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True Meditation - Contents

True Meditation - Contents

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Published by api-3843849

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Published by: api-3843849 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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true meditation: box back:
experience the freedom of mediatation beyond technique

what would happen if you were to allow everyhting to be exctly as it is? if you
gave up the need for control,
and instead embraced the whole of your experience in each moment that arose? in
the 14 years that he studied zen,
adyashanti found that most seasoned meditators had used the practice as a means to
a goal they never reached.
ultimately he realized that only when you let go of all techiques- even the
concept of yourself as a meditator -
will you open to the art of true meditation: dwelling in the natural state.
'true meditation' invites ou to join the growing number of sekers who have been
touched by the wisdom of adyashanti to learn:
- how to make the ' effortless effort' thtat will vivify the preent moment
- meditative self-inquiry and 'the way of subtraction': how to ask a spiritually
powerful question - and determine the real answer
- three guided meditations intended to reveal what adyashanti calls 'your home as
awareness itself'

"we've been taught that awakening is difficul,' explains adyashanti, "that to wake
up from the illusion of speration takes ears.
but all it really takes is a wilingness to look into the depths of your
experience here and now."
'true meditation' gives you the opportunity to reclaim the original purpose of
meditation - as a gateway to ' the objectless freedom of being.'


cd 1
01 intro
02 investigating meditation beyond tehnique
03 we need to approach meditation with an attitude of innocence
04 enlightenment returns us to the natural state of being
05 letting go of control and manipulation
06 do meditative techniques have any value
07 true meditation begins with resting in the natural state
08 the ultimate act of faith
09 common questions about true meditation
10 our natural tendency is to awaken
** 11 getting out of our mind and into our senses
12 bringing true meditation into daily life


cd 2
01 intro
02 adyas discovery of self inquiry
03 the art of asking spiritually powerful questions
04 the way of subtractino
05 who is aware
06 a transcendent recognition
07 "the great inclusion"
08 notice what about you remains the same
09 life after awakening

cd 3

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