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Chapter 11 Excretion - Tutorial Worksheet

Chapter 11 Excretion - Tutorial Worksheet



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Published by api-3728508
Supplementary Tutorial Worksheet on Excretion
Supplementary Tutorial Worksheet on Excretion

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Published by: api-3728508 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jurongville Secondary SchoolSecondary 3 Express Biology TutorialSyllabus 5100
Name: _________________________ ()Class: Sec 3___Date: ___________
Chapter 11:Excretion
1.Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.a.Excretion is the _____________ of ___________ products from the body of  __________ organisms. Waste products include ___________ formed duringmetabolic processes in the body, and unwanted and ______________ materialsthat enter our body fluids.b.Egestion and excretion are not the same process. Egestion is the removal of  _______________ matter from the ______________ system. This matter hasnever entered any ___________ and so is not a ______________ product of  _________________.2.Which (W to Z) is the main waste product eliminated by each of the excretory organs(a) to (c)?a.Skin___________b.Lungs___________c.Kidneys _____________3.Match (a) to (f) with one of the terms (U to Z):a.Structure in kidney that makes urine________________b.Mechanical process involved in urine formation________________c.Muscular bag where urine is stored temporarily________________d.Structure through which urine flows out of kidney_________________ e.Process involved in selective reabsorption of useful materials in kidney tubules ___________________ f.Tube through which urine is got rid of from the body_________________ 
W: UreaX: Excess waterY: Carbon dioxideZ: Excess heatU: UltrafiltrationV: urinary bladderW: UrethraX: NephronY: Active transportZ: Urete
4.The table below compares the contents of the blood in the renal artery and the renalvein. Fill in the table using the words “more”, “less” or “same”.ComponentBlood in renal arteryBlood in renal veinUreaOxygenCarbon dioxideWater Amino acidsHeat5.The volume of urine production varies greatly from day to day. Indicate the effect ofactors (a) to (d) on urine production by filling in increase or decrease beside them:a.A hot day________________b.Strenuous exercise________________c.A cold day________________d.Drinking a litre of water________________
Structured Questions
6.The diagram shows the urinary system of humans.<Diagram on pg 144 Wbk O Comp>a.Name A to D.i.A: ___________________ ii.B: ___________________ iii.C: ___________________ iv.D: ___________________ b.Compare B and Ci.With reference to structure. ____________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________ ii.Composition of fluid passing through them. ____________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________ c.i.What flows along D? __________________________________________ 

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