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First Christian Courier- November 12, 2011

First Christian Courier- November 12, 2011

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Published by Dennis Sanders
The November 12 edition of the Courier, the newsletter of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Minneapolis.
The November 12 edition of the Courier, the newsletter of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Minneapolis.

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Published by: Dennis Sanders on Nov 13, 2011
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November 12, 2011
Inside the Courier 
A Look at the BriteSide, page 2
• Search committee
seeks input,page 3
• Ministry Center 
News, page 3
On the Web: 
Open Source Photos from the or-gan recital are on
FCC’s Facebook
Open Source church growing person by person
Rebecca and Stephen Haney of Open Source
It’s one thing to move to a new town
to start a new job as a minister, but
it’s something else again when that
new ministry has no building and no
members. Yet that’s just exactly
what Stephen and Rebecca Haneysigned up for when they moved toRochester, MN, in January, 2010, tostart a new church.Rebecca and Steve told their storyduring worship at FCC on Nov. 6.Their Open Source church in Roches-ter has grown from four members(Steve, Rebecca and their two chil-dren) to 40 active participants.
“We spend 40 to 60 hours a week  building relationships,” said Rebecca.“This can be participating in comm
u-nity organizations, inviting people todinner, going out for coffee or beers,playing Frisbee golf or board games
with new friends.” Stephen explained
that he learned early on to wait untilpeople asked him to begin talkingabout Open Source.Stephen said that, at age 34, he is thesixth oldest person participating in OpenSource. The majority of people (2/3 to¾) who have attended gatherings andevents are men, who then bring alongfamilies or girlfriends. Many of the par-ticipants are completely unfamiliar withwhat a church is, with being a part of acommunity, with committing to regularfinancial support for an organization orwith the basic Bible stories that earliergenerations grew up knowing.Currently, Open Source holds monthlyworshi
 p services, called “gatherings
ina public event space on Sunday eve-nings. They have also organized weeklyBeer and Bible sessions, bi-weeklyevents for kids such as playtimes ormovie-going, and regular work at a localfood bank packing food boxes. An up-
coming event is called “Wine to Water.”
Participants will buy tickets to a wine-tasting event, and proceeds will go to-ward supplying clean water to a Nicara-guan village. Open Source is also plan-ning to host a Financial Peace Universityseries, a program designed to help peo-ple get control over their finances.Open Source has both a website  (opensourcerichester.com) and a Face-book  page. The Haneys hope that bySeptember, 2012, they will have weeklygatherings with 60 regular participants.Rebecca and Stephen really are livingout the mission of their church, which is
to “bring people into relationship with
God and Christian com
Christian Courier 
First Christian Church of Minneapolis (Disciples of Christ)
Page 2
On plans to use assets for church start-ups
November 12, 2011
It was a good Sunday of worshiplast week, with Stephen and Re-becca Haney preaching, givingus the update on the new churchstart in Rochester. One of thethings that most fascinated mewas Steve saying that, at the ripeold age of 34, he was the sixtholdest member of the gatheringgroup at this point. It is a bravenew world to start a new churchin these days.This is probably a good time toremind our congregation whatthe proposed plans are with theassets from our sale of the build-
ing. There’s a total of about $3.
8million; around $1.5 million isgoing into construction of ourshared facility and the organmove. Of the remaining $2.3
million, what we’ve talked about
is holding about $1.2-1.4 millionfor a support fund/draw-downaccount that would help provideextra support-above-giving forFCC; that would last us any-where from 10-40 years depend-ing on how fast the draw-downis. The rest of the funds,$900,000 to $1.1 million, wouldbe used to start new churches inthe Twin Cities, with some of that going to give Rochester alittle extra boost, to the tune of $70,000
100,000. (It takesabout $400,000 to start a new
church, and the Haney’s began
their effort with less than$250,000 backing them up.)New church starts are THE formof revival in the church today.Revival can and does take placein established congregations
(we’re having some of that here,aren’t we?), and the call of Christis to pursue that “newness of life” the Scriptures talk about in
such a way that people out in theworld can see that newness as
