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Problems - ABC

Problems - ABC

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Published by api-3839111

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Published by: api-3839111 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Three cards are drawn from a 52 card deck - no replacement. What
is the probability that the last two draws are aces if the first
was an ace?
2.A certain telephone number has 7 digits. If the telephone number

as the digit 0 exactly three times, and the number one is not
used at all, what is the probability that the phone number
contains 1 or more prime digits?

3.N is from 1 to 96, what is the probability of N such that
N(N+1)(N+2)is evenly divisible by 8?
4.In how many ways 30 couples(total=30 men and 30 women...with

respective man sitting on the right of woman) and 30 HOD(head of
the department) be seated around a round table if each of the
couple should sit between each of the HOD?

5.In the United States, 43% of people wear a seat belt while
driving. If two people are chosen at random, what is the
probability that both of them wear a seat belt?
6.Find the number of m seven-letter words that can be formed using
the letters of the word BENZENE.
7.In how many ways can 6 people be seated in a circle if 2 people
are always separated?
8.In a bag of balloons, the ratio of red balloons to other is 1:5
if 3 Bal. are selected at random, what is the prob that -
1. At least one bal is red (I can get both - 91/216 and 31/216 as
answers without any doubts but one is wrong. I dont know why.)
2. exactly one bal.is red.
9.Two girls have their birthdays in the same week.It is known that
one of the girls was born on a saturday. determine the prob that
both were born on a saturday.
10.There are Two groups.
Grp A has : 7Boys 3 girls
Grp B has : 3Boys and 8Girls

If two persons are selected from either of the grps A or B, find
Prob. that
a. Both are boys
b. one is a Boy, one is Girl

11.In how many ways could the letters in the word MINIMUM
be arranged if the U must not come before the I's?
12.Two canoe riders must be selected from each of two groups of

campers. One group consists of three men and one woman, and
the other group consists of two women and one man. What is
the probability that two men and two women will be selected?

a. 1/6 b. 1/4 c. 2/7 d. 1/3 e. \u00bd
13.What is the probability that in a group of 10 students
at least 2 will have the same birthday?
14.When 2 friends, Ram and Gopal, play carrom, Ram wins

60% of the time and Gopal 40% of the time. However,
Ram will win 2 in a row 50% of the time. If it is
given that Ram has won the 1st game of a match, what
is the probability that he wins the second?

15.10 slips of paper, each containing the name of a

different child, were placed into a hat. 2 slips were drawn at random and the names recorded in that order. What is the probability that Barb's and Alice's names are drawn in that order?

16.Given letters ABCCD how many different ways can a group of 3 can
be formed with these letters.
17.For a set of numbers composed of positive integers ranging from
1-99 (inclusive),we take a number N from the set, what is the
probability of n*(n+1) that can be divisible by 3?
18.3 representative from 6 companies. shake hands only with other
companies' representative. representative from same company does
not shake hanks. Total how many hand shakes?
19.2 bunch of redrose, 2 bunch of white rose, What is the
probability of planting them in a row with two red in the middle.
20.A couple has 4 children, What is the probability of 2 boys, 2
21.200 person have pager, cell phone or both. 160 have cell phones,
90 have pagers. How many person either no cell phone or no pager?
22.A's breakfast has 2 chiken sandwish and 4 cheese sandwish;

B's breakfast has 3 chiken sadwish and 5 cheese sandwish.
Choosing 1 from each meal randomly, what is the probability of
both are chicken?

23.In an insurance company, each policy has a paper record and an

electric record. For those policies having incorrect paper
60% also having incorrect electric record; For those policies
having incorrect electric record, 75% also having incorrect paper
record. 3% of all policies have both incorrect paper and
incorrect electric records. If we randomly pick out one policy,

what's the probability that the one having both correct paper and
correct electric records?
24.A is given a phone list containing 200 different phone numbers

B is given the same phone list A and B are ask to call one phone
number at the same time. What is the probability that A and B
call the same number?

25.S set = (-6,-5,-3,-2,-1) T = (-2,-1,0,1,2,3)

One number is selected from S, and the other number is selected
from T. What is the probability that the product of the two
number is negative?

26.You are given a deck of 52 cards. The cards are numbered from 1

52. The deck is shuffled thoroughly. Five cards are picked
randomly (without replacement) from the deck. What is the
probability that the five cards will be picked in ascending order
(for example, the card labeled "3" is picked first, followed by
the one labeled "9", followed by the "22", followed by the "48",
followed by the "50")?

27.A and B are highly truthful (they each tell the truth randomly

3/4 of the time. Also, A's and B's truthfulness are independent. Suppose A and B both look out the window to see what the weather is like. A says, "It's raining." B says, "It's raining." What is the probability that it actually is raining.

28.Grp A: 7Boys 3 girls
Grp B: 3B and 8G

If two persons are selected from either of the grpsA
or B, find the Prob. that
a. Both are boys
b. one is B, one is G

29.One poorly worded Question:

There are two lines of defence against an attacking
aircraft. 1st id missile and 2nd is anti-aircraft gun.
the respective prob. that the aircraft being hit by
the missile and the gun are 2/9 and 1/8 respcly.
what is the prob. of hitting the aircraft?

30.In a raffle in which 200 tickets are sold,
there are 3 prizes - first prize of $100, second prize
of $50, third prize of $30.
(i) A man has 2 tickets in this raffle. WHat is the
probability that he wins (a) a prize, (b) both prizes.
31.(i) From an ordinary deck of cards, only 12 picture

cards are retained. They are shuffled (mixed) and a
man draws 2 cards at random. He then announce one of
these cards is the King or Spades. What is the
probability that he holds two Kings? (hint: list the
possible sample space carefully).

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