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World Atlas Collapsed [STORY]

World Atlas Collapsed [STORY]

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Published by Kieran James Hole

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Published by: Kieran James Hole on Nov 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is set in a fictional world, so that's why you may think to yourself that half of these names of places and people are completely ridiculous, because, let's face it, they are. That's what I liked doing though, that's the way Ilike writing stories. I like it to be obscure. Anyway I hope you enjoy my story,any feedback would be great. Okay, thanks, bye!~ Kieran James Hole, author World Atlas CollapsedChapter oneUtter confusionIt was a mid-Autumn day, I was fast asleep, like the general teenage boy, Iloved my sleep. My brother Thomas, known by most simply as Thom, was playing in the garden. My Mother was making bread. My father was at work, but judging the time he should be home soon. I rolled over and sighed. Thatsmell, that elegance, I couldn't stand it any longer. I sat up in my bed, andlooked around, before I got some of my Mother's famous bread, I should putsome clothes on. So I did exactly that, and I headed downstairs.“Nero is that you?” My Mother asked.“Yeah, can I have some bread?”“Nero, you're fifteen now, say 'please'.” She growled.That was the annoying thing about my Mother, she was always teachingme how to be polite, I don't need to know, I say to her, but she says I'm gonnalive in the city and be a chancellor for the King. Don't be ridiculous, I'm gonnafollow my friend Valsander! Captain Valsander, to be correct.Valsander was a Pirate captain that was born in the village, he had longstraight red hair, and he wears and long dark waist coat with dark bottoms on,he wore brown boots and his black Pirate cap to every occasion, he and hiscrew only come back to the village every seven months, he never told me whyseven months though. Whenever he comes back he says hi to me and Thom,then he goes off to the bar with my Dad, then me and Thom hang around on the boat with the crew for the week, they know me and Thom quite well. Valsandealso teaches me a little bit of sword play, I always ask my Dad to show me, buthe says no because he's too busy with work, so I ask if I can go with Valsander, but they both say it's too dangerous, and that I should just be a chancellor, I'mnot even smart enough to be a damn chancellor, plus isn't the King againstPiracy? I don't wanna have to fight Valsander.I had always wondered why my Dad and Valsander got on so well, beforeThom was born I would always be talking about the great Valsander, eventhough he was only 13 at the time, he was the youngest Pirate Captain there's
 been. I later found out that my Dad was an ex-pirate. He left the crew to staywith me, because I was only one when my Dad left the crew, of courseValsander wasn't a captain then, but Valsander joined the crew as an orphan, ashis parents were killed, the captain at the time was Advin, Advin was a dark man who rarely left his quarters, I didn't much like him so I never understoodwhy my Dad had such a bond to him. Advin died, in the end. I guess he gottoo old, but in his will he listed Valsander to be captain, that was eight yearsago. Anyway,“Whatever Ma, I'm gonna go see if Dad's back yet.”“Don't talk to me in that tone of voice either young man! I'll be tellingyour father about this!”“Fantastic...” I said in a sarcastic tone of voice, I walked out in the gardento take a look at the village. It was the last time I would have ever have evenseen the village in all its glory, but still. There was about eight houses in thevillage, including mine. Opposite my house was an old ladies home, and nextto her house was the small path to the farm. Next to my house was the fishmonger, seeing as my house was literally right on the dock of the village, wehad a great supply of fish for everyone. There was an armory near the farm, butyou had to be eighteen to go in, and I wasn't eighteen so I'd never gone inside.From what I heard whenever my Dad and Valsander spoke, was that the armorywas in fact terrible. The blacksmith their was also an ex-pirate who hated it,and Valsander and my Dad used to always make fun of him about howappalling he was. He wasn't a great fan of the village, and he was planning toleave. There was also a farm shop where the bread and meat was obviouslysold, so it was a nice little village. Everyone knew each other too which wasnice, except for me of course. Our family was almost frowned apon because Iwas the town 'stroppy teenager'. There was no one else my age in the town, theclosest was a girl who was the farmers daughter, and she was nineteen. I had nointention of talking to her anyway. The entire village looked roughly the same,they were built with wooden planks in all the corners and around the base androof line, until the the inside of that wooden area was filled with cobble stone, besides from the wood panels for windows. The roof was made of cobblestone besides from the hay that was stuck together to form the foundation. It was asnug little village, and every home had a small garden. In my garden at this point, I could see my brother, Thom, playing with rocks, with a child of aboutthe same age.“For Gods sake Thom, you're ten years old, why are you playing withrocks?” I asked, in an angry, critical sort of way.“Fan said they were good!” He replied, rather offended.“Fan? This kids name is FAN?” I giggled at the boys name, but not for too long as I saw a boat in the distance, then I remembered that this was the endof the seventh months, and that Valsander would be returning soon! I ran back 
inside and began to jump around because I'd see my good friend Valsander again! Eventually, I got myself worn out, as I often do when I get excited, and Idecided to take a nap, which, to be honest, may have been the worst, yet best,decision of my life.I heard a loud thud and I sat up from my bed, in front of me was Thom,sitting on his bed, (we shared a room, did I not mention that?) with blood onhim, rocking back and forth.“Thom! Why are you covered in blood?” I asked. He just looked at mein the eyes, he had tears streaming down his face, and he didn't say anything, Igot out of my bed altogether and walked towards him.“Thom, what's going-” but I couldn't finish my sentence. My Dad bargedin the room with a big axe, it had blood or it's blade. My Dad put the axe downand pushed the wardrobe in front of the door, he had blood splattered on hisshirt.“Dad, just what the hell is going on?!” I shouted.“Don't you talk like that to me! Sit down, and shut the hell up!”Thom began to cry full tears, I sat down beside him and hugged him, hehugged me back straight away, I had no idea what was going on but it wasdeathly serious.“Shut the hell up Thom! I can't goddam concentrate!” Our Dad shouted,“Don't talk to him like that! He's 10 goddam years old!” Suddenly, myDad slapped me and I fell to the ground, I was barely awake, and everythingwas blurry, I heard the door boom open, and I saw some faint figures stroll inwith guns and swords, I heard Thom crying very vividly now, I saw him runover to the end of the room, and I saw my Dad's big bulky figure get pushed back, until I heard and gun shot, and the figure collapsed, when that happened Iheard Thom scream incredibly loud, and they walked up to him, I was nearlycompletely out, but I kind of remember someone saying,“What about this kid on the floor?”“Look, he's got blood on his face, I reckon he's already dead.”Then laughing. I heard another smack and saw the blurs walk out with aknocked out Thom on one of their backs, then, I blacked out completely.“Nero? NERO!” I heard a voice.My face was hurting a lot, I couldn't recall what had previously happened.“Nero, buddy old pal, are you there?”“Ugh...”I replied. I think I was trying to say 'here'.“Nero, thank God you're okay! I didn't want them to have killed youtoo!”It was when I heard the words 'killed you too' that I regained my memory,I sat up and realized I was on my bed, I opened my eyes, and had a blisteringhead ache.In front of me, was Valsander.

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