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The Darwinist Lie: 'Life is conflict'
Darwinism and Materialism
Darwin's Source of Inspiration: Malthus's Theory of Ruthlessness
What 'The Law of the Jungle' Led to: Fascism
The Bloody Alliance: Darwinism and Communism
Darwinism and Terrorism
Islam is a Religion of Peace and Well-Being
Islam Defends Tolerance and Freedom of Speech
God Has Made the Killing of Innocent People Unlawful
God Commands Believers to be Compassionate and Merciful
God Has Commanded Tolerance and Forgiveness
Blind Materialism
Mass Evolutionist Indoctrination
Darwin's Imagination
Darwin's Racism
The Desperate Efforts of Neo-Darwinism
Trial and Error: Punctuated Equilibrium
The Primitive Level of Science in Darwin's Time
Natural Selection
"Industrial Melanism"
Can Natural Selection Explain Complexity?
Life Emerged on Earth Suddenly and in Complex Forms
Molecular Comparisons Deepen Evolution's Cambrian Impasse
Why Transition From Water to Land is Impossible
The Design of the Bird Feathers
The Imaginary Bird-Dinosaur Link
What is the Origin of Flies?
The Origin of Mammals
The Myth of Horse Evolution
Piltdown Man: An Orang-utan Jaw and a Human Skull!
Nebraska Man: APig's Tooth
Ota Benga: The African In The Cage
The Imaginary Family Tree of Man
Australopithecus: An Ape Species
Homo Habilis: The Ape that was Presented as Human
Homo Rudolfensis: The Face Wrongly Joined
Homo Erectusand Thereafter: Human Beings
Homo erectus: An Ancient Human Race
Homo SapiensArchaic, Homo Heilderbergensis and Cro-Magnon Man
Species Living in the Same Age as Their Ancestors
The Secret History of Homo Sapiens
AHut 1.7 Million Years Old
Footprints of Modern Man, 3.6 Million Years Old!
The Bipedalism Impasse of Evolution
Evolution: An Unscientific Faith
The Tale of the "Cell Produced by Chance"
Confessions from Evolutionists
The Miracle in the Cell and the End of Evolution
Proteins Challenge Chance
Left-handed Proteins
Correct Bond is Vital
Zero Probability
Is There a Trial and Error Mechanism in Nature?
The Probability of a Protein Being Formed by Chance is Zero
The Evolutionary Fuss About the Origin of Life
Miller's Experiment
Miller's Experiment was Nothing but Make-believe
Latest Evolutionist Sources Dispute Miller's Experiment
Primordial World Atmosphere and Proteins
Protein Synthesis is not Possible in Water
Another Desperate Effort: Fox's Experiment
The Miraculous Molecule: DNA
Can DNACome into Being by Chance?
Another Evolutionist Vain Attempt: "The RNAWorld"
Life is a Concept Beyond Mere Heaps of Molecules
The Myth of the "Open System"
The Myth of the "Self Organization of Matter"
Darwinian Formula!
Technology In The Eye and The Ear
The Theory of Evolution is the Most Potent Spell in the World
Variations and Species
The Fallacy of Vestigial Organs
Similar Organs in Entirely Different Living Species
The Genetic and Embryological Impasse of Homology
Invalidity of the Claim of Molecular Homology
The Myth of Embryological Recapitulation
Materialist Confessions
The Death of Materialism
Materialists, False Religion and True Religion
Wrapped-up Lies
The Theory of Evolution has Collapsed
Evolution Can Not Be Verified in the Future Either
The Biggest Obstacle to Evolution: Soul
God Creates According to His Will
Honey Bees and the Architectural Wonders of Honeycombs
Amazing Architects: Termites
The Woodpecker
The Sonar System of Bats
The Design in The Gnat
Hunting Birds with Keen Eyesight
The Thread of the Spider
Hibernating Animals
Electrical Fish
An Intelligent Plan on Animals: Camouflage
Different Vision Systems
Special Freezing System
An Arduous Migration
Hunting Ability in Constant Position
The Design In Bird Feathers
Basilisk: The Expert of Walking on Water
The World Of Electrical Signals
How Do We See, Hear, And Taste?
"The External World" Inside Our Brain
Is The Existence Of The "External World" Indispensable?
The Real Absolute Being
Everything That You Possess Is Intrinsically Illusory
Logical Deficiencies Of The Materialists
The Example Of Dreams
The Example Of Connecting The Nerves In Parallel
Materialists Have Fallen Into The Biggest Trap In History
The Perception Of Time
The Scientific Explanation Of Timelessness
The Worry Of The Materialists
The Gain Of Believers
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The Evolution Deceit

The Evolution Deceit

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Published by Justin Best

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Published by: Justin Best on Nov 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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