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Published by api-3782298

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Published by: api-3782298 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The faint flickering gleam of fourteen little Candles shines
forth into the world, bringing to a vast number of people some
of the Light of astral knowledge.

The Sunlight is waning. Coming fast is the end of Day.
The Darkness of communism; is by stealth and treachery en-
gulling the world faster and faster.

Soon the Light of Freedom will be extinguished for a time while Mankind ponders opportunities lost, and regrets warn- ings unheeded.

But even in the darkest hour there shall be the gleams of
little Candles, bringing hope to a stricken world. The darkest
hour is before the dawn, and that hour is not yet.

The gloom and despondency of evil men usurping power
shall be lessened by the knowledge that all suffering shall
eventually pass, and the Sunlight shall shine again.

Candlelight may bring illumination to some, hope to others. Sunlight gives way to darkness, darkness gives way to Sun\u2014 light, but even in the deepest dark a Candle may show the

Wa y.

\u2018You are old, Father Rampa,\u2019 the Young Man exclaimed,
\u2018And the Press for too long have you defamed.
The Candles you lit gleam both near and afar
Sending out light like a welcoming Star.
\u2018You are old, Father Rampa,\u2019 the Young Man said.
\u2018Put aside your typing, it\u2019s time that you died.
Your life has been hard and your experiences grim,
But the Candles you lit will never grow dim!\u2019
\u2018You are old, Father Rampa,\u2019 the Young Man said.
\u2018Your Candles will flame long after you\u2019re dead.
The Truths you have taught will enrich our way,
The hardships you suffered; was it too much m pay?\u2019
Freed from suffering, freed from sorrow,
Freed from worries about \u2018tomorrow\u2019,
Freed from the toils of this bad Earth,
Freed from the circle of \u2018endless\u2019 re-birth,
Your life-flame flickers and ends one day,
But the Candles you lit will show us the Way!
(with apologies to all and everyone who merits an apology!)


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