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Reuben Swinburne Clymer - Soul Consciousness

Reuben Swinburne Clymer - Soul Consciousness



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Published by Mario Dias

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Published by: Mario Dias on Nov 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Soul Consciousness © 1955
 An interpretation o the eachings and the Way o Lieollowed by all Master Initiates o the Authentic Secret Schoolssince the time o Egypt.Prepared or those seeking to become Brethern o Light andMembers o the New Order o the Ages.
Rev. R. Swinburne Clymer, M.D.
Director General: Church o Illumination, Supreme GrandMaster o the International Conederation o Initiates, SupremeGrand Master o the Merged Occult FraternitiesComprising:CONENSIntroduction1. Te Christos - Te Christ2. Te Divine In Man3. Spiritual Development4. Formology 5. Love6. Osiris, the Christ and Other Sons o God7. Vocation and Development8. Te Science o Well-Being9. Healing10. Prayer and the Great Secrecy o the Christian Religion11. Te Church12. Te Ancient Church and the Prophesied New Order o the AgesIn Passing
e Priesthood of Æth • e Rosicrucian Ordere Secret Schools • e Hermetic BrotherhoodIlluminatæ Americanæ • Fraternitas Rosæ CrucisTemple of the Rosy Cross • e Order of the Magi
Sons o Isis and Osiris
I the New Order o the Ages is to be established during thepresent cycle, the minds o those who are to become membersor citizens o that new order must be enlightened and awakenedto the grave allacies that have held men enslaved throughoutthe ages.Te tentacles that bind man today are stronger and moreinexible than ever beore. Man’s intellectual advancementand inventive achievements in many elds, though admittedly noteworthy, have by their very reactions bound him moresecurely than at any time during recorded history.Te greatest and most ar-reaching o these allacies is theuniversally accepted idea that man must choose between twoall- important achievements. Man may, by his eorts andapplication, succeed and reach great heights in a material sense.Tis success includes possessions, high position, worldly honorsand everything that is usually considered desirable in lie. oachieve this success he must devote all o his time to reaching theset goal, to the neglect o his Spiritual nature.In reverse, his conception o what lie should be and theattainment to be achieved, may lead him into Spiritual activities.Here he may believe it necessary to devote his every eort to theawakening o the “Soul” that “God breathed into his nostrils asbirth,” and bring that Soul, by means o a Spiritual or secondBirth, into Consciousness.He is told that to attain to this degree o development hemust transmute his gross sel into a “temple” wherein God may dwell while he, as a result o his desires, eorts and experiences,changes or transorms the son o man into (like unto) the Sono God. In accomplishing this, he erroneously believes that hemust ree his mind rom everything that has to do with earthly  well-being, possessions, honors or high position.Tese erroneous ideas have governed men and their activitiesthroughout the ages, despite the positive command:“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to Godthe things that are God’s.” - Mark 12:17Tis is a clear, simple and positive statement that man owes asmuch to himsel as he does to God. He must devote as muchtime to his material sel and its responsibilities, as to his Spiritualsel. Te present text is devoted to making this plain. It explainsthe Way, the ruth, and the Lie, so that all who will shall beable to walk in the “way o the Lord,” or the Law. In doing so,man receives all o the benets, material and Spiritual, o theReaction o the Law.Tis is the Law o Justice, the Law o Balance, the Law o Equilibrium; the Law that supports heaven and earth. I the Law is obeyed, it will help man rst o all to become a Man, andthen, according to God’s own promise, a god, or like unto theSons o God.Men throughout the ages have listened to the expounding o the Law; but have obeyed the desires o the esh. Tey have hadan occasional clear vision o the “kingdom” or Spiritual reality,but the esh was too strong to permit them to seek the kingdomand have all other things added thereto” ...and why? Becausethey had been led to believe, did believe, that they could notunction on both the material and Spiritual plane at one and thesame time.Tey believed that i they ate o the “ruits o the tree o knowledge,” they could not also eat o the “ree o Lie.” TereinINRODUCION
has been the allacy. Te desires o the resh being too strong tobe denied, even though submission meant Spiritual death.Te satisaction o these material desires promised immediatepleasures, or what were considered as benets, while those o the Spirit were to materialize some time in the uture, like thepromise o the “return o the bread cast upon the waters.” Menclosed their eyes to the promised benets o the uture, thoughknowing them to be the only realities, and accepted those o theimmediate present.Te Science, Philosophy, Religion (Spiritual concepts) o thepresent text - it is all o these - are based on the most Anciento teachings, the Wisdom o the Ancient Priesthood and theinculcations and promises o the Nazarene, who made the mostpositive statement that man, i he would obey the Law, couldhave all that the material and Spiritual had to oer. Here is hispromise:“But seek ye rst the kingdom o God, and His righteousness;and all these things shall be added unto you.” - Matthew 6:33.Interpreted in simple, every-day language, this tells man that i he desires to obtain or himsel everything that is most desirable,most lasting, most certain to bring health, strength, peace andpossessions, he must seek to understand the Laws o God, i.e.,do that which is Right. He must Obey Te Operating, ReactingLaw. As a result o this obedience in the spirit o willingness, allthings worth while and to his benet will be drawn to, or accrueto him.Te Law itsel is simple as illustrated by an every-day, commonexample: Suppose a business man is in need o money to carry on his business or increase it. When applying to his bank or aloan, HE MUS COMPLY WIH HE LAW, the rules andregulations governing such loans, and he will obtain it.Strangely enough, man never questions the justice o theserules and regulations. Yet he ignores or evades Laws no lessdenite which, observed and ollowed, would bring him argreater and more lasting benets.Te basic allacy o mankind, except or a very ew, has beenthe conviction that success is concerned only with achievementson the material plane. Tis suggests, inclusively and exclusively,prosperity in business; success in a chosen proession, a specialline o endeavor - perhaps in the arts or music, or socialachievement. Unortunately, the term “success” has seldom beenassociated with Spiritual attainment. Just as unortunately, andquite as erroneously, it has been taken or granted that success,as commonly understood, also brings peace and happiness tothe successul person. Te reverse is generally true. A man may be ever so successul in a worldly sense, be theowner o houses, lands, jewels; be highly honored - a sociallion -posses great authority, “lord over all he surveys,” yetbe ill at ease, lacking peace o mind, burdened with a guilty conscience, depleted in health and generally distressed. Despitehis possessions, his position in high places, such a man may bein truth, the most miserable o ailures. Any real success mustinclude peace o mind as a rst essential.Tere must be a clear vision beyond the immediate present;a happy amily lie, the assurance o real (dependable) riends,and the ultimate goal beyond the immediate present lie. Tis isthe balanced, complete and satisying success which the Science,Philosophy and Religious concepts o the New Order o the

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