something attractive. That’swhat we’re trying to do at FCC,and I think we’re having some
success at that.
I’d like to see YOU on Sunday!
A Look at the Brite Side 
In our prayers 
Gracious God, welift up these personsin our prayers, ask-ing the blessing of  your Grace and out- pouring of your Loveupon them.
We pray in gratitude for all those who worked hard to clean the buildingon
Share-the-Care day
and for all those who contributed to the $1200raised at the organ recital; in joy with
James Rogers
who now has ninemonths of sobriety; for blessings to
Jay and Arlene Hillestad
for theirrecent anniversary and for their generosity in hosting and facilitating aMinistry Center Board retreat; in concern for
Charlotte Ronnei
who hasbeen hospitalized recently and for
Greg Merkel and his mother andfather
; in concern that our local and national political representativeswork together to fix the many problems in our society; in gratitude foractive and veteran military members and their families; for all ourhomebound members, including
Emma Armstrong
Bob Risinger
 Christian Courier Page 3
Ministry Center News 
Dorothy Stegner shared this anecdote:
I attendedan organ concert some years ago where the talentedMormon organist played. How great! -- but one manarose after the applause had died down and rebukedthose who clapped. The organist arose from the organand in his quiet and kind way told the people that if the Lord moved them through his music, it is all right
to clap.”
 Please continue to share your thoughts about ap-plause during worship with each other and in thisnewsletter.
Search Committee discussion set forThanksgiving Sunday
The Pastoral Search Committee has met severaltimes in the past few weeks, and has begun prepar-ing for the work of identifying and hiring our nextpermanent minister. Committee members areKirsten Cackoski, Tom Curry, Arlene Hillestad,Deb Murphy, Sandy Morgan, Max Hurlocker, andco-chairs Mike Hesano and Dean Creighton.So as we begin this long process, we need theideas and input of the FCC members and family.To do that, on November 20, we will be conductinga fast paced, interactive and fun discussion sessionwith members and guests. This conversation ex-change will be held between the Thanksgivingworship service and our Thanksgiving dinner inFellowship Hall. We will be asking specific ques-tions about your visions for the future as we moveinto a new church setting. We need and value yourinput, and look forward to an enjoyable event.Schedule for Thanksgiving worship and Dinner:
10:30 Worship Service (Fellowship Hall)
11:30 -12:15 Interactive group discussionsled by Search Committee
12:30 Thanksgiving Dinner
Vandalism case resolved 
The County Attorney's office informed FCC thatthe defendant in the vandalism to First ChristianChurch last winter/spring (several broken win-dows) has plead guilty to three counts of grossmisdemeanor property damage and has been or-dered to pay restitution. The individual will nothave to serve jail time, but will be monitored bythe mental health court in monthly visits for thenext two years, to make sure that he receives thetreatment and support he needs and does not resortto similar damaging behavior in the future.
Let’s Talk: Applause
Four people responded directly to
The Courier 
about applause during worship. Wouldn’t you
know: two people indicated they preferred quietresponses, and two people preferred applause! Wedo value our diversity here at FCC. {Continued
 Although an official move-in date has not been set,the new Ministry Center at 28th and Garfield isnearly complete. All three churches hope to beworshiping in the building by January. Anyonewho would like to see the current state of construc-tion should call Pastor Brite to find out how tomake arrangement for a hard-hat tour,The Ministry Center Board met on Oct. 22 and alsoheld a day-long retreat on Nov. 5. Below are high-lights from these meetings:
Construction is currently right on budget.The new entry way is finished, windows arein, many rooms are painted, and bathroomtile is in.
A name for the Ministry Center has beententatively chosen, and the governing bod-ies of each church will be hearing and re-sponding to the choice.
A final draft of the Ministry Center Cove-nant is complete and will be presented tothe governing bodies for approval at theirNovember meetings.
The 2012 budget is being developed by theMinistry Center finance committee.
Discussion is underway about custodial andoffice staffing for the Ministry Center.
Two more tasks groups will be formed, oneon working in the community and one onevangelism
The Ministry Center board will meet Nov.17 and Dec. 18. Anyone with interest inMinistry Center business is welcome to at-tend.

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