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The Nightmare Brothers

The Nightmare Brothers

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Published by api-3842590

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Published by: api-3842590 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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name: severinus
age: 17
class: escape artist
gender: male
build: skinny, with great strength that does not suit appearance; height of 5' 6"
hair: short curly black hair; unclean facial haircut
eyes: brown, deep eyes
other distinctive features: a scar in the shape of a number 1 on the back of the neck

clothing/armor: varies with job, though when not on a job, normal cotton or leather clothing like
that of a wealthy noble's peasant
weapons: leather whip; chain; rope (sword whip?)
abilities: illusory arts; escaping impossible situations (sealed boxes, tied ropes, etc.); body-shape
other abilities: fast climbing on any surface (ropes, mountains, ladders, etc.); expert gambler,
mainly the game of dice
basic personality: does most work for jobs, takes more from payoff; likes to torment foes' minds;
heeds no one's words but those of julius; dislikes nobles and authority with a passion; enjoys
testing his limits

name: julius
age: 17
class: puppet master
gender: male
build: slightly above average weight with average muscular ability; height of 5' 7"
hair: blonde hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, well groomed
eyes: dark blue dazed-looking eyes
other distinctive features: a scar in the shape of a number 0 on the back of the neck

clothing/armor: chain mail; iron bracers; leather boots with iron bottoms; flat-topped straw hat
weapons: various puppetry, any of small, circular weapons on a string
abilities: telekenesis; hypnosis; short-term mind control (up to 30 minutes per 4 hours)
other abilities: con-artist acting; cooks well enough for edible food; sees well in places with little-

to-no light
basic personality: finds jobs to do, backs his brother to take out enemies in emergencies; likes
to kill foes quickly; heeds no one's words but those of severinus; dislikes nobles and authority
with a passion; enjoys quiet reading
background: julius and severinus were not born naturally. an experimenting wizard skilled in the

arts of necromancy and conjuring was attempting to see if she could combine the two to remake
life. the process was very basic, revive a fallen body, conjure a soul suitable to the body, and
attach it accordingly. however, there were very logical complications.

if she were to raise a body too old, the soul might reject the body, and vice versa. if she
brought a soul too young for the body, it would be troublesome to raise it, such as a child in an
aged body. she searched far and wide through battles (and scavenged them for funds or items to

be sold as well) and struck many deals with shamans to find souls, and after a few years of
searching, she finally found a match, two in the same place. however, necomancers were banned
from practice in the city she'd come upon.

the crafty mage saw oportunity in this though, to get away without a trace. it was another
simple matter, to perform long-distance body recovery. so she went to the nearest abandoned
home and began the process. of course, longer distance required more energy and preparation,
so she started in the day, to make certain the spell would happen at night. it worked flawlessly,
but the gravetender saw everything, obviously not according to her plan.

he reported the crime, and the residents of the city, who were unbound by any king or
queen, met to figure out what to do. they decided to form a militia to try and slay the unholy thing
naturally. a smith forged weapons for them, a local mercenary trained them as best as he could in
a few days' time, and a town watch was formed to search the city to find the source in that time.
the district where the mage was hiding was the place they were to search for next.

as the stench of an old, decaying corpse grew evident, they found where she was hiding
quite easily. she had planned ahead however. the one body she raised was a dummy, but a
strong body nonetheless, and it fought off the people with ease.

she ran to the outer boundaries of the city with her new guard, and snuck back around
close to the graves. she crept in to the tender's watch building, undead ally following, and
ambushed him. he was no one of unarmed fighting skill, so she dispatched of him quite easily,
and worked in the night to get the two perfect bodies, those of babies, that she wanted. the mage
left a note of apology to the people, along with a large sum of money to cover for losses, and took
her leave.

before returning home, she consulted with a friend, another necromancer who also
studied in the arts of healing and preservation to act as a cleric for his people, who also
happened to use the bodies of those he could not treat for his own experiments. when she told of
what she wanted to do, he eagerly agreed to do what he could to help.

he accompanied her in her travels back to her home, when resettled, they began
immediately. as the woman started the process of summoning young enough souls, the man
began magically restoring the bodies to their original states. when both mages were finished their
preparations, they began the process of attaching the souls to the bodies. it worked with no
complications. two young, almost normal children were reborn, only a holy resurrection could've
gone better. the two were raised as brothers, and, as they were still corpses, the male mage
stayed to continue using restorations to return the bodies to normal health. the woman branded
the child she was to raise with a number zero, and the male the same with the number one for
his. the man found physical fitness just as important as keeping the mind bright, so he raised his
boy as such, and gave him the name severinus. the woman believed that proper magical study
and practice made for sufficient bodily training, and named her boy julius.

they raised them as normal children, as their own. the two gained a strong bond and did
almost everything but training and learning together. julius had a natural ability to flex his body in
unusual shapes, so the male mage made use of that, and taught severinus many ways to escape
things like rope-ties, cages, and other restrictions, as well as illusions. his logic was that if one
were to be caught to be bound by these things, one would need a plan of getting away
unscathed. julius showed interest in learning and so was taught more magic than severinus.
though before he was able to do so, he picked up on a few basic cooking skills he watched the
woman do. julius acceled quickly in his quest for knowledge. he had the likeness of an older
brother, and delighted in making severinus do things for him. the woman picked up on this and
showed him a form of hypnosis at first, then actual mind control. as both of these abilities are very
taxing, she also showed him telekenesis, to manipulate not just people but objects as well.

severinus eventually began to take rope escape to another extreme and learned on his
own to use items like it as weaponry, and around the same time, julius began using his
telekenesis on puppets of all sorts. more arts they both grew very skilled at. they practiced these
things on each other, as a contest to see how well they were doing, and to get a real idea of how
to use their abilities properly.

they continued to do so until both of them were approximately the age of fifteen, when the
family of the slain people of the village the woman had looted the bodies from marched on her
home. there were five of them, seen from a distance, carrying a variety of weapons. ordinarily,

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