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Pulse of Industry_2010

Pulse of Industry_2010

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Published by AdvaMedLCI

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Published by: AdvaMedLCI on Nov 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pulse of the industry
Medical technology report 2010
tc ovto s ot b rv by trtv cs to xst tcoos.As  rsut, t ustry’s busss o s trtoy r o vtur c,prctb rutory  rburst ptwys, rur pysc trcto  sybotc &A vrot btw r  stbs cops. Toy, tcovrc o svr trs  swp rors s pc trous str otc’s o-st busss o  w utty orc t ustry to ovtt wy t coucts busss.rst & ou’s tr u
Pulse of the industry
rport ocuss o ts cs.I two routbs — o o ovto  t otr o c  &As — s ws  srs o ust rtcs, ustry vtrs scuss t ost portt ssus ct ustry. ur
trouctory rtc provs  t ovrvw o t y trs pctos, s w s so u prcps or cops   wt tscs. As wys, our rport cots xtsv t o t c, c trscto ctvty o t US  urop ustry, but ts yr t scop s bbro to cu sts o svr y As-Pcc rts trou  ovrvwrtc   routb o C.y o t sy sprt trs ow oo bor t tc ustry — rocoprtv ctvss rsrc to t cosoto o ospt purcs csos cs o t rutory  rburst rots — r  ct syptotc o or ut st: t rc o  “t outcos cosyst.” Ts s  wor wc rs w o or b rwr bs o ow y uts o  prouct ty s,but rtr o tr bty to vr t outcos — .., prov ptt t ccss — w crs cost to t syst.W ts w uoubty br cs, t t outcos cosyst — wcs b b by t trscto o t cr  orto tcooy — s,tutvy,  tc’s swt spot. Cops  svr xst tc stscou s trous rowt opportuts bcus o tr bty to prov toutcos — ro b prsoz c to  ru vry or trt ctv. v or xct, w r y to s try w prouct  srvcors r tt us c tcooy  crtv wys to powr ptts rss t s o pyors  provrs. But to us ts pott, cops w to ovt t procss o ovto — xprt wt pot prors prtr wt o-trto pyrs. rst & ou’s worw orzto stsry to p you s you vt your wy orwr.
Ernst & Young
Global Life Sciences Center
To our clients and friends,

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