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Everett McNair Script

Everett McNair Script

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Published by Everett McNair

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Published by: Everett McNair on Nov 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Everett McNairDigital Video Storyboard
Title Slide:
Title: How to set up a Smartboard.Actors: Names appear across screen
Scene 1:
Medium shot: Opens on a teacher trying to teach the class a history lesson. The students lookbored and disinterested in the subject. Filmed in a class room.
Scene 2:
 Medium shot: The teacher asks what is wrong with her teaching style. One student ask whythey never use the smart board and talks about the benefits and how the other classes use it.The teacher will looked confused and nervous and admit to not knowing how to work the smartboard.Close up: The camera zooms in on the smart board.
Scene 3:
Close up: The teacher is panicked and stops teaching.Medium Shot: The students begin to gather their things.Pan over to the door in a Medium Close Up: The school computer teacher arrives just in timeto help the poor history teacher out. The computer teacher brings all the equipment in andsays he will help the history teacher step by step.
Scene 4:
This scene will have varies close ups on the different materials needed. This includes a Laptop(or a pc ) , A projector, The smart board itself, A power strip, A power supply for the laptop, Thedifferent cables needed, and the accessories that come with the SmartBoard. The computerteacher will say what each items is as the camera cuts to them.
Scene 5:
Close ups: the computer teacher will explain that first if they do not have a wireless connectionthey will need to use a network cable. The computer teacher shows how to hook up thenetwork cable into the laptop.
Scene 6
Medium shot of the history teacher looking confused at all the wires. The computer teacherreassures them that it is easy and they will start with hooking up the laptop.Close up: If the cart has a laptop lock the computer teacher will explain how to use that andhow it is the way the laptop stays connected to the power supply. The computer teacher showsthe cord need to hook the SmartBoard into the computer. The computer teacher then pointout the serial port located on the computer and hooks the cable into the laptop. If theSmartboard has a USB I will make adjustments.
Scene 7
Medium shot: The history teacher and the computer teacher walk over with the SmartBoardcord over to the smart board. The computer teacher explains that it must be connected into aslot on the bottom.Close up: The close up shows the cable being hooked into the SmartBoard.
Scene 8
Medium shot: The computer teacher explains now that they have the SmartBoard hooked upto the computer it is now time to set up the projector.
Scene 9
Starts off with a medium shot of the projector and all the wires required. The computerteacher explains what the wires do and beings to hook up the wire to the computer. Heexplains that it needs to be put in the slot built for a monitor.Close up: It then shows a close up of everything being hooked up with the teacher explaininghow everything works again.
Scene 10:
The history teacher looks like they are starting to get it and the students are excited thinkingthat they will now have access to a Smartboard.
Medium shot: The history teacher asks if they can try to figure out how to hook the computerto the projector. With some guidance the history teacher finally gets it hooked up correctly.The history teacher jumps up and down with a sense of accomplishment.
Scene 11:
Medium shot:The computer teacher laughs but explains that they are not finished just yet. Thecomputer teacher has another cord and explains that it is the sound cable. He hooks it up witheasy and explains how he did it at the same time.
Scene 12:
Medium close up: The computer teacher explains how the markers and easers will work andthat they must be in the correct spots in order for the SmartBoard to work.
Scene 13:
The history teacher turns on all the equipment in excitement and the computer teacher guidesthrough the set up processes. Since this might be hard to show on screen I might just have thecomputer teacher give an explanation about what needs to be done. This part will include howto Orient the Board.
Scene 14:
Long shot of the bell ringing and the kids all running out the door. Close up of the clock andwith hours passing by while the teacher is still working on her new lesson.
Scene 15: Title slide
A slide that indicates that it is the next day
Scene 16:
Medium shots and Close Ups. The history teacher is teaching the class now using theSmartBoard. The students are excited and smiling and enjoying learning. The computerteacher is also in the class and is just as excited and interested as the students. Close up of theteachers face looking triumphant. The bell rings and the kids are moan about how they hatethat class is over.
Scene 17:
A guy steps out and explains how usefully the SmartBoard is and how it is a cure for boredstudents across the nation.

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