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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting



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Published by: api-3695470 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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tuck everlasting

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tuck everlasting
student study guide
natalie babbitt

answer all questions in sentence form.

the author describes this time of summer by using the analogy of being at the
top of a ferris wheel. after reading her description, create some of your own
analogies to describe this time of summer.
who sets out at dawn?
who was winnie foster?
who appeared at foster's gate at sunset?
explain in your own words what the author meant when she described the woods
as the centre of the wheel--the hub?
list some synonyms and antonyms for the word everlasting.

vocabulary: balmy, smeared, quivers, patience, undisturbed
enrichment: compare the seasons in both hemispheres. are there any differences?
do you think that weather and seasons affect people's moods? what is your
favourite time of year? explain why.
what is a prologue and what purpose does it serve? why not simply begin the
story with the first chapter?

chapter one
what dichotomy does the author create through her comparison of cows to
what does the iron fence "say"?
who owned the touch-me-not cottage?
according to the author, why had winnie never been curious about exploring the
what is located near the giant ash tree?
although we are not told, suggest reasons why it may have been a disaster if
the spring had been discovered by people.

vocabulary: trod, tangent, ambled, fringes, meadow, blurred, tranquil, bovine,
contemplation, infinite, veered, dissolved, oppressive, meager, forlorn, humbly,
accessible, isolation, core, axis
enrichment: this chapter discusses the concept of land ownership. describe the

author's feelings about it and then express your own feelings concerning land
ownership. discuss some alternatives to the present form of land ownership.
how did the aboriginal peoples treat the ownership of land? outline the
problems we might face if the concept of land ownership was suddenly revoked or
disallowed by the government.
design a title page for your notebook. create and illustrate a book slip or
cover for your novel. create and illustrate a bookmark for tuck everlasting and
use it.

chapter two
why did mae's husband resent being awakened by his wife?
why did mae want to go to the woods?
what did mae place into her pocket?

what strange thing is revealed at the end of this chapter?
vocabulary: melancholy, creases, tolerantly, petticoats, bosom, tarnished,
rueful, brim
enrichment: create a newspaper about the book. add a new article for each
chapter. share the newspaper with a friend.
design a poster promoting your novel and request permission to post it in the
school library.

chapter three
why would winnie like to have a sibling?

what promise does winnie make to the toad?
vocabulary: bristly, stationary, hysterical, gnats, suspended, intrusions,
grimace, plucking, heave, cooped, exasperated
enrichment: form a small discussion group and come up with solutions as to how a
child can handle over-protective parents. create some actual scenarios and then
act them out with some of your classmates.

chapter four
what is winnie doing as the stranger approaches the foster gate?
why does winnie's grandmother come down the path to the gate?
what suddenly distracts the older woman's attention as she talks to the
winnie and her grandmother have different views about what is making the

music. explain.
why does the stranger wear an expression of satisfaction at the end of the

vocabulary: strolling, intent, retorted, jaunty, self-deprecation, marionette,
remnants, melody
enrichment: find a jar and go out on a warm evening with an older sibling or
parent to catch some fireflies. research fireflies and make a short
presentation to your classmates explaining why they appear to glow in the dark.

chapter five
how was the real world different from stories according to winnie?
what does winnie hope to find in the woods?
why is winnie surprised when she finally enters the woods?
describe the boy that winnie sees sitting up against the back of the tree in
the woods.
how old are winnie and the young man?
what does the young boy tell winnie when she asks if she can drink from the

vocabulary: galling, disheartened, venture, consolingly, timidly, interlacing,
splotches, self-absorbed, pruned, self-assurance, arching, spurt, irrelevantly,
primly, bleak
enrichment: have you ever threatened to run away from home? do you think you

would be afraid? explain. what are some of the real dangers? where do you
think you would go if you decided to run away from home?

chapter six
describe what is happening as the chapter begins.
who did the group encounter during their flight into the woods?
what does winnie plan to tell her grandmother when she returns home to her

what effect does the music box have on everyone?
vocabulary: bridle, troupe, burly, moustaches, perversely, goggled, abruptly,
comprehend, dismay, implored, distractedly, faltered
enrichment: write a short biography about natalie babbitt making sure to mention
other books she has authored.
have winnie keep a diary of events in the story. add one entry for every
chapter in the story.

chapter seven
what convinces winnie that she is probably the first person to hear the tuck's
when did the tuck family first suspect that something was terribly wrong?
why did miles' wife decide to leave him?
why had their cat died?

how did angus tuck test his theory about the spring?
vocabulary: populated, gypsies, clearing, source, tension
enrichment: what is a fountain of youth? research the explorer ponce de leon
and the fountain of youth. if given the opportunity would you drink the water?
explain your actions.
if you had to remain one age forever, what age would you choose? defend your
what methods do most doctors suggest for slowing down the aging process?
interview some elderly people to learn their secrets to longevity.

chapter eight
why is winnie reluctant initially to believe their story?
why does the author have the tuck family speaking with such a peculiar
why is winnie feeling so good about her decision to strike out on her own?
who has overheard the entire story of the spring yet goes unnoticed in the

vocabulary: scornful, parson, shawl, elated, shimmered, receded
enrichment: pretend you are winnie and write a letter to your parents describing
your experience with the tuck family.
write an imaginary letter to the author, natalie babbitt, telling her what you
thought of her book and asking her for advice on how to write. have another
student in the class, who has researched natalie babbitt, answer the letters.

chapter nine
what was the oft-repeated question?
what did the two boys do as soon as they arrived home?

what did angus tuck mean when he asked his wife, "does she know?"
vocabulary: vivid, vanity, brink, hoarding, reservoirs, revived, colander,
enrichment: make some puppets and scenery and then portray a scene from the
conduct a mini debate in your own classroom as to whether or not the spring is a
good or bad thing.

chapter ten

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