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Published by api-3842590

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Published by: api-3842590 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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name: dsurion
age: 24
class: elder magi (only mistakenly referred to as a 'dark mage')
gender: male
build: sickly thin; height of around 6 feet tall
hair: long brown hair, would about halfway down his back were it visible through his clothing
eyes: hazel
other distinctive features: one eye that has a red glow to it

topaz chest ring - a bent jewel fit for a part of the shoulders, somewhat of a v-shape for the chest,
the same on the back
robe of a dark lord - a simple hooded black robe except for the symbol on the front that looks sort
of like an intermingled triangle and a 'y', the hood covers the face almost entirely, but his glowing
red eye shines through; the robe makes dsurion appear more broad and large than he is
emperor's black cape - royalty-looking black cape attached by shoulder pads that slightly just off
the shoulders, ragged at the bottom from use
staff of souls - a golden staff with a jet-black and dark violet colored orb on the tip adorned by 4
spikes; steals opponents' soul to convert to energy
vampyric rapier - a magenta colored blade, brass-brown handle; drains life energy into the
wielder upon piercing
elder magic - again, called dark magic, but is a negative product of light magic. comes from the
darkness in a person, takes energy from them and converts it to pure energy. many various forms
of spellstsor wen jow: a slow-moving ball of revolving black energy, a basic spell of explosion
upon contact; works on living and nonliving
fel ser reol: a darkness spell that makes it's target implode on contact; will pass through
living beings without reaction
*character's name* auriole: a spell that fires multiple bolts of energy, power level based
on the named person, not all names can be used-and all names react
differently so that the
caster must have full understanding of the spell before naming random people
daersroppen: levitation spell that cannot raise the object higher than twenty feet
binding spells - paralyzation of prey, sealing things magically(ie. barriers and such)
altered elemental spells - elder magic infused spells, specifically lightning and ice
fithren: conjures an icicle the size of a sword to the air, slightly above the hand casted
from to allow the direction to be changed, can be fired as a projectile or wielded as a weapon
illusory arts - illusions...as the name states
alchemy - as in potions and herbs, not the famed greek alchemy(i'm trying to say, not the kind of
thing on fullmetal alchemist)
personality: usually a cryptic mood, will be extremely kind at times, prefers own company
background: dsurion is not his birth-given name, to start out. originally, he was called henry, who

was an ordinary son of a farmer until his 11th birthday. on this very date, a wounded elder mage
came upon henry's home. now being the kind person he was, henry tended to the man's wounds;
but in a secret compartment in the storage shed, as his parents despised magic and its users.
when this elder mage regained his strength, he began teaching henry some of the lesser elder
arts, at which point his name was told: zarmine. henry learned the skills all to quickly; both he and
zarmine realized realized this talent for magic. but along with this ability came a great price, all
spells he cast drained life force from all of his surroundings(including humans), as well as the
normal reaction of draining his own strength. when zarmine had fully recovered, he requested
that henry come with to his home in the mountains to further his training. henry had to decline for

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