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Published by api-3841500

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Published by: api-3841500 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Real Qns

What is CLR? What services does it provides?
Library which provides service to the .Net complaint language. Debugging,
Tracing, Garbage Collection are some of the services provided by CLR.

What is a Namespace?

Its a way of uniquely identifying a type
What is Assembly? Its the simplest form of deployable component
What is the difference between Dataset and Datareader?

Disconnected, in-memory respresetation of data is Dataset. Read-Only,
Forward-only recordset is Datareader.
When will you use Dataset? When you want to update data or need

disconnected data.
How will you read XML using Dataset?Use ReadXML method of Dataset object
When you want to read single value from Database, which is the best way to

do that?

Use ExecuteScalar method of Command Object
What is IL?Intermediate language.
Name some of the namespaces you used in your Project?
How will you Raise your own error in ASP.Net?

Use Class ApplicationError
What is the advantage of .Net over COM or Classic ASP?
What is the difference you found between VB and VB.Net?
Discuss about Variable types now common among all the .Net languages,

More structured debugging, Garbage Collector, ByVal as default, ADO.Net, InHeritance, Overloading, Multiple version of COM can Co-Exists and easy registration of COM.

What is a Delegate? This is a Class provided by CLR using which we can

handle Events.
What is a ViewState? Machanism to make the Internet StateFull.
What methods are available to maintain SessionState in .Net?

in-Process, Out-of-Process(ServerState) and Sqlserver. You can also switch off
How will you invoke a Client Side Javascript function from .Net server

How will you make the ASP.Net page to submit to a different page than itself?
How will you make an update to the Dataset?

Using Command Builder object or set the UpdateCommand.CommandText

How will you implement Paging in ASP.Net?
Using DataGrid control to do that.

Is it possible to include DropDown or CheckBox control in DataGrid Control?
Yes it is.

Explain Validation control you used in your project?
Explain types of Cache machanism available in .Net? The Whole Page,
VaryBYParm, VaryByControl, QueryString,Dataset
How many languages are supported by .Net?
What is ASP.Net?
What is COM?
What is .Net Framework?
How does the GC works?


What Libraries have you used in .Net?
What is a delegate?
What library is used for using Tranaction?

What is the difference between Dll and Exe?
What layer is used to support Exe Marshalling?

Difference between Dll and EXE
What is Multi Threading? What are the Models available?
How to debug a COM component from ASP page?
What kind of errors do you expect when you compile your COM?
You get Type mismatch error when you assign a String variable

to a Function which accepts String argument. Why?
6) When do you break compatibility?
7) Which of the data tranporter do you prefer when designing COM?

What is event bubbling?
How to find browser capability?
Sql Server

What tool have you used for Database design?
What is Normalization?
When will you DeNormalize?
What is manu-to-many relationship in a table?
What are Indexes?
What is a View? How will you persist the data in a View?
Is there a way to Isolate a transaction?
Different kinds of Locks?
Different kinds of triggers?
When will you use scheduling of Jobs? How to do that?
Is it possible to send Email from your Database Server?How to do


How do you create a temp table?
How to handle errors in Stored Procedure?
How to print values from TSql?

OracleHow to Print values in Oracle PL/Sql?
How will you handle errors in PL/Sql?

What objects(Intrensic) have you used?
How do you create instance of a COM in Scripting language?
How to find out no of Instances of an Object?


How will you create Muliple Websites on IIS with single IP Address?
What is SSL?
What Scripting languages have you used?How would you choose your
scripting language for Server and Client?
How will you upload a file to server?
Methods of sending mails from ASP page?
What is your prefered method of persisting data in ASP?
How will you handle error in ASP page?


What are the differnt types of Objects available in ASP? Explain in
breif?Request,Response,Application,Session, Object_Context, Server
How is Session state maintained in ASP?Cookies or Database.
How are transactions controlled from ASP Pages?MTS Object_Context.
What is the advantage of using COM in ASP?Performance and Reuseablity.
What is XML? Is XML supported from ASP Pages?
What are the new features in IIS 5.0 and ASP3.0?
What is a Cookie? File stored in User Machine to enable session state.
How to set the Expiration date for
What is connection Pooling in context with ASP? Reusing Database
What is a Global.asa file? How many asa files can be created?Global file used
for enabling Session and Application level setting. One file for each
Where should the asa file be created?Root Dir
Is Global.asa file mandatory?No
How to create Virtual directory in IIS?
How should you set the default web page for your ASP Application?
How to create Web Application from VInterdev?
How can error be handled from ASP pages?Resume Next
Is there any enhancement in ASP3 for Error Handling?Yes
What is the default language for ASP pages?VBScript
What is Buffer Property used for?
What component is used for handling Data Access from ASP pages?adodb
What component is used for File Handling from ASP pages?FSO
What security features are available in IIS 5.0 ?
How do you call a Stored Procedure from ASP pages?command Object(ado)
How will you allow the user to Page (Paging) through your ASP
Application?adoRS or XML
How will you Set the User Preferences for your ASP Application?Session or
What component is used for sending and receving XML headers?XMLHttp
How will you create and Use COM from ASP?Object Context and Createobject

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