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Diagnostic Test First Yr UbD

Diagnostic Test First Yr UbD

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Published by Allan Labad

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Published by: Allan Labad on Nov 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Legend of the SampaguitaA. Vocabulary:
1. Between the two barangays is a
bamboo fence.a. flexibleb. old and dilapidatedc. mysteriousd. strong2. The Datu had a daughter with
beauty.a. enchantingb. peculiarc. matchlessd. immeasurable3. Their secret
is at the end of the bamboo fence.a. rendezvousb. eye witnessc. solemnd. agreement4. “Stealing is
”, said the Datu.a. righteousb.
c. unnoticedd. merciless5. He told his
where to bury him.a. servantsb. contemporariesc. neighborsd. family members6. They decided to end the conflict through
means.a. fierceb. hostilec. amicabled. truce6. Which is an example of a
a. Marigoldb. Gumamelac. Orchidd. Sampaguita
For Orchid Only:
Who is the second narrator of Presentor No.2?What group presented their comic strip in black and white?Of the three narrators of Presentor No. ______, who talked first?The fifth set of narrators were Trebajo, Chavez and ___________.
For Iris Only:
7. Of the three members of Group 9, Denamarca, Canales and Dano, who narrates the last?8. Among Manansala, Peralta and Rosales of Group 12, who narrated the setting of the story?9. What group was the last set of narrators?10. Who does not belong to Group 7? Labja, Wabina, Matuguinas?
C. Sequence the events of the story by writing 1,2,3,4,5,6 on the spaces before each event.
 _______ a. Rosita was so frightened when she heard that Delfin will take the place of the datu of Gagalangin. _______ b. The conflict between the warring datus did not hinder Delfin and Rosita from loving each other. _______ c. Rosita wanted to talk to Delfin to withdraw from the oncoming battle. _______ d. Delfin was badly hurt and shed a lot of blood. _______ e. Datu Gagalangin was mad when Datu Balintawak stole 5 meters of their property. _______ f. Before the planned attack the Datu became seriously ill and died
C: Answer briefly: Three (3) points each
What was Delfin’s request before his last breath?Where did Rosita want to be buried?What does the voice “sumpa kita” mean?
DIRECT AND INDIRECT SPEECHDirect Speech: The President said, “I will ask Congress to appropriate funds to help urbancommunities.”Indirect Speech : The President said that he will ask Congress to appropriate funds to help urbancommunities.Direct speech
represents a person’s exact speech or thoughts and is enclosed in quotation marks (“). Indirect quotation, the words of the speaker are quoted exactly.
The speaker’s words are set off from the rest of the sentence. When the end of the quotation is alsothe end of the sentence, the period falls inside the quotation mark.
Miguel said, “Let’s meet at our house next time.”
If the quoted words are a question or an exclamation, the question mark or the exclamation mark fallsinside the quotation marks.
“May I tell you a story?” Lola asked.“I deny everything!” the suspect cried.
If the entire sentence is a question or an exclamation, the exclamation or the question mark fallsoutside the quotation marks
.Did I hear you say, “I love you”?It’s a shame to consider these pick pockets “responsible citizens”!
Use a comma or colon after an introductory expression
:My father explained, “I want you to know all the story how Davao got its name.”
Use a comma, a question mark, or exclamation mark after a quotation followed by a concludingexpression.
“I want you to know the story how Davao got its name,” my father explained.
Both parts of the divided quotation are enclosed in quotation marks. The first word of the second partis not capitalized unless it begins a new sentence.
“I plan,” the Secretary said, “to reduce oil price this month.”
An indirect speech
rephrases someone else’s words. They are not the exact words of the speaker. It reportsonly the general meaning of what a person said or thought and does not require quotation mark.
Copy each sentence then add appropriate punctuation marks to indicate direct speech/quotation
:Please be home on time for your father’s birthday dinner tonight mother reminded me.The guard insisted You must have a pass before I can allow you to enter.If you have trouble understanding the story said Miss Liwayway read it over a second time.
Change the following indirect speech to direct speech using correct punctuation marks.
The senator explained that he could not possibly the construction of a new school building.The policeman said that both lanes of the highway were temporarily closed.I found our that they waited two hours just to see the movie.

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