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Breath of Expression

Breath of Expression

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Published by: Brenda Withem Sebourn on Nov 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beloved One,I do so adore you, me, us! There really is no separate you and I any longer. We are a blend socomplete and whole, truly consummate we are! This is our voice, our expression, and when Isay "I", or "we", or "our", or even "you" it is simply the English words expressing, carrying theenergy that we are. For words are truly the carriers of energies, and even more so when aconscious being is allowing them to flow in expression. So it is for you to pay close heed to thewords others speak, and your own words also. It is to go beyond the surface of the words and tofeel the energies the words convey and for you to trust those feelings. It is for you to trust your Divine Sense that comes upon the breath of the words, from whatever source the words come, beit yours, another human, or a disembodied entity. For words are an expression of the breath, theexpression of the fullness of you. Breath is used to create words, in the Earth dimension that is,and this Earth dimension as you well know is but a picture of reality, a play of what is trulygoing on in your real dimension. Your real dimension is much deeper, larger, and moreexpansive than the Earth realm, but the Earth realm is a marvelous place to be, in fact it is theonly place as of this moment to truly experience your own real and sacred dimension. Withoutthe Earth realm there would be no experience of all that you are, there would be no experience of your true reality. That is how vital the Earth realm is, and it is all done for you and by you. Youare experiencing the realm of Earth for you! For no one or nothing else are you here inexperience. Breathe this in my Beloved, feel this as the energies of the words sink within your  being. Your truth lies within you - within your breath expressed in words, unfiltered by the oldmind.Words are indeed an important thing in your realm of Earth, words are one mode of expression,and it is vital to you to heed your words, and words of others, either spoken or written, for theyare the carriers of the energies of the one who is speaking or writing. Again, the expression of the breath is in the words. I do not speak of 'intention' here, for intention is merely a mind game.Feel this with me a moment. Feel the energy of the word 'intend' - breathe in deeply and sensethe energy of 'intend'. Truly you may not be able to put in 'words' the feeling and that is perfectfor if it can not be put in words it is indeed that you have gone beyond the 'need' to linearize anddefine a concept. The word 'intend' carries a bit of agenda, a bit of doubt. It is as if one 'intends'a thing yet leaves room for not being quite sure it is really going to occur. This is due to the old programming of the mind. The concept of intention is old energy, mind produced, simply anoverlay on mass consciousness that will not work for the new human with a reprogrammed mind.Intention is a tool whose time has come and gone.The point being here is to feel into your words - they are your expression - they carry your energies. As you well know whatever you express, what you put out, what you radiate willreturn to you. If you express doubt, confusion, or fear in your words it is simply what is comingfrom old programming, yet those energies will return to you by natural process. You can alsosee your gift in this, there is nothing 'wrong', nothing that needs to be fixed, it is only for you totake a moment to notice and breathe deeply into the doubt, fear, confusion, or anything else youhappen to be expressing. It is for you to accept, and then love it into transformation with your deep and conscious breath. And I would stress here that this is not a technique coming from themind, this is no old energy technique to help you reach evolution or ascension - it is a natural process, a process of love directly from your Heart. The expression of your Heart, the true voice
of your Soul, your core godself is the transformation catalyst, and the energies of transformationare carried upon your words and upon your breath alone. There are times when all that is neededto be done is simply to sit and breathe consciously, for you have gone beyond the 'need' for words, you have gone beyond the need of a carrier of your energy and can simply andconsciously breathe to radiate your energy with no agenda, no intention, just pure and simple you breath by breath. Transmitted expansionally on your conscious breath this is all that is needed toexpress. Note this is an expansional transmission, nothing being carried, it is a natural newenergy process. In your expression is your expansion. I do not mean to confuse here, but this is beyond the mind. I could leave the page blank and your consciousness would still receive theenergies - for we are in a space beyond duality where no words are needed to convey energies.Yet I will put the energies into these written words for the benefit of those who believe they arenot 'there' yet and still believe they need words to fully understand. In fact it is the old mind that'needs' the words. The more you allow that old mind to transform the fewer words it will need.But for now, as all are on their own level with their ascension experience I will use the words toconvey the energies. I place within these words the breath of transformation, which when you breathe in those energies it acts as a catalyst if you so choose, to put your transformation into itsnatural process of experience, or to facilitate your ongoing process. The mind will notunderstand this and will try to take the words and define them to put the experience in a box itknows and is familiar and comfortable with. An important point here is that definitions are oldmind based programming also. I don't care what the definition is - if its a defining characteristicit is merely a limit. Feel this Beloved, sense into definition - a defining