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IGCSE Physics Worksheet-Measurement

IGCSE Physics Worksheet-Measurement

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Published by gdsuta
If you teaching or learning IGCSE Physics, hopefully this document will be useful for you. Thanks
If you teaching or learning IGCSE Physics, hopefully this document will be useful for you. Thanks

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Published by: gdsuta on Nov 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IGCSE Physics Worksheet by gdsuta
Understanding Physics
Attempt the following questions on your own
Phenomena & occurrence around us Field of study in physics
Car racing2.
Cooking in the kitchen3.
Rainbow in the sky4.
Shadow on the ground5.
Nuclear reactor and nuclear bomb6.
Light bulbs light up during night7.
Communication using mobile phone8.
Memory chip in computer
Base quantities and derived quantities
In learning Physics, we need to carry out investigations. We gather information throughobservations and taking measurements. We measure many types of physical quantities.A physical quantity is a quantity that can be _________. All physical quantities consist of anumerical __________ and a ______. Physical quantities can be classified in to two groups:1.
 _______________________________ 2. ____________________________
What isPhysics?
Physics is the study of the natural world around us-from the very large, suchas the universe, to the very small, such as the atom. Physics is the sciencethat deals with the ideas of _____________ and _______________.
 _________________Investigate the action of force and motion1.
 _________________Studies the influence of heat on different types of matter
Fields of study inPhysics
 _________________Explains the differentphenomena due to light6.
 _________________Understand the propertiesof different types of wavesand their uses5.
 _________________Investigates theinteractions of electric andmagnetic fields4.
 _________________Study of nuclear structureand their application
What arebasequantities?Base quantities
are quantities that cannot be __________________ in termsof other base quantities.
IGCSE Physics Worksheet by gdsuta
There are seven base quantities. Fill in the blank in table below for the seven base quantities.
Base quantities Name of base unit Symbol for unit
Length metre mMassTimeElectric currentTemperatureLuminous intensityAmount of substance mole molDetermine the derived unit for the following derived quantities.
Derived quantity Formula (mathematical relationship with otherquantities)Derived unit
area area = length × width m
volume volume = length × width × heightdensity density = mass/volumespeed speed = distance/time takenvelocity velocity = displacement/time takenmomentum momentum = mass × velocityacceleration acceleration = change in velocity/timeforce force = mass × accelerationpressure pressure = force/areaweight weight = mass × gravitational accelerationwork work = force × displacementpower power = work/timekinetic energy kinetic energy = ½ × mass × (velocity)
 gravitationalpotential energygravitational potential energy = mass × gravitationalacceleration × heightcharge charge = electric current × timevoltage voltage = work/chargeresistance resistance = voltage/current
Note that the physical quantities such as width, thickness, height, distance, displacement,perimeter, radius and diameter are equivalent to length.
Exercise 1
The extension of an elastic spring is directly proportional to the stretching force acting on it. Itcan be shown by the following formula.
where F = the elastic spring force (unit N); k = spring constant and
= the extension(unit m). Determine the unit of the spring constant.
What arederivedquantities?
Derived quantity is one which obtained by ___________ base quantities bymultiplication, division or both of these operations. Its unit is derived fromsimilar combination of the base units.
IGCSE Physics Worksheet by gdsuta
 Write the following quantities in standard form:a)
Radius of the Earth = 6,370,000 m = ___________b)
Mass of electron = 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 911 kg = ___________c)
Speed of light in vacuum = 300,000,000 m/s = ______________Fill in the blank of the table list of prefixes below:
Prefix Value Standard form
Tera 1,000,000,000,000Giga 1,000,000,000Mega 1,000,000Kilo 1,000Hecto 100Deca 10Deci 0.1Mili 0.01Micro 0.001Nano 0.000 000 001Pico 0.000 000 000 001
 Convert the following to standard form:a)
93 nm = _________ m c) 0.8 mg = ___________ kgb)
120 MJ = _________ J d) 59µs = _________s
 Convert the measurement into SI unit and in standard form:a)
Radio Caringin Frequency of radio wave is 101.4 MHz = ____________b)
Distance between the moon and the Earth is 383,000 km = ___________c)
Mass of the Earth is 60 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 g = _____________d)
The wavelength of a visible light is 0.00042 mm = ____________
 The Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person is measured by taking the mass of the person dividedby the square of his/her height. Use the information provided to work out the derived SI unitfor BMI.
Expressquantitiesusing standardform
The values of measurements which is either very large or very small arewritten in
standard form
so as to be neater, brief and easier to read.Standard form: A × 10
, 1 < A < 10 and n = integer
Expressquantitiesusing prefixes
Prefix is used to simplify the expression of very big or very smallnumerical values of physical quantities.

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