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Ascension - Light Body

Ascension - Light Body

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Published by api-3839806

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Published by: api-3839806 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We come to you in the vibratory essence of the consciousness of Oneness, but beyond that, the consciousness of your environment where you are finding that the frequency of vibration, the frequency with which your entire being is resonating, is increasing and becoming more fine as a substance, and is generating changes that are most interesting to observe, most important to occur, and most necessary as the transformation takes place from the consciousness rooted in the earthly activities across the bridge to the fullness of the consciousness of Oneness.

This is a transition, one that is gradual, one that is irreversible and one that is transformable in that it does indeed rearrange the molecules, activates the energy patterns of transformation at the cellular level, and as you move into and blend with and expand with this increased frequency, there is a gradual refinement of the matter and the material which you call your earthly body. There is an advancement, you might say, in the qualitative nature of the very essence of the physical body. In this transformation, there is an alignment that takes place beyond the alignment of the spiritual, mental, and physical of which we have spoken. But this is an alignment of the fundamental molecular and cellular structure of matter which aligns with and becomes in tune with the molecular structure of the universe. It is as though the entire macrocosm of the universe can be known and seen and felt and aligned with from the cellular level of increased awareness.

It has always been a puzzle to the inquiring soul as to both the vastness of the external universe and the even greater vastness of the internal universe. When one observes the physical arrangement of manifestation, one comes into the observation that within the cellular structure, within the microcosm of the internal energy patterns and structure of the physical world, there is as vast a potential for experiencing infinity as there is in observing the vastness of the exterior universe.

Isn\u2019t that interesting that as your scientists probe and look at the structure of the cellular level, at the structure of atoms, and subatomic particles, they keep discovering more and more particles and more and more components of creation that are all part of and are all a manifestation of the one creation. It makes no difference where one would go in the entire vastness of the physical universe, the microcosmic cellular and subatomic structure is still evident, is still there. Everything is connected and from this perspective, it should not be too alarming or surprising that within the bodily function that is the vehicle for the expression of the consciousness of the Creator, that all of that which is created is contained within this bodily form. That may take a little time to fully comprehend what we are suggesting, but as the evolution or the expansion of consciousness takes place, the body does indeed become more aligned with these infinite forces of creation and there is an atunement from the cellular subatomic level to the outer physical form. There is an atunement to the range of frequencies that are indeed the harmonic statement of creation.

So you see there is always an advancement taking place when one has moved into the channel of expanding awareness. There is a trigger that has been pulled and as the body begins to respond to the what you might say, shock waves of that which has been stimulated, the frequency of the body changes, the physical nature of the body changes, and as this would continue ultimately to a point where the consciousness of

the soul and the external consciousness of the body are truly one. For the frequency of the vibration of the cellular structure of the physical matter becomes so in tune with the consciousness of the soul that it simply blends and is as though there is only a shimmering light in place of the physical vehicle. This would be truly the point at which the consciousness of Oneness is fully realized. When this point of consciousness arrives, there would be no separation in even the smallest iota between the consciousness of the soul, the consciousness of the oneness of all creation and the consciousness of manifestation. It is all One. It is all the same and it is only to the extent that there is a separation and a diminuation of the consciousness of Oneness that there is indeed the physical universe manifested at all.

This is the pathway you are on. This is the pathway that all souls are on. For it is a time when this consciousness of the physical world does indeed become aligned with the consciousness of the inner spiritual realm. When this again fully occurs, you can simply be who you are, where you are, as you are, and you can in an instant, be wherever you need to be. You can literally walk through walls and can transmute all of the physical surroundings to the perfect harmonious vibration of existence that is consistent with the consciousness of Oneness.

In your history and in your spiritual records, you have heard of and read of such vibratory essence that has occurred in the physical which has been truly in a sense, miraculous and unknowable for those who have observed such as it might be called phenomenon. This is the time when such things occurred as the bodily form and the soul simply blending as one and disappearing from physical sight in the physical plane. This has occurred many times on your planet and it will occur more frequently as there is this conscious alignment of the vibratory essence of the physical body as it is transmuted into the true vehicle of light and then blends with in consciousness the consciousness of the soul, the consciousness of Oneness.

This is not a pattern to be alarmed about nor concerned about. It is only a statement of the reality that is. As the spiritual quest progresses and as there is a continuing and increasing attention paid to this refinement process, and as there is the integration of the experience of the moment by moment expression of the light body with that which has been known for some time as the physical body, as there is attention paid to the nuances and details of this relationship, there will be an increasing understanding and awareness of how truly it is all one.

You at times in your meditation or in other experiences may feel in the physical, a tingling sensation or a sensation of what you might call a vibratory activity in your body. This is a pattern of where the frequency of light is being activated, is being generated, and is being integrated with the physical. You at times in your meditation, and this will happen more frequently, feel the radiant energy of the universe pouring in and through the upper portion of your head and coming down and through the entire cellular structure of your body and then exiting through your feet. You feel this but perhaps don\u2019t always recognize the totality and significance of this flow of energy. It has been explained as being a rain of golden and crystal light and in a way that\u2019s what it is. It is the energy of the very core of the universe. It is the energy that flows forth as light from the very creator. It is the energy that is the totality of the expression of love that flows into and through all of creation. It is the energy that is the anointing of the soul as it consciously aligns with that energy and remembers who and why it is.

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