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Published by: api-3841500 on Oct 18, 2008
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Ans:-Delegates are Objects that you can use to call the methods of other objects.
They exist for situation in which you want to pass methods around to other
Tell me one scenario why u want to use delegates
Ans:-You have method that does something, and rather than working data, the

method might need to do something that involves invoking another method. You do not know at compile time what the second method is. That information is only available only at run-time and hence will need to passed in a a parameter to the first method.

1.Starting Thread: if you want to start new thread you have to supply it

with the details of where to start -in other words the Thread.Start() method has to take a parameter that defines the method to be involved by the thread.

2.General Class: say we want to write a process involves repeatedly taking

two of the objects in the array, and comparing them in order to see which one should come first. The client code will have to pass our class details of an appropriate method that can be called, which does the comparison

3.Events: In GUI programming if any event occurs we have to inform
windows or .NET run time which method should be called in response to a
If I want to get schema along with data to to the dataset what I
have to do
Ans:-There are three ways to create the schema
\ue000Run Time Schema Generation: FillSchema() or using MissingSchema
\ue000Hand Coded : Create Data table and add it to data set and fill with data
\ue000Use the XML schemas generator : create xml Schema ,and use XSD
tool to generate dataset with schems
xsd products.xsd /d
Which object supports DOM specification in .NET
Ans:-The XmlNodeand XmlNodeList classes meake up the core of the DOM
implementation in .NET
XmlEntity, XmlNotation are derived form Xml Node
XmlDeclaratin, XmlDocumentType, XmlElement, XmlEntityReferenceNode,
XmlProcessingInstruction are derived from XmlLinkedNode
There is another abstract class,XmlCharacterData that extends
XmlLinkedNOde and provides text manipulation methods for other classes
What is Binary formatter
Ans:-Enables you to serilize /Deserilize Object in to Binery Format
I am having one text box for date ,how can I validate date format
for text box. Date format will be supplied by client.
Ans:-Using CulterInfo we can format date, time, numbers. A culture is a set of
preferences based on a user\u2019s languae and cultureal conventions
I am having one <Asp: Button..> How can execute client side

validation for that ?
I don\u2019t want to use <asp:CustomValidator \u2026\u2026..ClientValidateFunction>
Ans:-Adding Html Attribute using Buttton.Attribute.Add and Using <script> tag

with out run at server
Tell me about Attribute
Ans:-Providing Extra information to the runtime about elements
Which event will execute first in Form_load and Form_PreRender
Tell me different types of Joins
Ans:-Joins can be specified on tables at a time using a column from each table as
connecting or join column
INNER JOINS: Inner joins connect two tables into a a third table that
includes only the rows that satisfy the join condition.Two common types
of inner joins are
1.Equi Join : is a join in which the cloumn values being compared are
equal. An equijoin produces redundant cloumn information because
the join colun join is desplayed twice.
2.Natural Joins: same as Equi join but join column will be displayed
CROSS JOINS: A cross or Unresticted Join produces a result set that includes
every combination of all the rows between the tables in the join
OUTER JOINS: An outer join allows you to restrict the rows in one table
while not restricting the rows in the other table. An outer join can only be
done between two tables.
1.Left Outer Join includes all rows from the first-named table (the
table ont the left of the expression
2.Right Outer Join includes all row from second\u2026right
3.Full Outer Join includes all non matching rows for both the left and
right side table
SELF JOINS: A self join Correlates rows of a table with other rows to that
same table.

What is Abstract Class
Ans:-A class that can not be instantiated but is used as a base class

What is Shared Members
Ans:-Shared members are common to all instances of a class, while instance

members can have different values for each class instance. Shared properties and fields are sometimes called class data. Properties and fields that have different values for each class instance are sometimes called instance data. Public Shared Function Create(ByVal Country As String) As Order


Can I call Static method from nonstatic method
Ans:-Yes You can

Can I call nonstatic method from static method
Ans:-No you can\u2019t acces non static members from static members

Can I install same version Assemblies on GAC Ans:-No. Assembly should be unique in name and version 16.

What\u2019 s the difference between Having and Where clause
Ans:-Where: to establish individual candidate rows
Having: to select Groups for display.

What is function pointer
Ans:-Function pointer is a pointer which holds addresses of the method

which keyword u r going to use for abstract class in vb.net

what are the validation controls
alidator, CusotmValidator,ValidationSummary

what is data set
Ans:-Which provided an in-memory relational representaion of data

what is data reader
Ans:-Provide a forward-only ,readonly stream of data from a data source

what is data adapter
Ans:-Which provides bridge between data set and data source

difference between VB and VB.NET
Ans:-The new edition of the Visual Basic development system has significant

improvements. New concepts like full object orientation, structured exception handling, delegates, and events. This new version of Visual Basic does not just add new features. Mainly because of the integration into the .NET Framework, some changes became necessary in addition to a long-expected review and redesign of certain inconsistencies and irregularities within the language.

what\u2019s meant by ENABLE VEIWSTATE
Ans:-By enabling View State the standard asp.net controls preserve their state in
hidden span element

what\u2019s the default argument passing in vb.net
Ans:-BY Val

what is Data Grid
Ans:-DataGrid is a Data Bound control which supports sorting,Paging evey thing
u expect from a databound control.

compilation process in .Net
Ans:-Source Code -> MSIL -> Native Code

What is the difference between casting and System.Convert
Ans:-Casting never changes the it\u2019s type where as Convert will change the type
Satellite assemblies
Ans:-Satellite assemblies are assembly files (.dll) that contain localized resources

for an application. Each satellite assembly file contains the resources for one culture. An application can have many satellite assemblies, depending on how many cultures the application supports.


What\u2019s the order of Page events from Page_init to Page_Unload
Ans:-Page_init, ,Page_load,page_prerender,Page_unload

You Developed a portal for different countries. Fot that u included resource filse. Not yet developed for all the countries. After deployment you have to change which is the place to put the Resource files

Ans:-Satelite Assemblies

Can I inherit from a Webform?

<Asp:Button id=\u201dbutton\u201d OnClick=\u201dfn\u201d> what will be the error?
Ans:-Compilation Error <runAt=\u201dserver\u201d> should be present

A Custom Control should Override_________?

When each control is added using VS.NET what will be added to

Webform Class?
Ans:-A Protected Class Member

What is the webfarm?
Ans:-A Web application running on multiple servers is called a Web farm
A Web application running on a single server that has multiple CPUs is called a
Web garden.

How do you maintain State in ASP.NET
Ans:-Using ViewState, Session, Application, XML,Database

If Web Application is deployed Web farm then how do you

maintain ViewState
Ans:-Using Database or XML file

How do u edit data in Data Grid ?

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