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Bcee Pgdba i Sem

Bcee Pgdba i Sem

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Published by bm singh

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Published by: bm singh on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SCDL Business Communications & Executive Effectiveness PGDBA I Semester
Multiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion Purpose statementCorrect Answer All of aboveMultiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion It can be used as legal record which may be used in the court of lawCorrect Answer Written communicationMultiple Choice Multiple AnswerQuestion Characteristics of negotiations are as followsCorrect Answer There are not set of established rules to resolve conflict , Parties are not searching foragreementTrue/FalseQuestion Communication is a process of achieving understanding between peopleCorrect Answer TrueMultiple Choice Multiple AnswerQuestion The different types of barriers that can come in the way of effective communication areCorrect Answer Physical , Cultural , MechanicalSelect The BlankQuestion The ________ is the ________ accurate in passing on information.Correct Answer single strand chainCorrect Answer leastMultiple Choice Multiple AnswerQuestion As per Newman and Summer Communication is the Exchange ofCorrect Answer Facts , Ideas , Opinions , EmotionsTrue/FalseQuestion The sender of the message decodes the messageCorrect Answer FalseSelect The BlankQuestion ________ is the progressive realization of a ________, predetermined goal.Correct Answer SuccessCorrect Answer worthwhileMultiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion Barrier for written communication can beCorrect Answer LanguageMultiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion These are permanent records for businessCorrect Answer Business letters
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SCDL Business Communications & Executive Effectiveness PGDBA I Semester
Multiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion Usually its place is at the top centerCorrect Answer Head addressMultiple Choice Multiple AnswerQuestion A negotiation process reveals the following linguistic behaviorsCorrect Answer Information , Interaction , ConcessionMultiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion It is very useful in collecting dues from customersCorrect Answer Business lettersMultiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion The most effective way of communicationCorrect Answer WrittenMultiple Choice Multiple AnswerQuestion Holding your head high would be sign ofCorrect Answer Honor , Confidence , Self-respectTrue/FalseQuestion Horizontal communication is between superiors and subordinatesCorrect Answer FalseSelect The BlankQuestion If eye contact is maintained so ________ that the boss feels uncomfortable, he may feel that his________ is being challenged.Correct Answer intentlyCorrect Answer authoritySelect The BlankQuestion The Receiver must ________ the message by attaching meaning to the words and symbolsCorrect Answer decodeSelect The BlankQuestion It is necessary to acquire the ability to sustain direct ________, if you want to be taken________.Correct Answer eye contactCorrect Answer seriouslyMultiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion Many times good plans don’t see the light of the day due to non-cooperation on the part ofCorrect Answer ExecutiveTrue/False
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SCDL Business Communications & Executive Effectiveness PGDBA I Semester
Question Vision is the ability to see opportunitiesCorrect Answer TrueSelect The BlankQuestion Producing enough output to accomplish your ________ becomes the ________ forachievements.Correct Answer goalsCorrect Answer measurementTrue/FalseQuestion Telesales is generating and qualifying new leads for closure by another sales channelCorrect Answer FalseSelect The BlankQuestion ________ listening raises body pressure, steps up the pulse rate and results in ________.Correct Answer ActiveCorrect Answer fatigueMultiple Choice Multiple AnswerQuestion One of the best methods of building positive relationships with others are asking forCorrect Answer Advice , FavorMatch The FollowingQuestionCorrect AnswerTo be truly valuable your vision must be accompanied by another quality i.e.an ability to see how to make that future come trueRealizing a vision always starts withdefining your visionSuccess is never achieved by men and women of caution sodream bigThe great thing in this world is not so much where we arebut in what direction we are goingDo not allow your present position no matter how limitedto rob you of your visionTrue/FalseQuestion Tele prospecting is calling customers to maintain and nurture key account relationshipsCorrect Answer FalseMultiple Choice Single AnswerQuestion Cultural contextCorrect Answer Refers to both communication and the ethnic or national background of personscommunicatingMultiple Choice Single Answer
Collected by Santosh. K Page 3 of 46

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