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Harikathamrita vol1

Harikathamrita vol1

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Published by api-26904714
A wonderful book about the manifestations of Lord Srimannarayana, explained in a lucid way.
A wonderful book about the manifestations of Lord Srimannarayana, explained in a lucid way.

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Published by: api-26904714 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u00c7r\u00ee Hari-kath\u00e5m\u00aeta
\u00c7r\u00ee Hari-kath\u00e5m\u00aeta
\u00e7r\u00ee \u00e7r\u00ee guru-gaur\u00e5\u222bgau jayata\u02d9
Volume One
A collection of recently translated material to commemorate
\u00c7r\u00eela Gurudeva\u2019s 1996 summer tour of Europe and America
\u00c7r\u00ee \u00c7r\u00eemad Bhaktived\u00e5nta N\u00e5r\u00e5ya\u221aa Mah\u00e5r\u00e5ja

Knowing that the many devotees who will be coming to receivedar\u00e7ana of \u00c7r\u00eela Gurudeva on his tour or Europe and America will be very eager to read any new mate- rial translated from his incomparablehari-kath\u00e5, I compiled this small booklet during my recent stay at \u00c7r\u00ee Ke\u00e7avaj\u00ee Gau\u2202\u00eeya Ma\u2020ha in Mathur\u00e5. The first three lectures were translated by myself with the assistance of \u00c7r\u00eeman Pu\u221a\u2202ar\u00eeka-vidy\u00e5nidhi d\u00e5sa Brahmac\u00e5r\u00ee. In the first lecture, Gurudeva speaks on \u00c7r\u00eela Vi\u00e7van\u00e5tha Cakravart\u00ee \u02c7h\u00e5kura\u2019s commentary on \u00c7r\u00eela Narottama \u02c7h\u00e5kura\u2019sP r e m a - b h a k t i - c a n d r i k \u00e5. In the second and third lectures, he speaks on \u00c7r\u00eela Raghun\u00e5tha d\u00e5sa Gosv\u00e5m\u00ee\u2019sSva-niyama-

da\u00e7akam, a composition of ten self-imposed regulative principles that is found in
Stav\u00e5val\u00ee. The lecture on Bhaktived\u00e5nta Sv\u00e5m\u00ee Prabhup\u00e5da\u2019s desire to go to

Govardhana was translated by Janak\u00ee d\u00e5s\u00ee and the World Vai\u00df\u221aava Association lecture was translated from Bengali by Pu\u221a\u2202ar\u00eeka Prabhu. \u00c7r\u00eeman Navadv\u00eepa d\u00e5sa Adhik\u00e5r\u00ee provided translations for many of the verses found in these lectures and he also pro- vided many valuable editorial suggestions.

\u00c7r\u00eela Gurudeva has stated in the past that the \u00c7r\u00ee G\u00e5ndharv\u00e5-sampr\u00e5rthan\u00e5\u00df\u2020akam is his favouritea\u00df\u2020akam, and to anyone who is familiar with this composition, it is obvi- ous that \u00c7r\u00eela R\u00fcpa Gosv\u00e5m\u00ee has put something really special into these very beautiful Sanskrit verses. The translation of the verses is taken from Gurudeva\u2019s Hindi edition of \u00c7r\u00ee Gau\u2202\u00eeya G\u00eeti-guccha, and Gurudeva\u2019s commentary was spoken to Vi\u00e7\u00e5kh\u00e5 d\u00e5s\u00ee in English several years ago.

\u00c7r\u00eela Gurudeva\u2019shari-kath\u00e5 is always saturated with Gau\u2202\u00eeyasiddh\u00e5nta and his sweet style of expression is completely unique. Hishari-kath\u00e5 is my most worshipable deity, and I pray that this humble offering entitled \u00c7r\u00ee Hari-kath\u00e5m\u00aeta will be pleasing to both Gurudeva himself and to all the Vai\u00df\u221aavas.

Vai\u00df\u221aava d\u00e5s\u00e5nud\u00e5sa,

Prema-vil\u00e5sa d\u00e5sa
May 1996
London, England

\u00a9 1996 by Gau\u2202\u00eeya Ved\u00e5nta Publications

1. FromPrema-bhakti-candrik\u00e5 . . .1
2. FromSva-niyama-da\u00e7akam, Part One12
3. FromSva-niyama-da\u00e7akam, Part Two20
4. \u00c7r\u00eela Prabhup\u00e5da\u2019s Desire to Go to Govardhana32
5. World Vai\u00df\u221aava Association Lecture42
6. \u00c7r\u00ee G\u00e5ndharv\u00e5-sampr\u00e5rthan\u00e5\u00df\u2020akam50

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