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Although the healing results with the methods and devices of Wilhelm
States some of which have been trained by Reich. In the other side there
Another consequence of the judgments against Wilhelm Reich was that
10 years until the medical DOR-Buster again was built and used
Into a complex system such as the medical reichian orgonomy a doctor
I hope you like this book valuable new insights into the varied methods
The life energy is known in all cultures. Each culture has its own options
This book is not about academic disputes. We are about to make
But we can only heal ourselves
Although Wilhelm Reichs approach to prove the life energy with the
Why didn’t his findings fit to the scientific knowledge model? A major
Our western rational thinking knows only the terms true = provable
Orgone devices are no "inventions" in the true sense. They are created
Reich had observed unexplained luminous phenomena in biological
Reich - he reckognized a connection between the degree of a person's
Reich constructed various devices for the application of these biophysical
Wilhelm Reich’s key development
Between these two layers are more
The ORAC is constructed in
Under the seat is a small
Electric insulators such as wool or dry wood fiber attract orgone and
Both - the accumulator and the
After a short period of
The merging of the body energy field with the accumulated energy is
First and foremost the ORAC is a medical device - so it was introduced
The ORAC is a very effective medical device for the sick and invalid -
The shooter is as an
ORAC for local
ORAC of wich the
The shooter does not permit the
It is therefore only a local treatment
The shooter is often designed so
Orgone blankets build another energy field as the ORAC: Orgone blankets
Orgone blankets can be very good for long-term treatments and as a
For the elderly and the severely weakened people sitting in a box may
Because humidity - which significantly reduce the effectiveness - can
The process of drying of orgone pillows and blankets in the sun has
(as the smooth sheets of ORAC). The contact between the human field
The orgon blanket do not build a complete field. (As an alternative to
While orgonomy is based on a scientific-
Juergen Fischer has presented with the
Each ORAC forms a living energy field
The rose quartz-accumulator is a ORAC
The rose quartz accumulator can shade us energetically in the best sense
The same principle he also applied in the medical field. He also identified
Dr. Jorgos Kavouras (Pödeldorf in Bamberg). Dr. Kavouras and his book
"Healing with orgone energy" is the first systematic research on the
Wilhelm Reich had published no details about construction and
The transfer of subtle information is one of the most successful methods
Radionics and Bach flowers are already "traditional" healing systems
These and many other procedures - the effects always refer also to subtle
The methods of medical information are based on the qualitative
ORAC whose energy field is used to transfer energetic information.Here
The subtle transfer of information has become an integral part of the
The Orgone Energy Transformer is a
(ie an orgone shooters with eight rose
The orgone energy is insulated with a
The Orgone Energy Transformer
For private users should be clear that the Orgone Energy Transformer
With the Orgone Energy Transformer the process of transferring is
The very resistant inner metal plates can be very easily been cauterized
Orgone blankets and cushions are sensitive to moisture. (Steel wool can
It is useful to keep them in the cabinet or a chest so that they may not
The following factors may not occur in the immediate vicinity of the
1) in the same room:
-- Fluorescent tubes (also "energy-saving lamps")
-- microwave devices
-- Flat screens (ie. fluorescent tube backlit)
-- Short Wave Devices
-- Air conditioners
-- vaporizing chemicals
2) in the same building:
-- Nuklear devices (X-ray systems)
-- High-voltage transformers
3) near (about 200 metres)
-- High-voltage lines
4) in wider environment (about 5 to 20 km)
-- Nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities
The following factors should be given:
-- Patients should be seated at the ORAC without being disturbed (possibly
There is a whole series of factors that determine the effectiveness of orgone
Certain environmental factors influence the speed of charge and therefore
When the efficiency is relatively not so high this only implies to improve
Day Time: ORACs and orgone blankets are strongest at noon and in the
This means that the energy charge in the mountains is higher than in the
Vitality of the atmosphere: A lively atmosphere is deep blue and forms
The restriction of movement therefore means that the level of charge is
A misunderstanding must be eliminated at this point: we can and should
The crucial question is whether the additional energy is needed here and
The vitality is stronger in childhood and juvenescence. Physical activity
Just very vital people may well use the energy and that is why vital people
Construction and properties of orgone devices are the third factor in its
Another possibility to increase the effectiveness of the accumulators is
This increases of the charge capacity by a factor of about 3-5 regular
An alternative to cotton wool could be synthetic fibres how they are
The distance between the organism and the iron sheet should not exceed
5 (up to max. 10) cm. Hence the relevant measure of ORACs interior and
ORAC is considerably stronger than outside of the accumulator. Also the
(Jürgen Fischer: www.orgon.de)
-- Three different strong orgone energy fields are nested: that of the
-- The metal of the blanket is very close to the body
By the combination of ORACs and orgone blankets arise new
The most effective combination is to place an orgone cushion 80x80
Reich endorsed the search for better material orders. It is of course
So many potential users have been overwhelmed with the production
My conclusion: the self construction for financial reasons is not worth
The best building plan is published in a book by Heiko Lassek
For the rapid wound and pain care an orgone cushion and several orgone
