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Published by: api-52409267 on Nov 13, 2011
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Byron J. Walker
(born April 02, 1969) is an upcoming American inspirational writer, who is best known for writing short inspirational quotes through social media. Several pieces of Walkers work has been observed byinterested follows (domestic and international) on www.twitter.com, which is a social media website bringing artistsand entrepreneurs together by adding them onto his/her web-page. Celebrities including: Tarjari P. Henson(actress); Alicia Keys (musician); Bishop T.D Jakes (Founder of the Potters House-Dallas, Texas); Joseph Simmons“RevRunWisdom” (musician/ Rock & Roll Hall of Famer/ former rap artist: RUN DMC); Dave Anderson (Newsreporter CNN); Terry Norris (Former professional boxer-Middle -Weight Hall of Famer) also a native of Lubbock,Texas have all shown an interest involving Walker’s writing style.
Early life
Walker was born in Lubbock, Texas the son of the late Miree Walker, who was a retired U.S Postal employee, andthe late Doris Walker, who was nurse/ LVN before getting ill, and later she died in 1988 from breast cancer. Walker spent several summers at his grandparents’ houses; his Dads parents residing in Bryan, Texas (College Station), andhis mother’s home town located in Center, Texas. Center is fairly town approximately forty-miles North West of Shreveport, Louisiana. Byron Jerome Walker graduated high school in 1987 from Dunbar Struggs High Schoollocated in Lubbock, Texas. During Walker’s high school years, he was a champion sprinter excelling in the 100yard dash, 220 yard dash, and the 440 yard relay. Also, Walker performed in a show choir known as the “PanJammers” where he song as a lead solo singer for the group. Walker turned down many college scholarship offers intrack and field, as well as a music scholarship to join the armed forces instead.
Military Years
In 1991, Walker served in the United States Army, and completed a tour in Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Stormaiding NATO forces in the Persian Gulf in relief efforts to liberate the city of Kuwait from attacks brought on byIraq’s leader, during that era Saddam Hussein. Walker was promoted to Specialist E-4, and earned the ArmyCommendation Medal while serving in the Persian Gulf.
Walker, after completing nearly five years of military service in the United States Army and Army Reserve, hedecided to enter IRR (Individual Ready Reserve) in order to finalize eight years of service left on his contract.After his military years were completed Walker attended South Plains College located in Levelland, Texas to takecourses in electronics. He later transferred to Wayland Baptist University in Lubbock, Texas, to earn a degree(Bachelor of Business Administration) with a specialization in Management Information Systems (MIS). Inaddition, Walker has earned, which is reflected on transcript several hours of Theology, Physiology, and Sociologystudies at Wayland Baptist University.
Personal life
Walker after going through a divorce in 1994, and later on in 1999, another relationship ended with his significantother soon to be wife, due to reasons Walker described as no fault. However, during the fall of 2001, while takingsubstance abuse classes at a local hometown religious substance abuse meeting, Walker admitted to have beenindulged into heavy alcohol and substance abuse issues for years, and these were the major causes for his failedmarriages. Walker states his early military career was much into heavy alcohol abuse. After taking several hours of AA, and a few run- ins with law enforcement, Walker began finding a new resolution through the Salvation of JesusChrist. He often admits listening to sermons provided by Bishop T.D Jakes (The Potters House); through theinternet help put an end, to approximately 15 years involving substance abuse encounters.
Walking beyond Limitations
Motivational speaker, inspirational writer, and life coach aiding others to find aSpiritual replenished life. ~ Upcoming Author: Byron J. Walker 
Written by: Byron J. Walker 
There are several methods, regarding human behavior throughout a person’s life time.During early childhood it is common to beloved, by those, who teaches directresponsibility, early educational and personalgoals. Often times an individual can driftaway from the understanding of normal behavior, due to dramatical life experiences atany stage. Our human intellect can onlyadapt to cognitive behavior associated withhuman interest. In addition, human interest isnormally shown through “Theater” eventsassociated to daily living. Having fear is perhaps the most common catastrophic behavior pattern, because the human intellectway of thinking is based on learning how toIn other means of our human composition involve having a spiritual connection with a higher  power. The purpose of a spiritual connection creates a link between our thoughts, emotions, as wellas problem solving techniques. As humans we are definitely a light switch that needs a power source in order to turn on the lightening effects. A switch in our human composition involves achannel of problem solving skills. We are so far created in spiritual boundaries, as the stars thatlight up the heavens.survival?However, dealing with catastrophic behavior isn’t always easy to resolve, due to in somecases lack of mental stability, including effortsto spare personal resources from diminishingin an adequate time period.These sort of mental stabilities are associatedwith the right sphere of a human brain, whichcontrols memory, problem solving andflexibility. The left sphere of the human braininvolves accuracy and attention, whichinvolves making quick decisions.

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