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Published by api-3835727

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Published by: api-3835727 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Odium - The state or quality of being
odious. Strong dislike, contempt, or
aversion. A state of disgrace resulting
from hateful or detestable
2. Glut - To fill beyond capacity, especially
with food; satiate
3. Nervy - Arrogantly impudent; brazen.
Showing or requiring courage and
fortitude; bold.
4. Pallid - Having an abnormally pale or
wan complexion; lacking intensity of color
or luminousness
5. Diaphanous - So light and insubstantial
as to resemble air or a thin film; fine, see-
6. Dishevelled - Being in loose disarray;
unkempt, as hair or clothing; marked by
disorder; untidy; wrinkled, unkempt in
7. Disconsolate - Seeming beyond
consolation; extremely dejected;
cheerless; gloomy; depressed, unhappy
8. Batten - Grow fat,thrive upon others
9. Conch - Large seashell
10. Ingenue - An artless girl;an actress
who plays such parts
11. Orison - Prayer
12. Rambunctious - Boisterous and

13. Hellion - A mischievous, troublesome,
or unruly person
14. Carpophagous - Feeding on fruit;
15. Rancor - Bitter, long-lasting
resentment; deep-seated ill will
16. Derivative - Resulting from or
employing derivation; copied or adapted
from others
17. Spurn - To be unwilling to accept,
consider, or receive; to kick at or tread on
18. Quatrain - A stanza or poem of four
19. Fustian - A coarse sturdy cloth made
of cotton and flax; pretentious speech or
writing; pompous language; pompous,
bombastic, and ranting
20. Bombastic - Pompous, grandiloquent;
boastful in speech or writing
21. Bootless - Without advantage or
benefit; useless; unproductive of success
22. Futile - Having no useful result;
trifling and frivolous; idle
23. Debase - To lower in character,
quality, or value; degrade; adulterate
24. Compunction - A strong uneasiness
caused by a sense of guilt; a feeling of
regret for one's sins or misdeeds; a

feeling of uncertainty about the fitness or
correctness of an action; regret, sorrow
25. Yokel - An uneducated country
person; clumsy, unsophisticated person; a
rustic; a bumpkin
26. Bumptious - Crudely or loudly
assertive; pushy; self-important,
conceited; offensively self-assertive
27. Chimera - A fantastic, impracticable
plan or desire; dream, fantasy
28. Circumspect - Heedful of
circumstances and potential
consequences; prudent; trying attentively
to avoid danger, risk, or error; cautious,
29. Turpitude - Depravity; baseness; a
base act
30. Infinitude - The state or quality of
being infinite; an immeasurably large
quantity, number, or extent
31. Cistern - A receptacle for holding
water or other liquid, especially a tank for
catching and storing rainwater
32. Dulcet - Pleasing to the ear;
melodious; having a soothing, agreeable
quality; archaic; sweet to the taste
33. Phlegmatic - Without emotion or
interest; having or suggesting a calm,
sluggish temperament; unemotional

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