These orgone cushions and orgon cuffs are also ready to buy (in Germany)
You can produce the small orgone cushions yourself: obtain a little fine
Cut steel wool in the required length + about 5-10 cm. Unfold the steel
For pads 3 layers steel wool 3 layers of wool is ok. (Make these cushions
As for metal in orgone devices is only pure iron and galvanized iron
Because of the known warnings these "recommendations" are grossly
Unfortunately such wrong-built equipment is also offered for sale
Scientific and Medical Use" he wrote "For medical purposes must only
The range of approved materials are widely available and cover all
For a discussion of the question of whether aluminum or copper for
This quote shows that Reich has done biological experiments with
Hoppe firmly warned of aluminium as a material for orgone accumulators
The orgonomic scientist Dr. James DeMeo has done orgone-biophysical
Unfortunately DeMeo recommends in this book also tinplate cans (that
For healthy people an overcharge is not dangerous and we should not
-- Increase temperature of the body and the skin
-- stimulated intestine activity
-- warm sweat
-- deeper and slower breathing
In medical experiments with ORACs the increase in body temperature is
The blood cells cutting speed (BCS) is a reliable indicator of the vitality
The erythrocyte sedimentation rate is recognized by all medical
Wilhelm Reich had demonstrated the functional identity of electrostatics
In the first few days the ORAC or orgone blanket should be used regularly
After this period the sessions should last as the sensations are pleasant
If the ORAC or orgone blanket is prescribed by the doctor as a
DOR conditions) and to avoid to enter the ORAC for one to three days
(Please see the section on overcharge)
The length and frequency of the sessions should be determined by the
There is no sense here to approach too timid. For a healthy person is a
(best by a trained physician)
Absolutely contraindicated diseases are:
-- Greatly prolonged high blood pressure (periodic hypertension is not
-- Decompensated (not more regulation possible) cardiac weakness
-- Brain tumors and other tumors in cramped spaces and liver tumors
-- Severe arteriosclerosis;
-- Stroke (even long after the incident do not use an ORAC);
-- Skin infections during the inflammatory phase;
-- Infections of the eyes conjunctiva;
-- Acute and chronic leukemia;
-- Bronchial asthma;
-- Acute internal bleeding;
-- Autoimmune diseases (such as MS or psoriasis) during relapse;
-- Cancer of young people (less than 50 years)
Contraindicated to all cases is radioactive irradiation. After an X-ray
This book will serve as self-help compendium and demonstrate those
Doctors and medical practitioners of almost all disciplines can treat
book we report mainly on secured and largely low risk treatments. If
No reasonable doctor would advise a patient not to go the sun or to
- unless the particular illness is clearly contraindicated. The application
Injuries of any kind are the main application of concentrated orgone
Wound healing means on the one hand the new growth of the injured
Case report: amputation of three fingers
A craftsman had amputated the first limbs of three fingers on the left
A very successful aspect of concentrated orgone energy treatment is
Since treatments with concentrated orgone energy in these cases often
A detailed quote by Wilhelm Reich: (re-transated from german)
Combustions of any difficulty are another traditional area of application
My translation:
The orgone application is additional and can also be provided by a bandage
Combustion of a one-year old boy
A 1-year-old boy had pulled down a fresh pot of tea from the kitchen
After about a week a first closed skin had formed and after 3 weeks
Pain relief is another typical application for concentrated orgone energy
During the initial wound care pain relief is in the foreground - especially
To assess the various pain (neuralgia and healing pain) is difficult. With
Infectious diseases have always been a "scourge of humanity". After the
The worlds most threatening disease is the tuberculosis:
The systematic strengthening of the immune system with orgone energy
Acute otitis media occurs frequently in the infant and toddler age. Sym-
The middle ear inflammation can lead to tearing of the eardrum with
The local application of orgone energy (with shooter funnel and to lie
Case report: otitis media with three children
All three children of a family aged between two and four years hat a
(The fungus itself must be treated causally with other methods.) Wil-
Users of ORACs and orgone blankets report that emotions and
Biologically seen lust is therefore a function of the energy charge and the
The energy charge could not only improve the quality of life of older
The fact of an increase in life expectancy over many decades in linear
In order to assess what the benefits of long term orgone charge could
What we can quite safely say about orgone charge is that the body by
Many chronic illnesses can be successfully treated with orgone-energy
On the other hand old people still may get enough "energy" to satiate
We see ourselves in the personal environment that especially older
Dr. Kavouras writes
It seems to be that extra orgone energy might significantly alleviate that
Body therapeutic exercises could also be helpful if targeted to the individual
The charge with life energy is based on the fact that water and energy
If certain parts of the body should be charged particularly intense this
After a session in the ORAC the skin is particularly receptive to moisture
In Germany exits a special cosmetic product line for hobby self-made
These cosmetics may then be charged by orgone energy transformer
Athletes are dealing with many medical problems that by energetic charge
A consistent charge may significantly support the properties of the blood
The significantly improved blood levels after energetic charge was
Women who are in a pregnancy report that the ORAC has done very
The relationship between the vitality of the blood and optimal blood
Wilhelm Reich wrote about the pregnancy of his wife:
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