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A Millennial Ism and Augustine of Hippo

A Millennial Ism and Augustine of Hippo

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Published by api-3755336
Ammillenialism is a Catholic doctrine, invented by Augustine of Hippo in the 4th century AC.
Ammillenialism is a Catholic doctrine, invented by Augustine of Hippo in the 4th century AC.

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Published by: api-3755336 on Oct 18, 2008
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Amillennialism What's That

Amilllennial is divided into two syllables, A- millennial. The "A" in the Greek means "NO" and "Amillennial" means "1,000." Hence, "Amillennial" means "NO 1,000" and refers to Revelation chapter 20:1-6, where "Amillennialist" claim the 1,000 year reign of Messiah upon the earth in person, is a false doctrine."

Notes on Chiliaism: Chiliaism is divided into two syllables Chilia-ism. The word "chilia" comes from the Greek word for 1,000, "chilioi," Strong's 5507. "Ism" means in a sense, a doctrine or study of a particular belief or held tenet of Faith. Hence, "AChilianism" means the study or belief in the 1,000. This refers to Revelation 20:1-6 and the 1,000 year literal reign of Messiah upon the earth. That Amillenialism was an Augustine attempt to "REPLACE" the much older "Chilianism," is admitted by William E. Cox, in his book: Amillennialism Today:"

"Chiliasts of the early centuries after Christ had no teachings about a secret rapture [Cox p 9]." Here, the amillennialist admit that the "Chiliasts" existed early in the Church as if it was the ORIGINAL view of the Apostles and Saints [some references and commentary from the writings of the Ante-Nicene Fathers will follow later in this examination].

"Augustine (A.D. 400) usually is credited with

having crystallized amillennial teachings [Cox p 8]." "Amillennialism, ...is the historic Protestant view, as expressed in the creeds of the Reformation period including the Westminster Standards [p. 39, Biblical and Theological Studies, Benjamin B. Warfield, as written by Samuel G. Craig, in the biographical chapter]."

Anyone with clear perception can see the obvious connection between Catholicism and Protestantism in regards to the doctrine of amillennialism. From the days of Augustine until the Reformation, the doctrine


amillennialism. Because of hatred against John's Revelation by the Catholic Church, brought on by those who alleged the Catholic Church was the great whore, coupled


with denial of the doctrine of the millennial by the antichiliasts, Rome refused to Canonize the book of Revelation. Although they were fearful not to include it among the accepted writings because of the threats within it, it was not until the Council of Trent [1545 AD], that the book of Revelation was Canonized.

Martin Luther, like the Catholics, did not hold that the book of Revelation should be among the Canonical books. Therefore, Lutheranism attempts to continue Augustine-Catholicism and prove what is in the book of Revelation by other Scriptures, while at the same time saying that their interpretations are the true de-coding of what is symbolized in the book of Revelation. To them, all of Prophecy was fulfilled by the end of the year in 70AD, and this negates the value of the book of Revelation in its entirety after the 70AD date. They also believe water baptism is the first resurrection of Rev. 20:1-10. So the Jesus name Pentecostal Apostolics who adopt these Catholic novations are just as much in error as if they believed in the trinity doctrine.

When Lutherans, Presbyterians, Catholics, and other amillennialists see or hear of anyone who believes the book of Revelation contains unfulfilled prophecy, they snicker, and with a chagrin, cover their mouths, and with gestures of thumbs down, indicate that such a person is utterly stupid for not embracing the Augustine-Catholic doctrine as they have done. Martin Luther died a few months after the Council of Trent Canonized the book of Revelation as a useless but historical book of the Church.

When Luther [1483-1546], began what we know as the Reformation, he did not change from the doctrine of Augustine amillennialism, he in fact enshrined it more harshly among his followers. To this day, the amillennialist do not hold the book of Revelation as a holy book. They still treat it with the pre-Trent hatred of the Catholic Church. The proof, is the way they insist on reinterpreting it and spiritualizing its contents into the most wildest and crazy tales since the Gnostics of the first century. Thus,

attitude forces them to interpret events after 70

AD in the wrong light of Scripture. Events that will lead up to the appearance of the man of sin, will be pooh


hair-brained sensationalism, incited by a few apostates not in the main-stream Churches. This turns attention from the antichrist system and focuses upon those who


Augustine reinterpretations. This leads to the amillennialist openly condemning everyone who is a millennialist, while at the same time ignorantly endorsing the antichrist movement, because they believe it was already destroyed by the end of the year in 70 AD. This is a dangerous posture, and will cause many millions to be deceived and lost. Believing that antichrist has already come and Revelation 13 has already been fulfilled, they have no doctrinal reason to expect or to attempt to identify the man of sin or the antichrist, which is soon to appear. It is so easy to deceive millions when the devil can change the interpretation of the Word of God, like he did with Eve: "Ye shall NOT surely die," adding one word, and changing the true interpretation of what God had said. Jesus told John there would be a millennial. The devil comes along and says: "There will NOT be a millennial. Same trick word used each time to deceive God's children.

One of the catalyst that has cemented world-wide

Protestant denominations, is their doctrine of amillennialism. By uniting upon the basis of all believing in amillennialism, they have for a central theme of unity, that they can bring the Kingdom of God upon the earth, to fulfill their theory of how the Church age will end just prior to the end of the world and the judgment. Being thus deceived, they fulfill the plot of antichrist to set up the world to accept "MONOTHEISTIC UNIVERSALISM." A bumper sticker seen recently, explains what "MONOTHEISTIC UNIVERSALISM" means. It read: "God is big enough to accept all religions." Many look for antichrist to set up one religion world wide. But what we are finding, is that in the doctrine of monotheistic universalism,


multi- culturalism, return to pagan religions, and that these are all equally acceptable ways and means to reach the ONE TRUE GOD [the meaning of monotheism]. Most, if not all of the amillennial churches, now believe in multi-culturalism and acceptance of pagan nature religions, thus


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