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Complaint RICO Case Against JP Morgan-Chase – LINDA ZIMMERMAN V JPMORGAN CHASE BANK NA Foreclosure Fraud - Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the Knowledge

Complaint RICO Case Against JP Morgan-Chase – LINDA ZIMMERMAN V JPMORGAN CHASE BANK NA Foreclosure Fraud - Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the Knowledge

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Published by freddiefletcher2483

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Published by: freddiefletcher2483 on Nov 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Complaint  RICO Case Against JP Morgan/Chase – LINDA ZIMMERMAN V JPMORGANCHASE BANK NA  Foreclosure Fraud - Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing theKnowledge .al2fb_widget_comments { } .al2fb_widget_comments li { }.al2fb_widget_picture { width: 32px; height: 32px; } .al2fb_widget_name { }.al2fb_widget_comment { } .al2fb_widget_date { font-size: smaller; } #header h1 a, #header h1 a:visited { background:url(http://4closurefraud.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/headerREBUILTalt.jpg)no-repeat top; } #header h1 a span { text-indent: -1000em !important; } /*<![CDATA[ */ var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); $j(document).ready(function() {$j('ul.ot-menu').superfish(); }); /* ]]> */Foreclosure Fraud – Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the KnowledgeHomeAboutContactDepositionsJudicial ForeclosureMessage BoardRadio Show StreamResourcesSecuritizationVideosComplaint  RICO Case Against JP Morgan/Chase – LINDA ZIMMERMAN V JPMORGAN CHASEBANK NAPosted by 4closureFraud on September 5, 2011 · 30 CommentsHere it is all… THIRTY-TWO PLAINTIFFS FILE RICO ACTION AGAINST JPMORGAN CHASE BANK AND CHASEHOME FINANCE Thirty-two Plaintiffs have filed a multi-count Complaint in the Circuit Courtfor Palm Beach County, Florida against JPMorgan Chase Bank and Chase HomeFinance, LLC. The Plaintiffs retained Jeff Barnes, Esq., whose Firm, W. J.Barnes, P.A., filed the action last Friday. The 29-page Complaint alleges several causes of action including violations ofthe Florida RICO Act, and requests temporary and permanent injunctive relief ona national level to halt all Chase-related foreclosure activity in the eight (8) 
separate states in which the Plaintiffs reside. The Complaint alleges a patternof criminal activity on the part of JPMorgan Chase Bank and Chase Home Financein connection with the institution of both judicial and non-judicialforeclosures, including but not limited to the filing and recording, in thepublic records, of forged and fraudulent documents; fraudulent collectionactivities; intentional misuse of the MERS system; and the intentionalmisrepresentation, in foreclosures across the United States, that Chase is the“successor in interest” to Washington Mutual Bank when in fact Chase itself hasaffirmatively represented, in multiple Federal court filings in differentstates, that it is NOT the successor in interest to WaMu, and only purchasedcertain defined assets and liabilities from the FDIC as Receiver for WaMu. Counts from the complaint. COUNT I: COMMON LAW FRAUD COUNT II: CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD COUNT III: VIOLATIONS OF FLORIDA CIVIL REMEDIES FOR CRIMINALPRACTICES ACT (FLORIDA RICO ACT) COUNT IV: TEMPORARY AND PERMANENT INJUNCTIVE RELIEF This should get interesting… Full complaint below… Enjoy! ~ 4closureFraud.org ~ LINDA ZIMMERMAN V JPMORGAN CHASE BANK NA View this document on ScribdSubscribe to this author's posts feed via RSS<!-- google_ad_client ="ca-pub-8419506354673526"; /* bottom */ google_ad_slot = "9004814053";google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; //-->Related posts:“Here It Comes” (RICO Case Against JP Morgan/Chase) LINDA ZIMMERMAN V JPMORGANCHASE BANK NACase Unsealed  IRVING H. PICARD, Trustee for the Liquidation of Bernard L.Madoff Investment Securities LLC, Plaintiff, v. JPMORGAN CHASE & CO., JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., J.P. MORGAN SECURITIES LLC, and J.P. MORGAN SECURITIES LTD
Dianna Montez v Chase Home Finance and JPMorgan Chase  Keller RohrbackL.L.P. Announces Class Action ComplaintJP Morgan Chase v US Dept of Treasury COMPLAINT FOR STRICT FORECLOSUREFull Deposition of Angela Nolan Robo Signer at Chase Home Finance –Foreclosure Fraud on Record – DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, AS TRUSTEEFOR JPMAC 2007-CH5 – J.P. MORGAN CHASE BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff,VERSUS ROBERT H. OBRIEN CASE NO. 50 2008 CA 018964XXXX MB Filed under bankruptcy, cdo, cds, Corruption, Fannie Mae, foreclosure,Foreclosure Fraud, Foreclosuregate, freddie mac, Front Page, MERS, mortgageelectronic registration system, Mortgage Fraud, securities fraud← Cease and Desist  Michele Fege and Robert Tolomer are NOT Robosigners whenSigning on Behalf of FDICPB Post  Florida Legislature Trying to Bust Foreclosure Backlog – Again – TheFlorida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act →Comments30 Responses to “Complaint  RICO Case Against JP Morgan/Chase – LINDA ZIMMERMANV JPMORGAN CHASE BANK NA”CaitlinO says:September 6, 2011 at 12:15 PMHere was a post put up at Naked Capitalism regarding the State AttorneyGeneral agreement. I chimed in with a smiliar question/comment. Any legal eagles know the answer to our questions? Cheyenne says:September 6, 2011 at 6:57 am Here
’s what I never got about any settlement that can be reached between stateAGs and robo-signing banks. Let’s say a pro-bank settlement is reached tomorrow. And that on Friday, B ofA submits robo-signed papers in a foreclosure lawsuit in state courtsomewhere, and the homeowner contests BAC’s standing on grounds that its proofof legal injury is a nullity and was indeed forged. Would BAC actually point to the broad settlement in its effort to litigate the foreclosure issue? If so, wouldn’t the homeowner argue that “I wasn’t a partyto the settlement and thus waived no legal claim”? And wouldn’t the courtpoint out that the settlement is neither stare decisis nor legislation andthus at best non-binding authority? What exactly would the scope of any settlement be? Sorry for soundingignorant, but it just doesn’t seem possible for state AGs, however inept orcorrupt, to sweep the banks’ real monster under the rug. And that doesn’t evenget to the question of whether every prior foreclosure judgment hinged onrobo-signed documents is altogether void, since standing is a jurisdictionalissue…

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