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Diminished Capacity Issue 5

Diminished Capacity Issue 5

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Published by Sheena Leano
Issue 5 of Diminished Capacity, a Knox College humor and satire publication.
Issue 5 of Diminished Capacity, a Knox College humor and satire publication.

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Published by: Sheena Leano on Nov 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IIIssssssuuueee555 FFFaaallllll222000111111 
Periodically a fish will yank on one of those lines and depress a key on thetypewriter. And gradually, over the course of weeks and months and years,
thefish have wound up writing things
Diminished Capacity 
by Sherwood Kiraly, ‘72
Diminished Capacity, Knox College’s humor webzine
 Email: quiver@knox.edu
Passions/ Lee 1
PassionsBy Ben Lee
passion |
pa sh
• strong and barely controllable emotion• a state or outburst of such emotion• intense sexual love
• an intense desire or enthusiasm for something• a thing arousing enthusiasm
It happens when things are going well, no, splendidly
no, scratch that, wonderfully, maybe evenonce-in-a-lifetimishly. And then, out of the pink abyss, in a moment quiet intimate and subtle, she
not just she but, each of the many many she’s who’ve come before in my romantic career, and the m
anywho will come after
asks me (and not just some similar formulation, but verbatim) this question:What is your passion?Passion? What is my passion?Yes, what is your passion?
I first associate the word “passion” with, well,
the soap opera they canceled severalyears ago
it was the one with a witch. Next I associate it with stock artist statements on programs
and placards: “Painting/Sculpting/
 Dancing/Singing/Acting/Directing/Making Art (with
‘A’) is my passion…” Then there’s insi
advertisements “Here at _____________ we’re passionate about your ______________”. Then
after a while I get passion fruit, passion flower, passion dance, Passion of the Christ. And underneath allof this is undeniable association with hot, sultry, animalistic lovemaking, and I always wonder if this mightbe the subtext, but it never is.What do mean passion?
Your passion. It’s like your life’s purpose.
 Oh. Yeah. that.

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