characteristic, borders,limits within which energy is held. We have no need of definitions - we only need feel theenergy in a word, then your Divine Intelligence will interpret the energy with no mind filter involved. So it is vital to feel the energy of any word, just feel, pass no judgment, only discernthe sense, for the sense is the truth.Whatever comes from the mind is ultimately a lie. So with that being the case, that anythingfrom the mind is a lie - any definition the mind gives you is a lie - feel this. Don't think about it,only feel. A definition is a lie for it comes from the mind. So which would you rather believe - alie, or truth? Would you rather believe a mind definition or you own Divine Sense? Do you feelhow important it is to feel into words? To discern between a lie and truth, to experience whatcomes from the mind and what comes from your true Heart is the concept here. The feeling, thesense that comes from your true Heart is your truth.It is for you to become aware of the energies words carry, for the mask some intentionally putupon their words are nothing more than an old energy manipulation tactic. Indeed some do this, put a mask upon their words, and that is why it is so important for you to be aware of thissubterfuge. All you need do is be aware of the disguise, and you become aware of it by feelingthe energies. Notice I said these masks are put upon intentionally. When one does a thingintentionally it is merely a form of manipulation - an agenda, an old energy based tactic, veryAtlantean, and that time has passed. The time of old Atlantean ways of coercion, manipulationand control are gone. Humanity has grown past the 'need' to be directed by an outside source.The thing is that the old mind still has the old Atlantean programming, for the most part, of "Ineed direction from an outside source." And this is where the reprogramming of mind comes in.When you are aware of the old programming simply breathe into it with your conscious breathand it will transform that program, it will overwrite it with the new unlimited 'program'. I use the
word program here for lack of a more appropriate term, and this is where your own feeling intothe energy comes in, take a moment to breathe and feel.....When you find the mind trying to conceptualize or linearize, simply feel into the energy of theword and trust your Divine Sense. The thing to really experience here is the feeling of theenergy words carry. This cannot be stressed too much, for there are those as I have said that stilldo intentionally and consciously put the energies of manipulation and control into their words.This is not said to produce fear but only to increase your awareness. When others use words inattempt to manipulate and control it is not done for dark and ominous reasons, it is truly allappropriate, they are simply acting from their own level of understanding and evolution. Theyare not at the same place on the evolution spiral as you, therefore they are not aware of their own potential to expand beyond the need to use this tactic of manipulation. Be assured they willeventually become aware of it, but be aware also that each works on their own level from whatthey know, and from their own experience base. It is also for you to be aware that old energycannot influence you unless you allow it. You cannot be controlled or manipulated or influenced by outside sources when you are aware of what they are doing, unless you choose to be, of course. Its up to you as a Divine Human whether to allow yourself to be influenced bysomething other than your own godself.The awareness of the energies words carry is a foundational concept for the new human. So it isfor you to simply be aware of the energies, feel them, trust yourself and know you need donothing about it. When you sense old energy manipulation, control, or agenda, simply be awareof it, breathe and love yourself enough to believe and follow your own voice. The discernmentis essential here, for words can be 'sugar coated' and if you stay upon the surface of a word only,all you will feel is the 'sugar' which feeds the old mind and causes it to feel good so that it believes what it is hearing is 'right'. Notice here the concept of 'right' - feel into 'right' - breathedeeply and be aware of the energies this word carries. It indeed carries energy of duality, for if there is a right there must be a wrong to balance. But you are indeed beyond this concept of right and wrong. You need no dualistic concepts to balance each other. You are your own balance - feel this. So the concept of right and wrong is another old energy concept the mindtries to hang on to. Simply breathe into it to get past the artificial sugar coating into the reality.Many words and concepts carry that coat of false 'sweetness' simply to appeal to the mind and toget it addicted, to keep it wanting more and more and more of this false 'feeling'. So if you findyourself 'wanting more' whatever it may be, whether it be information, money, relationships,there is most likely some 'sugar' involved. That 'sugar' will keep you coming back in order tocontinue the cycle of energy feeding. Its important to be aware of this sugar coating, for it trulywill keep the old energy mind it its delusional cycle. It is a trap of addiction, just because it feelsgood on the surface the mind hangs on to it, but just because it tastes good on the surface doesnot mean it goes all the way through. Many times there is pure bullshit under the sugar! Whenyou dissolve the sugar with your breath then you can see what it is covering, you can see theimbalance for what it is. There can be no true balance in duality, any seeming 'balance' induality is only a false balance. You have moved from the false to the true and that is why youare becoming aware of the false. Only when you are living and breathing in the light of your true balance and trust, and your love of Self will you really see the imbalance of duality.Your true balance will show up in your biology also, for it too is but a picture of your true

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