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Making the Most of Halloween in English

Making the Most of Halloween in English

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Published by api-3710393

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Published by: api-3710393 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Making the most of Halloween in English

Do you love a good fright? Then Halloween is the holiday for you! This eerie festivity is observed in America and Europe on October 31. You can share in the fun by learning some Halloween English lingo and customs. These hair- raising Halloween treats are sure to spook you!

1. The Halloween celebration comes from All Hallows Day or All Saints Day, the 1st of November. This was originally a pagan festival of the dead, but later became a holiday to honor Christian saints.

2. The nameHallow een comes from a contraction of All Hallows Eve
(Evening), the day before All Hallows Day. On this night it was believed that
the spirits of the dead would try to come back to life!

3. Dressing up in costumes is one of the most popular Halloween customs,
especially among children. According to tradition, people would dress up in
costumes (wear special clothing, masks or disguises) to frighten the spirits

4. Popular Halloween costumes includeva mp ires (creatures that drink
blood),ghosts (spirits of the dead) andw erew ol ves (people that turn into
wolves when the moon is full).

5. Trick or Treating is a modern Halloween custom where children go from house to house dressed in costume, asking fortreats like candy or toys. If they don't get anytreats, they might play atrick (mischief or prank) on the owners of the house.

6. The tradition of the Jack o' Lantern comes from a folktale about a man
named Jack who tricked the devil and had to wander the Earth with a lantern.
The Jack o' Lantern is made by placing a candle inside a hollowed-out
pumpkin, which is carved to look like a face.

7. There are many othersuperstitio ns associated with Halloween. A
superstition is an irrational idea, like believing that the number 13 is unlucky!

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