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DISD School Closure Policy

DISD School Closure Policy

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Published by DallasObserver

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Published by: DallasObserver on Nov 14, 2011
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Dallas ISD057905FACILITIES PLANNING CT(LOCAL)DATE ISSUED: 5/22/2009 1 of 5LDU 2009.04CT(LOCAL)-XWhen considering the matter of closing schools, it is the intent anddesire of the Board to provide students high quality academic op-portunities in a supportive educational atmosphere. The Board al-so recognizes that good financial stewardship requires the efficientand economical use of school facilities. School closings must be inaccordance with property title requirements.The Board may close a school for any or all of the following non-academic reasons:1. Space Utilization Level. The space available at a school orschools in close proximity is not being used in the most effi-cient, cost effective manner.2. Physical Condition of Building. The physical condition of theschool building(s), including the cost to repair safety hazardsand make structural changes necessary to ensure compliancewith all city, state, and federal laws, makes continued opera-tion of the site cost-prohibitive or continued occupancy of thesite unsafe or impractical.3. Alternative Use of School Facilities. The Board may close aschool to use its facilities for other programmatic/educationalpurposes, for support services, to open a new school, or toexpand an existing school.4. Conversion to a Charter School. The Board may decide toclose a school and convert it to a charter school as providedin Section 12.052 of the Texas Education Code.5. Changing Demographics. Demographic studies indicate achange in the continued need for the school.6. Legal Requirements. The Board may decide to close aschool to comply with legal requirements.The Board may create a School Utilization Task Force to considerissues relating to current and future use of school facilities andmake recommendations to the Board. Each Trustee and the Su-perintendent of Schools shall appoint one member to the taskforce
. The Superintendent’s appointee
shall be the chairperson ofthe task force.The School Utilization Task Force shall consider input from districtpersonnel, PTA, local chambers, site-based decision-makingteams, parents and students and review available demographicdata, information concerning the physical condition of the schools,current and projected utilization data and such other informationrelevant to decisions concerning current and future use and possi-ble closing of school facilities.
Dallas ISD057905FACILITIES PLANNING CT(LOCAL)DATE ISSUED: 5/22/2009 2 of 5LDU 2009.04CT(LOCAL)-XThe Board may determine that a school closure is necessary dueto state and/or federal accountability standards.For additional information regarding school closings for academicreasons, see EHBD(LEGAL) and EHBD(LOCAL).If the Superintendent of Schools proposes to recommend the clos-ing of a school or schools, the District shall conduct public hearingsas follows:1. The Board shall convene one public hearing at the CentralAdministration Offices.2. The Superintendent of Schools or designee shall convene atleast one meeting on proposed closings held at a location in-tended to foster maximum participation by persons who wouldbe affected by the school closing(s).3. In addition to (1) and (2), the public may comment on the Su-perintendent of Schools
proposal during the public forum por-tion of an official Board meeting in accordance with Board pol-icy BE(LOCAL).Following the decision of the Superintendent of Schools to recom-mend the school closing(s) to the Board, he or she or a designeeshall prepare a final Board report regarding the school closing(s)based on all pertinent information, including relevant informationreceived at the public hearing. The final Board report and recom-mendation shall be submitted to the Board for final action. TheBoard shall make a decision on any recommended school closureor restructuring prior to the beginning of the next school semesteror school year as applicable.If the Superintendent of Schools recommends immediate closing ofa school in order to protect public welfare and safety, the provisionsfor public meetings described above shall not apply. The Boardshall make the final decision on any such closing recommended bythe Superintendent of Schools. Circumstances surrounding animmediate school closure may include, but not be limited to, natu-ral disasters (such as floods or tornados), fires, and or structuraldamages.The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for the orderlyclosing of school(s). The Superintendent of Schools or designeeshall assemble a support team to provide necessary and appropri-ate services, as identified by the Superintendent of Schools or de-signee, to assist those students who attended a school that hasclosed in accordance with this policy.
Dallas ISD057905FACILITIES PLANNING CT(LOCAL)DATE ISSUED: 5/22/2009 3 of 5LDU 2009.04CT(LOCAL)-XThe Superintendent of Schools shall report to the Board the impacton the District of any school closings that occurred during the pre-vious fiscal year. The report to the Board shall be made availableto the public.Unless otherwise required by law, when a school is closed, thestudents will be reassigned to a school or schools that can meettheir educational needs.A student with a disability who attended a neighborhood schoolclosed pursuant to this policy shall be placed at the nearest schoolto his or her home that can implement
the student’s
individualizededucation program.A student may apply for a transfer to a school other than the schoolto which he or she is reassigned as provided in Board policyFDB(LOCAL).For a number of reasons, including opening of new schools or clos-ing of current schools, rapid growth or decline in enrollment insome areas of the city, lack of space in a building or inadequatenumber of students in a building, class size caps, and the fact thatthe schools are sometimes not located where the children live, theBoard may choose to redraw attendance zones in order to providebetter safety for students and more equitable classroom utilizationamong schools.Several factors shall be taken into consideration in the design of anattendance zone:1. Classroom capacity of the school;2. Acreage of the site;3. Natural boundaries;4. Long-range projections;5. Proximity of the students to the campus;6. Input from Trustees;7. Input from the involved principals and staff;8. Input from the involved communities;9. The bond program;10. Major thoroughfares that cannot be crossed safely by pede-strians;11. Contiguity of the school zone; and

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