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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Humans in Marine Environments
1.2 SCUBA Diving for Recreation
1.3 Comfort
1.4 Constraints to Comfort in SCUBA Diving
1.5 Objectives
1.6 Study Design
1.6.1 An experiential perspective
1.6.2 Interpretive, qualitative approach
1.7 Thesis Outline
Chapter 2: Review of the Literature
2.0 Introduction
2.1 A History of Human Contact with the Ocean
2.2 SCUBA Diving as a Recreational Activity
2.2.1 The attraction of recreational SCUBA diving
Table 2.1: Top 5 Features of Importance to SCUBA Divers: A synthesis of
2.3 Adventure
Table 2.2: A Thematic Summary of Adventure Literature
2.3.1 Conceptualising adventure
Figure 2.1: The Adventure Experience Paradigm
2.3.2 Adventure and risk Risk and SCUBA diving
2.3.3 The role of the environment in adventure Marine environments in leisure and adventure
2.4 Comfort
2.4.1 Finding comfort: Definitions and theories
2.4.2 Comfort in adventure and leisure
2.5 Comfort, Adventure and Constraints
Figure 2.2: Early Conceptualisation of Constraints to Leisure
2.5.2 Negotiating constraints
2.6 Chapter Summary
Chapter 3: Research Methodology
3.0 Introduction
3.1 Philosophical Considerations
3.1.1 Research paradigm
3.1.2 Ontology
3.1.3 Epistemology
3.1.4 Methodology
3.2 Reflexivity – Locating the Researcher
3.2.1 Personal discovery
3.2.2 Initial efforts to search for diver experiences
3.3 Research Strategy
3.3.1 Research methods Interviews Interview guide
3.3.2 Data collection Sampling Conducting the interviews
3.3.4 Data analysis
3.4 Trustworthiness and Ethics
3.5 Limitations of Qualitative Methodological Context
3.5.1 Summary of limitations of the research Effortlessness Familiarity
4.1.2 Social comfort Sharing Trust
4.1.3 Psychological comfort Relaxation Freedom
4.1.4 Visual comfort Water clarity Marine Features
4.2 Chapter Summary
Chapter 5: Constraints to In-water Comfort
5.0 Introduction
5.1 Constraints and Conditions of In-water Comfort
5.1.1 Physical constraint Ocean temperature Strain and effort
5.1.2 Social constraint Unfamiliar Dive buddy Negative behaviour
5.1.3 Psychological constraint Lack of control Panic and anxiety
5.1.4 Visual constraint Poor visibility Diminished marine environment
5.2 Chapter Summary
Chapter 6: Negotiating Constraints to In-water
6.0 Introduction
6.1 Negotiation Strategies and Responses
6.1.1 Consolidate Stay calm Adjust Continue
6.1.2 Co-operate Be assisted Offer assistance
6.1.3 Cancel
6.2 Summary of Negotiation Responses
6.3 Three Case Examples: Wanda, Dennis and Carla
6.3.1 Dennis: one negotiated SCUBA dive
6.3.2 Wanda: negotiating comfort over time
6.3.3 Carla: immediate comfort and constraints in SCUBA diving
6.4 Chapter Summary
Chapter 7: Discussion of Results
7.0 Introduction
7.1 Comfort in Context
7.1.1 Physical comfort
7.1.2 Social comfort
7.1.3 Psychological comfort
7.1.4 Visual comfort Relationship among contexts of comfort
7.2 The Influence of Constraints to In-water Comfort
7.3 Context-specific Constraints to In-water Comfort
7.3.1 Physical constraint
7.3.2 Social constraint
7.3.3 Psychological constraint
7.3.4 Visual constraint
7.3.5 Relationships among constraints types
7.4.1 Consolidating to stay in-water
7.4.2 Seeking co-operation
7.4.3 Cancel
7.4.4 Negotiated comfort
7.5 Risking Comfort
7.5.1 Rethinking risk
7.5.2 Finding comfort in adventure
7.6 A Model of In-water Comfort, Constraint and Negotiation
7.6.1 Features of the model
7.6.2 Application of the model
7.6.3 Limits of the model
7.7 Chapter Summary
Chapter 8: Conclusion
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Constrannts and Comfort in Recreational SCUBA Diving

Constrannts and Comfort in Recreational SCUBA Diving

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Published by: Emil Calciu on Nov 12, 2011
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