenient!), they were utterly deli-cious, so much richer and more flavorful thanthe soaked beans that there was no mistakingthem.What’s going on? Here’s the short version:Soaking dried beans does nothing for flavoror digestibility. The one thing it does is cutdown on the cooking time, but just how muchdepends on how old and dried out the beansare.Let’s take those one at a time.Part of the cooking process with dried beansis rehydrating them — having them absorbenough water that they soften. The drier thebean, the longer this will take. Soaking jump-starts this process.In the best-case scenario, if you buy yourbeans from a store that sells a lot of them sothe stock is fresh, soaking will save you 40to 50 minutes — but remember, that’s unat-tended cooking time, while the beans are bub-bling merrily away in the oven.In the worst case, with old, dried-out beans,soaking could save a whole lot more time. I’vegot a bag of pinquitos in my cupboard that Ibought several years ago. When I finally getaround to cooking those, I’ll definitely soakthem first.The type of bean matters too. Lentils andsplit peas, for example, cook so quickly theynever need soaking. Chickpeas, on the otherhand, are so tough that I wouldn’t dream of cooking them without soaking first. As for flavor and texture, to me, there isno comparison. Having cooked soaked andunsoaked side-by-side multiple times, I can’tfind any difference in the number of split orbroken beans.Where I do find a huge difference is taste:To me, beans cooked without soaking aremuch deeper and richer in flavor. Part of thisis the broth, which is thicker and much moreflavorful. But the broth is so thick it can be abit “clingy.” So when I’m cooking beans for astew-type dish (which I usually am), I don’tsoak. But if I’m making something like a beansalad, where I want the beans to be separate,that thinner broth is an advantage. And now, for the most delicate matter. Thosewell-known digestive difficulties inspired bybeans happen in large part because they con-tain certain complex sugars (called oligosac-charides); the small intestine doesn’t producethe enzymes to break these down. These
from E2
White beans withchorizo, clams andshrimp. When theweather begins tocool, few thingssatisfy more than aquality bean dish.
GLENN KOENIG•Los Angeles Times/MCT

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